21 Old Fashioned Boy Names {+ Old Timey Nicknames!}

Vintage Baby Boy Names

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby boy you can’t go wrong with an old fashioned classic. These vintage names are timeless and not just for grandpa! Though some may think of them as old timey or old man names you can’t go wrong with these tried and true traditional old fashioned boy names!

These names never really go out of style and can be unique in their own way since many have fallen out of favor. I think you’re going to love all of them!

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1. Cecil

Cecil is of Welsh origin, though the spelling has changed greatly over time. It’s also sometimes attributed to a Latin origin meaning “blind”.

It hasn’t broken into the top 1,000 boy names in terms of popularity from the year 2000 on making it quite unique nowadays.

Nickname: Ceci, Cec

2. Dudley

Another cute old fashioned name is Dudley. It’s remained unpopular in the US despite being the name of a somewhat prominent character in the Harry Potter series.

The name itself is of English origin perhaps derived from a similarly named meadow.

Nickname: Dud, Lee

3. Victor

Victor is as strong a name as ever. It comes from Latin meaning victor or conqueror. It was also a common name for saints. It can be found with slightly different spellings in many cultures.

It hasn’t fallen completely out of favor, perhaps for this reason, but ranks well outside the top 100 in the US.

Perhaps one of the most notable to wear the name was Victor Hugo, the famous French author.

Nickname: Vic, Vicki

4. Basil / Basal

Although you probably haven’t heard anyone named Basil for a while, this was once a very popular name. For some reason, I automatically think of a vampire when I hear it lol.

Basil is from Greek origin, meaning royal, kingly, or brave. Don’t confuse it with the herb of the same spelling!

Nickname: Bae, Sal

5. Alfred

While perhaps best known as the name of Batman’s butler, Alfred was also the name of my great-grandfather. Despite its pop culture associations it barely cracks the top 1,000 in terms of baby boy name popularity.

The name is of English origin made by combining words that mean “elf” and “counsel” or sometimes said to mean wise counsel.

It also gives way to many vintage boy nicknames that don’t sound quite so old fashioned like Al, Fred, Freddy, etc.

6. Desmond

Desmond is one of those timeless old fashioned names that still sounds great. The name comes from an Irish place of the same name. To this day there is an Earl of Desmond.

Not only does the name Desmond sound amazing, but it also has an incredible meaning. Desmond means “gracious protector”. This name dates all the way back to 1628.

If you need a nickname Dez or Des can be used to make the name more baby friendly until your little boy grows into his name.

7. Douglas

If you’re looking for a baby name that is unique and old fashioned, then Douglas may be that name.

Douglas is a Scottish name that means “black stream.” Douglas is a traditional name built to last.

Nickname: Doug, Dougie

8. Clifton

Clifton is a traditional name that has fallen out of favor as of late. It’s traditionally an English name referencing a cliff and given to those that live near one.

You may also see this name given as Clifford instead.

Nickname: Clif

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9. Roland

Rolan is an old fashioned baby name that means “famous throughout the land.” It’s derived from the German culture, although it’s a very popular name in the USA.

Some may shorten this name to a unique old fashioned nickname like Rollo or Rollie. This name backs to the 700s although it was most popular in recent times in the 1920’s.

10. Emmett

Emmett is an old fashioned name that is gaining popularity again in recent years. The name may mean “truth” or “universal”

The name Emmett originates from both English and German. While more frequently seen with two t’s it can also be spelled with one, Emmet.

Nickname: Em, Mettie

11. Angus

Angus is adapted from the Gaelic name Aonghus meaning “one” and “choice” or “strength”.

Today it may most often make you think of a good steak or a Cowboy but it’s one of the strong masculine names that never truly grows old.

12. Otis

It’s no wonder Otis used to be popular as the name means “wealthy”. It has a German origin. It’s most recent peak in popularity was way back in the year 1900.

To me I automatically think of the dog from the movie “Milo and Otis”.

13. Clarence

Doesn’t everyone have a grandpa that goes by the name Clarence? This name means “illustrious or  illuminated.”

The name itself is Latin. The name Clarence dates all the way back to 1362 when the third son of King Edward III was so named.

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14. George

An old fashioned boy’s name that is not only reserved for royalty is George. Believe it or not but the name George is Greek.

The name George means “farmer” or “earth worker”. The name dates all the way back to 1714.

While we all recognize the name from King George and the actor George Clooney the name ranks outside the top 100 in terms of popularity.

15. Harry

The name Harry means “prince”, “ruler”, or “protector”. This is one of the old fashioned boy names of the 1800s and continues to be popular today due to the popularity of Prince Harry in England.

In the US the name has steadily declined in popularity since the year 1900.

16. Percy

The origins of the name Percy seem uncertain but it likely originally comes from the Greek god Perseus.

The name became popular in England perhaps due to romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in the early 1800s.

17. Howard

It’s been a while since Howard’s heyday of popularity back in 1920! Today it barely cracks the top 1,000 boy names in the US.

Its origins seem to be unclear or at least varied and it may have originated as a surname (last name). It likely dates back to an Old Norse word meaning “high guard”.

Howie is a cute nickname for young Howards.

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18. Frederick

The name Frederick has been common among royalty which is no surprise given it means “peaceful ruler”.

Frederick is the English form of the German name Friedrich and it remains fairly popular in England though it has fallen out of favor in the United States since the 1950s.

Fred or Freddie are obvious nicknames for this classic and stately boy name.

19. Stanley

The name Stanley certainly sounds old fashioned and it’s no wonder as it’s meaning is a combination of the old english words meaning stone and meadow or clearing.

It was originally a surname often worn by those that lived near a stony clearing, us humans were so inventive!

It can be modernized a bit by using the shortened version “Stan” or that can be used as a nickname.

20. Leonard

The name Leonard has long been both a given name as well as a surname and means “lion-hearted” in its original high German. Many saints have also been named Leonard.

While Leonard is no longer very popular it’s alternative Leonardo is still just inside the top 100 for baby boy names in the US.

21. Humphrey

I’m surprised Humphrey isn’t more popular as it’s the name of well-known actor Humphrey Bogart, alas it hasn’t even ranked in the top 1,000 in the last 100 years! That certainly makes it a rather unique name to choose.

The name itself perhaps means “peaceful warrior” and may be German in origin.

Final thoughts on unique old fashioned boy names

I hope you fall in love with some of these old-fashioned boy names. While they may sound like a grandpa’s name your little boy can grow into it and there’s always a vintage nickname to choose from too! These names have beat the test of time making them vintage classics.

old fashioned baby boy names
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