17 Old Wives Tales Baby Predictions: Gender Reveal!

gender reveal the confused mom

Can old wives tales really predict baby's gender during pregnancy?! We are going to find out!

Today we are doing a combo post! You can use the first part of this post as a fun FREE baby gender predictor checklist to determine if you're having a boy or girl!

And a the bottom of the post is our Gender Reveal based on how my second pregnancy has stacked up against these old wives tales baby predictors! But first…

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What Gender Will My Baby Be Quiz:

Are you carrying high or low?

Carrying high typically means baby's gender is a girl, carrying low typically means boy.

Personally, I have a hard time visually seeing this – so my tip is go off of how it feels. If you don't know if the baby feels low or not, then you're probably carrying high in my experience. Because trust me, I knew when it felt low but didn't know what that meant when I was carrying high.

What's the baby's heart rate?

They say if it's under 140 it's a boy, and over 140 is a girl.

With that said though, myself and every pregnant mom I've ever talked with had a heart rate in the 160s or so during the first trimester. In my experience (cross check this with your doctor!) you don't really see the heart rate start to stabilize into this trend until later in pregnancy…

Are you running colder or hotter than usual?

They say if you are feeling colder than usual you're likely pregnant with a boy! But if you're running hotter than normal, it's probably a girl!

Personally, when I'm pregnant, I'm just hot. Doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl! ha!

Is your skin breaking out/worse than usual or are you looking more glowy/flawless than ever?

They say “girls steal your beauty” meaning women's skin tends to break out more if pregnant with a girl.

How are your pregnancy cravings? Salty or Sweet?

According to old wives tales, craving salty foods means you're having a boy! But wanting more sweet or citrus foods is likely a girl.

Did you/are you struggling with morning sickness?

If so, you may be having a girl according to the old wives tales!

Note: I never experienced this with my daughter! And only experienced it this second pregnancy because of my prenatal pill…

Is dad gaining sympathy weight?

They say if the baby's daddy is gaining weight during pregnancy too it's likely a girl!

According to my husband, this checks out.

Are your legs or ankles more swollen than usual?

This could mean you're having a boy!

Are you experiencing headaches?

If you're experiencing headaches while pregnant the old wives tales say you may be pregnant with a boy!

How is your coordination? Clumsy or graceful?

If you suddenly find yourself tripping or stubbing your toe you could have a future son to thank for your newfound clumsiness! But if you've magically transformed into the epitome of grace, you can thank your daughter supposedly!

How is your mood? Happy/mellow? Moodier?

This old wives tale makes my roll my eyes! You probably guessed it; they say moodier means it's a girl, and happier means it's a boy.

Chinese calendar prediction:

Use this chart to look at your age and the month you conceived! Let me know in the comments if it check out! It did for me with both my babies!

Chinese gender reveal calendar: can the old wives tale predict baby's gender?

Mayan calendar prediction:

Mayans also use a calendar to predict baby's gender! If both your age and the year you conceived are even or odd then they predict it's a girl. However, if one of those numbers is odd and the other is even then they say it's a boy.

Ring Test:

Tie your wedding ring to a string and hold it over your pregnant belly. If it moves in a circle it means you're having a boy. If it moves in a circle it means girl.

NOTE: This helps if you wear your ring regularly. It can take a minute for the pendulum to move. If you've never worked with a pendulum before, just talk to it. Ask it to move and then ask it to move bigger if you need it to be clearer (see video).

Baking Soda Test:

You have to do this one first thing in the morning! Put a spoonful of baking soda in a cup, then pee in the cup.

If it fizzes, then it could mean you're having a boy! If it stays flat, then it's likely a girl.

I've also heard that if the pee is bright yellow it's likely a boy, and dull yellow is likely a girl. Not sure if it's true, but seems to go in line with what they old wives tales say about skin!

Red Cabbage Test:

Chop up half a head of red cabbage, place it in a pot of water, cover with a lid and bring it to a boil. Remove from heat and let it cool for about 10 minutes.

In a clear glass add 1 part of the cabbage water (note the color) and 1 part urine.

If the color is more pinkish/red then it's a boy. If it's more purple, it's a girl.

Have you dreamt of your baby? If so, what gender was it??

According to old wives tales, your baby is often the opposite gender that you dreamed!

How do you know if its a boy or a girl?

I honestly think that all the old wives tales during pregnancy are so fun for figuring out your baby's gender at home!

We found out baby's gender during both our pregnancies around 10 or 11 weeks with the blood test. You can also find out if you're having a boy or girl at a 20 week anatomy scan. But truly you won't know until the baby is born because there is always a chance of error! So just have fun, relax, and enjoy pregnancy!

Andddd our second baby is a….

Watch the video to find out: