How to Stay Motivated When Working on the Road

How to Stay Motivated When Working on the Road - The confused millennial, millennial blog

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Staying motivated when working on the road has it's challenges. Recently, I flew down to Amelia Island to house-sit for my grandparents while they were away. I couldn’t pass it up; they live in a magnificent house on a quiet island. It was a writer’s paradise.
Quickly after landing, I realized I was all wrong: It was a procrastinator’s paradise. The island had so much to do and see, and being there alone meant no accountability. Although I was physically prepared to work, I wasn’t anticipating the total lack of motivation. I needed to put in a little extra effort to stay on task. In my experience, working on the road is either hurtful or helpful for productivity and focus. Without the distractions from an office or home, efficiency can find new heights…or it can simply drift away.

Want to keep a hand on your motivation while traveling? Here are a few things I've learned so that you can be prepared to successfully travel for work and play.

Arrange Accountability In Advance

Even if you’re confident in your organization, motivation, and discipline, don’t expect these traits surface on the road. Do yourself a favor and secure some accountability before you hit the road. Set deadlines that fall on dates you’re gone to deliver work to people anticipating it and you don't want to disappointed. The sheer expectation will make working a necessity, not a choice. As a back up, ask friends or mentors to check in on your progress. Discipline is a learned trait; don’t hesitate to admit that you need help staying focused.

Set a routine

Routine may dull the spontaneity of travel, but if you intend to work on the road, adhering to a schedule will help you focus. Simply setting aside a few hours each weekday morning will not only skyrocket your productivity but will also keep your communication with clients and coworkers consistent.
When you’re out sightseeing, trying new foods, and spending time with loved ones, you don’t want to be worrying about unfinished work. A schedule allows you to remain fully present in your professional and personal life. Find motivation for sticking to your schedule in the fact you don’t want to think about working later.

Capitalize on your change of scenery

Outside of your pre-set routine and typical workflow, allow your change of scenery to stimulate new work. Set aside time to work on personal projects that may not have a place at home or in the office. Don’t close yourself off to new opportunity or ideas; you never know what time on the road may inspire. Speaking of new opportunity, don’t forget to pack extra business cards and a nice outfit or two. While you may not intend to meet a new client or contact on the road, it’s smart to be prepared for such circumstances.

Work in other ways

If your productivity has plateaued on the road, set your sights on learning and “working” in different ways. Read a new book, visit a museum, attend a relevant speaking event, or finally learn how to meditate. You don’t have to be grinding all the time to grow professionally — and personally.

Having the ability to work while traveling is a gift, and it’s becoming more and more prevalent among companies. If you intend to work on the road, take a few moments to plan an effective trip. Both you and your productivity will thank you.

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31 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated When Working on the Road”

  1. I have not worked while traveling (yet!), but think these tips are really helpful. I especially like the idea of capitalizing on the change of scenery.

  2. Routine is such a good one. I can imagine working at home can start to feel “eh” if you don’t have a set routine to follow

  3. I don’t really need to work on the road for my current job but my boyfriend often does and he needs all the advice he can get (; working in other ways is a unique tip, I think that can work well for creative professions where you need inspiration!

  4. I wish I had this post a few weeks ago when I was in New Orleans for several days! I told myself I would be able to get all my blog posts done, do work, etc. but I ended up not doing anything except run around the city haha.

  5. So many great tips!! I remember working from our Jeep when we were moving cross-country and it was rough haha 4 or 5 days in the car for 12 hours straight got to be pretty boring sometimes. But thankfully I packed smart so I had everything I needed to get work done right there in the front seat with me. AND my car had an outlet so I could even charge my MacBook on the go as well. Surprisingly I actually ended up getting a lot of work done.

  6. Jessica Bradshaw

    We are going to be roadtripping almost the entire month of June, so this is SO HELPFUL! I love your tips and will be saving this post to remind me.

  7. Love this! So important especially with summer coming up – I have some trips planned and I’ve been worried about getting work done because it wasn’t easy last summer! Great post!

  8. This is awesome! Being that I work from home, I find that sometimes working somewhere BESIDES home helps too… Go to a coffee shop, visit a coworking space or even work outside… It’s amazing how much a change of scenery can make a difference!

  9. Elizabeth Johnson

    They saying she used “Procrastinator’s Paradise” that is spot on! I think I am going to be so productive on the road and never am. haha these are really great tips!

  10. I often struggle with working while i’m away. You always think it’ll be so motivating but i’d rather get outside and explore! Thanks for sharing these great tips, i’ll have to put them in place next time I travel!

  11. Deadlines and routines are what get you through it! These are great tips. Being on the road may seem like an excuse out of work, so good thing your sharing motivation!

  12. Brittany Daoud

    I find that I have to set myself a schedule, otherwise I won’t get everything done!

  13. These are very smart ideas, currently I always get any work done before I head away anywhere but I know that won’t be the case forever!

  14. It can be so hard to work on the road, but it’s something I do practically every summer! These are great tips for anyone doing this!

  15. We went out of town for mothers day this weekend. I totally intended to get some blog work done… but it just didn’t happen. That’s been the story for the last couple of weekends and probably this upcoming one as well. I’m learning to forgive myself for not having all my blogposts for the week done by Sunday!

  16. This is very helpful! Although it’s rare that I travel for my full-time job, I still tend to try to brainstorm things when traveling around for the blog! These are great tips – especially for people who are traveling a lot and need to get some things done. I also love changes of scenery when looking for inspiration and typically like working out of coffee shops for that reason. I always feel more productive working there than I do working from home. Great post!

  17. These are so helpful!! Setting some time before hand and planning / scheduling things ahead of time is so helpful! I do this a lot when I go visit my family!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  18. This post is so well thought out 🙂 When I travel, I always find it useful to plan exactly what needs to be done each day, and stick to that. HOWEVER, it is equally important not to live and die by The Plan, since travel can be so unpredictable. As long as you know what needs to be done, and do it within a day or so of the planned date, travel can still be fun!

  19. Super helpful tips! I always have good intentions of setting aside some work/blog time while I travel but then get caught up in so many other things. I think all your tips are so spot on, especially setting up a routine. Thanks for a fab post!

  20. These are great tips! I’m the worst at keeping a routine. I have set work hours but when it comes to time outside of work, I feel like I just stand around aimlessly.

  21. Thank you for sharing these! I will be moving this summer will be busy moving and settling into my new place so it i have to re-stragiest how I blog and these tip are going to be so helpful!

    Oby Grace

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