Why You Need A Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Benefits

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If I'm honest, I have a history of being a bit of a hoarder. I'm talking jeans that I've had since high school sitting in the depths of my closet mocking me in hopes that someday I'd fit into them again. Then a couple of years ago I heard the buzz phrase “capsule wardrobe.” I saw all these pins popping up on Pinterest with these beautifully curated pieces that could be mixed and matched into endless styling options. As a minimalist, I knew a capsule wardrobe was something in my future. Little did I know that a capsule wardrobe wouldn't just benefit my bank account, but also my overall life. Before we jump into the benefits of a capsule wardrobe though, let's get on the same page…

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a cohesive wardrobe with just 30-50 items in it. Basically your entire closet works together. Every single clothing item is carefully curated to create endless styling options. A capsule wardrobe not a random hodge-podge of 30-50 items you picked up on a whim from the sales bin. It's the pretty Instagram feeds where everything is different, yet feels the same.

Why You Need A Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Benefits

Benefit #1 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Saves Time

Thanks to the cohesive nature of a capsule wardrobe, you’re able to choose an outfit and be ready to go in 5 minutes or less. There's no trying on a million different looks, only to feel frustrated, disheveled and now have a mess to clean up! Giving you more time in the morning for what matters most! Not only will it save you time in getting dressed and cleaning the non-existent mess – but it will also save you time while shopping! Seriously, I can't tell you how much time I've wasted in fitting rooms trying on the latest trends and attempting to get them to “work” even though I knew they so weren't me. You'll save time shopping since you'll only be looked at items that match your capsule wardrobe aesthetic and once you've hit your 30-50 items, you won't need to shop anymore!

Benefit #2 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

When creating a capsule wardrobe, you’ll curate pieces that you love and adore. Anything that makes you feel “meh” will have to go! Nobody got time for that! Since your wardrobe is limited in the number of items you have, every item will be a feel good item. So each day that you get dressed is a day you'll look in the mirror and feel great about yourself.



Benefit #3 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Eliminates Decision Fatigue

I REPEAT: everything in a capsule wardrobe looks great together! By eliminating the need to ponder what works well together, and what looks good on you, you eliminate decision fatigue. Everything matches, so there’s no hard decisions to be made. No more using up all of your brain power before you even leave for work! You'll get that time and energy back to focus on more important things (another great mood booster!)

Benefit #4 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Saves Money

When you have a limit on the amount and types of clothing you allow yourself to buy, you automatically will spend less money on shopping. You learn to shop from a place of quality over quantity, meaning that you’ll buy higher quality items that will last for years instead of just a few months. Furthermore, it'll be a great lesson in gratitude (another mood booster) in appreciating what you do have rather than lusting after what you don't since you'll realize you have everything you already need.

Benefit #5 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Goodbye Negativity!

There's a reason “Marie Kondo'ing My Life” was trending this past year. It's because clutter leads to negativity and a slew of other problems. When we aren’t intentional about what lives in our closets, we end up allowing clothing items that are full of negativity stick around.

Don't believe me? Ask yourself these questions:

How many times have my eyes swept over your old favorite (clothing item) folded in the corner of your closet, wishing you could squeeze into it again?

What about that dress with the broken zipper that you’ve been meaning to get fixed, but each time you see it it’s a silent reminder of the fact that you are entirely too busy and burnt out for your own good?

How many times have you put on a shirt that hugs your stomach a little tighter than you like, only to feel uncomfortable, hang it back in your closet, and then feel that voice in the back of your mind nag you all day about that extra roundness you think you have?

Items in our closets that no longer serve us are visual reminders of what we don't have and aren't achieve in our life. Nobody needs that negativity invited into their day each morning! By thanking the items currently in your closet that you no longer have a use for and saying good-bye to them (thanks Marie Kondo!),  you'll let go of the lingering negativity and create space to feel better.

Ready to jump start your capsule wardrobe?

Your Cultivated Capsule Wardrobe course is 7 weeks of guided instruction, community, and accountability that gives women an intentional road map for simplifying their closets and loving the clothes they're in. In the course, my friend Amanda walks you through the exact steps she uses each season to cultivate a capsule wardrobe. From that initial decluttering all the way through closing out a season, and preparing for the next one.

She takes you through how to define your personal style, , how to declutter what you have (including those things you’ll most likely want to keep but shouldn’t!), how many items to keep, shopping for your capsule wardrobe and how to create a wardrobe that’s cohesive. PLUS she talks a lot about how to successfully dress your body type, which is the confidence boost we all need each day.

Get started on Your Cultivated Capsule Wardrobe today!

This is a 7 week guided group program. The current session dates: Launches July 12, 2019. Cart Closes July 17, 2019.


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Why You Need A Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Benefits

  1. Saves Time

  2. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

  3. Eliminates Decision Fatigue

  4. Saves Money

  5. Goodbye Negativity!

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