November Goals



Happy November!

Every month I say “I am going to do one of those monthly goal posts” and every month I kick myself for not doing it!

But not this month! 

I am totally hopping on the blogger bandwagon and sharing my November personal and professional goals with you all! I hope they provide some inspiration to you for the month. Keep in mind with the blog goals, I launched my blog February 23rd of this year – so if you're new to blogging, I know you can grow your blog and reach your goals the first year!

Professional Goals:

1. Pageviews: October: 9,388 // Goal: 10,000. I am really hoping to hit 10,000 pageviews! Each month I grow a little more than 1,000 so I think it's totally doable.

2. Get organized for my rebrand. I kind of stumbled into this entire blogging journey. My initial on-line presence was But since launching TCM and it's growth has been exponential and continues to be month after month, and it feels like home to me. However, I feel like I am in a bit of a branding crisis. I have two twitters, two websites, and in some places it's “rachel ritlop coaching” and others it's “the confused millennial”. So I am planning on changing up some of my coaching services and bringing them in-house to TCM when expires in December.

3. Land four new sponsored gigs. The last few months I have started doing sponsored work and I love it! I have turned down a lot too. So I am hoping this month I can find a handful of opportunities that resonate with me! If this turns you off, I highly recommend you check out my friend Summer's post on the stigma of sponsored content and why readers shouldn't have it.

4. Grow my social media accounts. 

Instagram: Current 13.5K – goal: 15k

Facebook: Current 1 k – Goal 1.3k

Pinterest: Current 1.1K – goal 1.3k

Twitter: Current 10.5k – Goal 11k

5. Co-host my first virtual summit! Okay I have been crazy overwhelmed and nervous about this one! There are so many things the perfectionist in me wishes I had the time to change and fix, but alas, it's coming at me full steam this Monday! It's called the Master Your Career Summit and is comprised of over 15 career and business experts who share actionable advice and strategies. We really tried to make this a foundational summit, rather than super niche. So the first module is all about helping you gain some clarity and shifting your mindset in figuring out your career; module two is job seeker specific; module three is all about entrepreneurship and side hustling; and module four focuses on the skills that we all need to succeed as professionals! For more information or to grab your free ticket click here and be sure to let me know your thoughts so I can improve on future summits!



Personal Goals:

1. Be more flexible. I seriously need to practice letting go and remaining grounded this month. Holidays are always tough for me since I want to hibernate and avoid dynamics of friends and family. My goal this month is to let go of expectations, rules, and try to relax when things aren't going my way.

2. Clean my apartment & get organized. If you've been watching my Insta-stories you know I could barely see my apartment floor this time last month as our apartment turned into wedding HQ. My goal this month is to finally do a deep cleaning on our apartment and make sure everything has a home.

3. Workout outside. I canceled my gym membership starting 11/8 since I am going to be in California for a week (are you in LA?? Drop me a comment if you want to meet up!). Plus the weather is starting to cool down in FL and this is my favorite time of year to spend every day outside! My only concern is that I simply won't workout at all now haha

4. Practice some self-care. I really let this go out the window last month. This month I want to do an at home spa night, meditate, and stretch a few times a week.

5. Cook Thanksgiving dinner. Last year I didn't get to cook it and I was so bummed. I seriously love cooking Thanksgiving dinner and this year we are having two! I am so excited to cook up a turkey, corn casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and so much more!



Bonus goal that really could go in personal or professional: Meet a new blogger in person. One of my favorite things about starting this blogging journey this year has been the ability to bring my on-line relationships offline, especially during my travels. So in case you missed it in #3, if you are in LA and around 11/8-11/12 let's meet up for a coffee or tea or beach!



Also ICYMI: I have been pretty quiet about it, but it's officially my first month as a contributing writer for Forbes' Under 30 Section! I am crazy excited about this! Check out this weeks post on ‘9 Signs You Have No Work-Life Balance' by clicking here.

What are your goals this month? Drop me a comment!

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