DIY Budget Friendly Monthly Baby Photo Idea: April

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I LOVE taking monthly baby photos!! Seriously, setting up our little photo shoots at home has been one of my favorite things. These monthly milestone baby photo shoots allow me to flex my creative muscles, while still remaining budget friendly. One of my goals with these monthly baby photos is to not use any plastic. It’s so tempting to get balloons, but LBH, I don’t want to explain there are no more sea turtles to my daughter because I needed an Instagram photo. So my goal with these monthly milestone photos are too:

  • Document baby!
  • Flex my creativity
  • Stay budget friendly
  • Be able to DIY them with ease at home!

And I love this cheap and easy DIY baby milestone photo idea for spring! For April baby girl turned three months old so I decided to lean into the phrase, “April Showers, bring May Flowers.” This is really easy photo shoot to set up for your own baby milestones!


  • Scissors
  • Pencil (optional)
  • Black poster board paper
  • Blue poster board paper
  • Red post board paper
  • Felt letter board
  • White sheet


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STEP 1:  Gather your supplies

STEP 2: Use one of the spare pieces of poster board to create straight lines when tracing out your handle. I free handed the actual part that’d go in hand, but wanted the actual stick part to be even

STEP 3: Fold the red poster board in half (try not to crease to hard), then free hand trace an umbrella. Keep in mind how many points you’ll want in your umbrella. Don’t worry about a sloppy trace job, you can use the other side without pencil for the photo.

STEP 4: Cut the handle out and the umbrella out. If you want the center of your umbrella to be a high point, keep your scissor straight before angling down for one of the dips. This ensures you don’t have a mini dip. You can always go back and trim if you accidentally get a little lip (see video).

STEP 5: Cut rain drop free hand. Remember you can always go back and reshape them!

STEP 6: Get your letter board and fill it in with the month and whatever else you want!

STEP 7: Lay down your sheet and assemble! Have fun while shooting baby in natural light preferably!


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