My favorite Netflix Hack.

 Struggling to get through your netflix queue? Wish netflix would give better suggestions based on your mood? Life hack, read this blog post on My favorite Netflix Hack to get better suggestions and never feel "Stuck" or "overwhelmed" when trying to figure out what to binge on next. — The Confused Millennial



Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with television. I even convinced my neighbors that I had a brother named “Robbie” (like the brother in the 90s classic “Dinosaurs“), who was away in the military, and that they shouldn’t bring him up to my mom because it made her sad. I also used to blame everything on Belle (from Beauty and the Beast).

I really believed the characters were just an extension of my life, (and sometimes still do).

I love the magic of television, how it, like books, can take you to far off whimsical places or mirror what you are going through IRL.

With all that said, I have very varied tastes in television and movies, depending on my mood. Which is why I love that Netflix lets you set up different user “profiles”. Most people use these for family members… I use them for my mood!

I have “love” for when I am in the mood for a good sappy rom-com; “cry-fest” for when I am in the mood for a good heartfelt tearjerker; “laugh” for a good knee slapper; and “inner child” for some good old fashion trip down memory lane.


Why is this an essential hack?

You see Netflix automatically “suggests” shows based on what you’ve viewed, by isolating your viewing by mood under each profile, you ensure a targeted suggestions. Plus, let’s face it, most of us have been there, scrolling for 20-30 minutes totally unable to decide what to watch. This can help cut some of that time down and even find some hidden gems!

What are your favorite Netflix hacks?

With love,