How To Stay Motivated & On Top Of All The Things

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One reader asks: 
Do you have a team that helps you create your content? …I’m sure you hear this often, but I’ve been wanting to start my own blog but my procrastination (and fear of being judged) continue to get in my way. How do you organize your day so side projects you’re passionate about get completed? And how do you get in the right mindset to put yourself out there online with the content you create?

Thank you so much for reaching out! Blogging is definitely the category I get the most questions in! Just as a reminder to all the readers, I do offer blog audits, one-on-one coaching, and so much more on my services page! As a millennial, and a millennial blog no less, staying motivated and on top of all the things can feel impossible as times. I hope my answers about how to get it all done while maintaining passion help!

My Team

Currently, I don’t have anyone on my team helping me with content creation. I do accept guest posts (sponsored and non-sponsored) which alleviates some pressure. I generally post 2-4 guest posts per month. In the past, I worked with an awesome graphic designer who helped with a few projects. Right now, I have a fantastic intern right now. She helps me manage the bulk of my social media and a lot of blog maintenance stuff I am working on.

UPDATE [6/22]: I do have a team now that helps with podcast production, newsletters, and other editorial and copy writing needs I have. I cut back on the number of guest posts I accept simply because I had a couple of really bad experiences where people wanted to post.

Fear Of Judgment & Mindset

First off, it’s awesome that you have the insight to distinguish where your procrastination is coming from! Fear is typically the biggest culprit when it comes to procrastination. Otherwise, it’s not really procrastination, but a matter of not enough hours in the day. When starting out, or evolving, I think fear of judgment is something we ALL struggle with. I’ve written about how to overcome that fear when starting out a couple of times:

How To Announce Your Blog To The World
How To Overcome “First Post” Jitters

Many bloggers I know experienced bullying or harmful judgment in some way prior to starting their blog. I think this is why telling our truth to a broader audience is so important to many of us. Reflect on how you’ve overcome criticism in the past, and there is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. It’s also really important to get clear on your “why,” as in “why” are you starting a blog. Once you get clear on that, it becomes easier to move through all the “noise” (re: negative self talk, doubts, fears, etc.).

Getting in the right mindset for me has a lot to do with knowing my “why” and what the big picture I am working towards is. I know what it’s like to feel totally alone and lost (after so many years of being an overachiever). That isolation and fear of failure isn’t a fun place to be, which is why I hope to help all the other confused millennials out there. I hope to be that big sister that is a few steps ahead in life, and tells it like it is, but you can still have fun with.

The Big Picture

My big picture goal is long term (like 10 years away) and requires a large and engaged audience. Whenever I feel like quitting or question a vulnerable post, I remember those things. Wanting this type of community is a priority in my life, and no other side project or career distraction is going to get in my way at this point. For me, blogging and coaching are do or die (not to be dramatic, but I legit can’t work for other people, haha!). There are no other options.

If you can start thinking that blogging isn’t just A road but THE road for you, things fall into place. That’s not to say you should be all desperate and and shortcut things.  However, in my experience, if you don’t have the fire to truly BUILD something, then don’t waste your time, energy, and money because blogging isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the passionate.

I think overcoming fear of judgement, make motivation and finding the time to do all the things a lot easier. Also, when you let go of fear, the motivation to create content becomes a lot easier. Obviously writer’s block can happen, but in my experience it’s usually traced back to fear or energy leaks. For example, you have something big going on in your life, emotionally draining you, making it impossible to think (or produce content) that’s “on brand.” I know I’ve produced nothing during those times because I couldn’t find a way to spin it as “helpful” or “actionable advice” (on brand for me).

Daily Organization & Scheduling

I believe I touched on this in my post on “how to create the perfect planner for you,” but essentially I try to give myself an “out.” I have certain tedious routine maintenance tasks I do every single day. Beyond that, I keep a running to-do list and a daily to-do list of my top three priorities. These are my “must dos.”

I’ve identified my most “productive” or “focused” times of day and schedule my must dos during those times. For example, 10:30-1 I am a ROCKSTAR! I get a second wind from 2-3, then am a waste. During high energy times, I schedule tasks that require my best effort. Sometimes I get more done earlier in the day, but if I’ve completed my three main tasks, I give myself permission to go to do whatever. I’ll hit the beach or watch tv in bed, even if is 1 o’clock in the afternoon. As an entrepreneur and blogger, the to-do lists are endless. There will always be more tasks to do and if you keep trying to force yourself through them all, then you will reach burn out.

My day basically looks like:

7-10: social media and emails (I am usually a zombie at this time, so I schedule my low attention items here)

10-1: must do tasks of the day

1-2: lunch and a tv break

2-3: finish any must do tasks – if those are done I either call it a day or do some of my weekly smaller tasks

3-5: Watch ELLEN! *Yes, I watch the same episode back to back every single day (unless I have a client call, in which case I will watch 1 episode

5-6: Prep/cook dinner, check emails, social media

6-8: Evening walk and dinner with the hubs with the occasional social media management and email check

8: phone is away & tv time!

My friend Stefanie O’Connell uses a similar tactic called ruthless prioritization. Basically centering everything around task #1 for however long. Check out my Forbes post quoting other entrepreneurs and side hustlers on how they create work-life balance.


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