11 Best Montessori Wardrobes To Grow From Baby to Toddler to Big Kid!

Looking for the best montessori wardrobe ideas? Look no further!

I'm sharing EVERYTHING you need to know about how to montessori children's wardrobes that will foster independence and confidence as they grow from baby, to toddler, to big kid plus the best montessori wardrobe options out there for every budget and aesthetic!

At the end, I also talk about how to DIY montessori wardrobe's using the IKEA Trofast, Besta and Kallax + why I'd actually skip doing that!

Best Overall: Alba Sprout Montessori Children's Wardrobe

Sprout Kids is probably THE most popular montessori furniture brand and for good reason. Created by a montessori family, they really set out to provide the solutions they were looking for. Thus the Alba wardrobe is definitely the smartest overall design of any montessori wardrobe out there.

It's built to last and grow with your child from baby to toddler to regular childrens wardrobe thanks to the adjustable features at every level.

The left side is a series of four shelves, whose heights can all be adjusted. The right side features a shelf and dowel rod for hanging items, both of which can be adjusted as well. The exterior features two shaker pegs on each side.

Beyond the fully customizable interior, parents can appreciate the customizable exterior. You can leave the montessori wardrobe open, or get doors from Sprout.

Standard sizing measures in at 38.75″ H x 30″ W x 11.5″ D, and then you have a few options to choose from.

If you prefer a more mid century modern look, you can get legs which brings the height to 40.5″ or 36.75″ with legs unattached.

There's also a “wide” version which brings it from 30″ to 47″ wide.

There are two finishes to choose from: finished birch which has a non-VOC clear UV cured finish applied to the surface, smooth to the touch or the raw birch which is unfinished allowing you to feel the grain of the wood and either paint or stain it yourself if desired.

  • Hanging rack and shelf heights are fully adjustable
  • Optional legs and finishes
  • Best option to grow with child for years
  • Most expensive on the list, but you can get 10% off with code TCM or TCM10

Runner Up: ECR4kids Closet with Mirror

ECR4Kids is probably the second most popular montessori furniture option. Made from high quality and durable birch plywood, Greenguard Gold certified, and finished in a clear non-toxic varnish it comes in as a slightly more affordable alternative than Sprout Kids.

While I think the Sprout Kids aesthetic and fully adjustable design will ultimately last children longer, the ECR4Kids Birch Closet organizer for kids rooms is a decent size featuring four shelves, a hanging rack, and a mirror on the side.

It comes in at about 40″ tall from the floor to the hanging rail (42″ in total height) and is 37.5″ wide.

  • Durable + certified non toxic
  • Features shelves, hanging rack, and mirror
  • Shelves and hanging bar heights are not adjustable
  • Arched top may feel aesthetically childish quicker than other options on the list

Most Affordable Montessori Wardrobe: IRIS USA

Yes, a montessori wardrobe cheaper than IKEA! It comes in four colors and measures in at about 47.2″ height – and considering the average height of a 2 year old is around 34 inches, its makes a great option that will last a few years.

The bottom features two low shelves and the second shelf's height is adjustable.

As kids get older and have more stuff, I like that the top also has a shelf with rimmed edging for added storage that won't roll off. Lastly, the exterior has a little hook on each side for a backpack, coat, or hat.

  • Four colors (white, light brown, dark brown, and grey)
  • Affordable
  • Free shipping + returns
  • Hanging bar may be a little tall for children under 2 years old

Best for Entryway: SapiensChild

SapiensChild compact wooden coat and shoe rack is a fantastic option for an entryway or mudroom. It provides 3 hooks that can be placed at two different height levels to either grow with your child or work for longer/shorter items.

The lower part of the wardrobe shelf is intended for shoes and can fit a 2 to 4 pairs comfortably giving your child independence and limited choices. Your child can sit on the built-in bench shelf to get their shoes on and off.

The compact Etsy montessori wardrobe measures in at 16.7″ W x 13.7″ D x 38.2 H. It's edges are all rounded for safety, and this coat and shoe rack is finished in a non-toxic varnish and a water based paint. Families can introduce a montessori wardrobe like this around 9 months and it should last until about 5 years old.

  • Good for entryway or mudroom
  • Rounded edges
  • Nontoxic and water based paint
  • Limited choices displayed
  • Adjustable height on hooks
  • Built-in bench
  • Ships free
  • No return policy listed

Best For Add-On Pieces: WoodjoyCollection

WoodjoyCollection's “clothing rack B with shelf” offers a sleek minimalist design that can grow with your child for years to come. It's a truly unique and smart design in my opinion. What they basically did was took their MAXI shelf I mentioned earlier, and created a unique top shelf that allows it to convert to a wardrobe rack (watch the video of how it works here!)

From there you have two options as your child gets older: remove the wardrobe rack, add two shelves, and make it a regular shelving unit in your home OR as your child can handle more options, you can get the addon pieces.

Parent's who are all about the montessori aesthetic will also appreciate the optional wooden hangers and fact that it comes in 11 non toxic finish options.

