21 Timeless Old Fashioned Names For Girls {Great Vintage Old Lady Names!!}

I'm a sucker for old lady names given to baby girls. These vintage girl names are timeless and come into popularity again and again. Though a bit old fashioned they are also names people are familiar with, but your child isn't likely to meet many others their age with the same name.

Beautiful Vintage Girl Names

The fact that it's a name more common in a grandma tends to bring a feeling of wisdom and sophistication. Check out these pretty, timeless names to consider for your baby girl.

Vintage girl names

1. Esther

The name Esther finds it's origins in the Bible and still remains popular in some areas, especially in Jewish communities. The name means “star”.

It reached the peak of it's popularity in 1896, a few years after President Grover Cleveland named his daughter Esther. A similar name is Estelle.

2. Pearl

Pearl obviously finds it's origins in the precious gem of the same name. It became popular in the Victorian era.

It was most popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

3. Fay or Faye

Faye comes from the middle english word Faie meaning “fairy”

It was popular from 1900-1940's when it's popularity began to fade.

4. Frances

While it has French and English origins I always think of the movie Dirty Dancing when I hear the name Frances (Baby's real name was Frances). It's also my grandmother's middle name!

It means “free one” and is a name held by many duchesses over the years. Frannie is a common nickname for those named Frances.

5. Henrietta

Most popular in the US in the early 1900s Henrietta is a female version of Henry. It's short version Harriet is more widely used today.

6. Agnes

The name Agnes is originally Greek and means “pure” or “holy”.

It was once a common name for saints and noblewomen. Its popularity began waining in the US after the 1930s.

7. Margaret

Margaret has long been a popular name across many cultures. It means “pearl”.

It was the #4 girls name in the US for much of the 1910s.

8. Norma

Norma peaked in popularity in the 1920s. It started gaining popularity after being used in an opera by Felice Romani in 1831.

9. Mildred

A name with English origins that means “gentle strength”. It was most popular in the 1910s.

10. Thelma

I had to include Thelma in this list as it was the name of my great-grandmother! Most people probably think of the duo Thelma and Louise when they hear it.

Most people attribute it's origins to a novel named “Thelma” written by a British Author in the late 1800s.

11. Clara

Clara has Latin origins and means “clear” or “bright”. It was most popular in the late 1800's and 1910s.

It has started to steadily gain popularity again in the last decade and just made into the top 100 girl names in the last few years.

12. Shirley

Shirley is an English name meaning a bright wood or meadow.

It was made popular in the US by the child actress Shirley Temple. It was the #2 name in 1935 and 1936.

13. Doris

Doris Day, the American actress is probably the best known female to have this name, although the names popularity peaked in the late 1920's, a few years before the actress was born.

Doris originates in Greek mythology as the name of a sea nymph.

14. Rosemary

Rosemary comes from the herb of the same name or a combining of Rose and Mary. It was most popular in the US in the 1920s and 1930s though it hasn't made top 50 in over a century.

15. Gladys

Gladys is actually a Welsh variant of Claudia. It was most popular in the early 1900s and best known for the singer Gladys Knight.

16. Matilda

When I think of Matilda I think of the book and movie I grew up reading and watching.

The name is adopted from a similar German name meaning battle, might, or strength.

17. Edith

The name Edith is derived from Old English and means riches, blessed, and war. It was popular prior to the 16th century and had a spark of popularity in the early 1900s.

18. Wilma

Flinstones anyone? Wilma is a shortened version of Wilhelmina, a Dutch and German form of William.

While briefly popular in the US in the 1920's and 30s it's more commonly seen in Europe. The name means “resolute protector”.

19. Myrtle

Myrtle comes from the evergreen shrub of the same name. It was popular in the Victorian era as well as the early 1900s in the US.

20. Lillian

Popular at the turn of the 19th century the name has once again gained popularity in the last decade. The name is derived from the flower Lily.

21. Joyce

Joyce means happy or cheerful just like it sounds. It's most recent time of popularity was in the 1930s.

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21 Vintage favorites for your baby girl. These old fashioned names are beautiful, timeless, and unique, even if they might be thought of as old lady names today. It's so cute to see a tiny baby girl with a big granny type name! #babynames #babygirl #vintage
These vintage favorites are perfect for your baby girl. Old fashioned names are beautiful, timeless, and unique, even if they might be thought of as old lady names today. It's so cute to see a tiny baby girl with a big granny type name! Check out these 21 classic names. #babynames #babygirl #vintage

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