  • Converts to a larger wardrobe OR standard shelving system
  • Wide range of colors
  • Add-on pieces for additional shelving available
  • Additional shipping cost
  • Returns accepted on limited basis

Best Baby Montessori Wardrobe: KidKraft Dress Up Station

KidKraft is known for their wooden toys and the pretend dress up station doubles as a fantastic montessori wardrobe.

It comes in a white finish with two main sections, a hanging section and four shelves. The outer panels are smartly design with one side featuring hooks for hanging things and the other featuring a mirror.

While this montessori wardrobe is recommended for children ages 3 to 8 years old by the manufacturer, it is one of the smaller heights on the list and we think kids may outgrow it quick than some of the others. For instance, some people said their children's 4/5 dresses were too long for it.

With that said, it is a really beautiful, simple, white montessori wardrobe that would work well in a montessori nursery for older babies and young toddlers.

  • Features hanging rack, shelves, hooks, and mirror
  • Smaller size compatible for 1 year olds (though it's safety rated for 3+)
  • Children will likely outgrow this by age 3.5 or 4 years old.
  • Measurements on listing are generally inaccurate (closer to 30″ H x 42 W)

Best For Small Spaces: Crehomfy Clothing Bar

The clothing bar mounted to the wall is one of my favorite montessori bedroom hacks! It's an affordable way to give your child access to a limited number of items hung at their eye level without taking up coveted floor space. Even better, when your child outgrows it you can remove and repurpose elsewhere.

I like the industrial style of the Crehomfy clothes rack, but I've also seen people DIY this with a wooden down from the hardware store and leather straps like these if you prefer a more neutral look.

  • Holds up to 135 lbs
  • Minimalist design
  • Easily repurposed
  • Affordable
  • Only 1 color

Best For Minimalists: SimreHomeLiving Cloud Rack

The Cloud Montessori Clothing Rack from SimreHomeLiving is gorgeous and most montessori at home aesthetic #goals with it's sleek, neutral minimalist design. It also folds up and can easily move around the house.

It measures in at a little over 37″ tall, 31.5″ wide, and 16.75″ deep. It's lightweight and has an optional canvas shelf at the bottom for holding shoes or fold flat items.

  • Lightweight + folds flat
  • Optional bottom shelf
  • Ships free
  • Affordable
  • Aesthetically pleasing minimalist design
  • Only 1 shelf
  • Hanging bar isn't adjustable

Best Overall In Closet Montessori Wardrobe: Little Seeds Grow with me Closet

The Little Seeds Grow with me Closet is a stylish and functional solution to turn any basic closet into a montessori friendly space.

It's a non-toxic white or grey woodgrain finish on laminated particle board with several options. At the bottom center are four cubbies for children to easily access shoes, sweaters, toys or whatever you'd like. Above that is a little drawer, and then three open shelves above that with one of them being adjustable.

One one side of the midsection you'll find 3 clothes poles. On the other side are 2 clothes poles and a lower shoe rack. The clothes poles are adjustable and the shoe rack can be placed on either side. You can also mount this to the back wall for added stability.

  • Comes in white or grey
  • Multiple organizational options
  • Able to wall mount
  • Suitable height levels for older babies/young toddlers
  • Particle board can chip/crack
  • Will need to remove at least 1 or 2 clothes poles as child gets older to fit longer garments

Budget Friendly Fully Customized In Closet Montessori Solution: Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet Kits

Rubbermaid offers a wide selection of closet kits ranging in size (3 to 6 ft or 4 to 8 ft), color (white or titanium), and organizational add on solutions.

Personally I love this as a budget friendly alternative to a custom closet or the Elfa system.

You basically install vertical tracks on the closet back wall, then can configure the system however you'd like by adding shelves or clothing poles. As your child grows, you just move the poles or shelves up the vertical tracks to meet their new height.

Of course, the down side of a closet like this is that things can fall between the wire rack shelves. Another potential thing to consider is whether or not your child will be able to figure out how to unlatch and move the shelves. While I've never heard of a child doing this, it is certainly possible so parents should consider that before installing.

  • Fully adjustable design to grow with child through adulthood
  • More affordable than complete custom closet
  • Wire shelves can be enticing to some kids wanting to pull the shelves down

Best Budget In Closet Montessori Wardrobe Solution: Whitmor Closet Organizer

The Whitmor hanging shoe shelf closet organizer is actually what we use; but any hanging shoe rack will do! My daughter's closet is VERY small and already had a custom closet installed with adjustable shelves/clothes poles, which are great!

However since it was SO small and we never bought a dresser until her 3rd birthday, I needed a really smart way to maximize the vertical storage while still giving her independence.

The Whitmor hanging closet organizer was perfect! We grouped a few items in each cubby (one cubby for socks, one for underwear, one had 2-3 PJs, another had 2-3 PJs, etc.)

She was able to access her own clothes from the time she could stand up. It kept things very organized and minimal; which I really appreciated as a new mom! I also highly recommend holding off on a dresser for as long as possible! It's a great way to not overspend on baby.toddler clothes when everything your child owns/wears has to fit into just this!

  • Lightweight + folds flat
  • Individual cubbies for maximum organization
  • Affordable
  • May be too long (was for ours, I just sat it folded flat though) or may be too wobbly if fully outstretched.

FAQs About Montessori Wardrobes:

What is a Montessori wardrobe?

A montessori wardrobe essentially is just a child sized space for them to independently access their clothes.

The clothes in a “montessori wardrobe” are usually limited – think only 1, 2 or 3 choices for each item to start. So just 1 or 2 pairs of shoes, 1 coat, 1 to 3 shirts and bottoms.

As your child gains confidence with making clothing choices and getting dressed independently, you can add onto this.

How do you do a Montessori wardrobe?

If you want to make a kids wardrobe montessori it's quite easy actually. You just need to offer a limited number of options at the child's height/skill level.

Due to the limited number of garment choices, many families opt to get a stand alone wardrobe that sits in the child's room rather than using a full dresser or their closet. Though this is not necessary. You can montessori any closet or space in my opinion!

To do this, you simply need to present only a few options of each clothes category to start. Truthfully, this could be a simple as a basket on the floor for 1-2 pairs of underwear and socks, another basket for 2-3 tops and another basket for 2-3 bottoms in their room, and 1 or 2 shoe options by the front door.

How we montessori'ed my child's closet:

My daughter's closet is VERY small and already had a built in closet system with adjustable clothing poles and shelves. I personally chose not to get her a dresser until 3 years old.

Why I didn't get a dresser until 3:
  • With such limited storage/closet space I talked myself out of buying SO much stuff those first few years!
  • Unsure of the future decor: We skipped the montessori floor bed and used a crib for her that I knew would get moved out when we had another baby and our guest bed would go into her room. I didn't know for sure what style I'd ultimately go with for her room, so other than her crib she didn't have any furniture until around 3
  • Ultimately it saved me money, we didn't feel like we needed it until 3, and it felt safer as I didn't have to worry about her climbing it or squishing her hands in the drawers in the earlier years.

So I made the lowest shelf toys she could access independently. Then I added a hanging shoe rack to the clothes pole for her to access underwear, socks, and a few items independently. We used the upper portion of the closet to store more of her clothes – and while she could see them she really never asked for anything higher up.

We also typically got her dressed in the playroom for the first couple of years which was near out entryway. Our entryway had a basket for her shoes and we would just lay out a couple of outfit choices each morning.

Around 3 years old though we needed a dresser. Our friends gave us a TON of hand me downs and I needed the storage. Beyond that, she had specific school clothes she needed to wear everyday, which she would change out of into park clothes, then change out of into pajamas. Thus if I had a true montessori wardrobe, I would've been rotating clothes onto it every single day basically and I just didn't have the time/patience for that.

Instead, we moved most of her daily clothes into the bottom dresser drawers and used these dividers to organize everything in a non overwhelming way. The cubbies in her closet started housing sweatshirts and I moved some of her hanging dresses down lower now that she had the dexterity to get them on and off the hangers.

Affordable Montessori Wardrobe Hacks + Tips

If you want to montessori a child's wardrobe without breaking the bank, you can certainly use a few affordable hacks to make whatever your current setup is work for you! If the above section was too long and you didn't read about what I personally did then here's what you need to know:

For Baby:

Start small! You don't need to jump into a full montessori wardrobe system for babies! Follow the child, see what their pain points and yours are, and make a decision from there! Here are a few montessori wardrobe ideas for baby to get started:

  • 1-2 pairs of shoes near the entryway and a coat on a command hook to start
  • 2-3 baskets on the floor. One with underwear and socks, one with 2-3 tops, one with 2-3 pants.

For Toddlers + Young Kids:

  • Use hanging shoe racks for cubby storage in your child's regular closet
  • My favorite montessori wardrobe hack are these drawer dividers! Perfect way to reduce overwhelm and present limited choices in the bottom two drawers of their dresser!
  • Opt for a baskets and low shelves to organize and maximize low storage
  • Consider a montessori wardrobe that can grow with your child (look up the average height of a # year old to get an idea of how long things will last!

Why don't you recommend the DIY montessori wardrobe IKEA plans?

While I LOVE IKEA I just don't think DIY'ing a montessori wardrobe using IKEA's Trofast, Besta, or Kallax system is necessarily worth it.

Aside from IKEA basically always being sold out the last couple of years, I think there are more affordable options if budget is your top concern and there are definitely cuter options if aesthetic is more of a priority to you.

Here are my thoughts on the three common IKEA montessori wardrobe hacks:

Trofast Montessori Wardrobe:

Of all the IKEA montessori wardrobes the Trofast hack is definitely my favorite for a few reasons:

  • Easiest DIY
  • Greatest repurposability
  • Smart dimensions
  • Cheapest

To make the Trofast a montessori wardrobe you just get 2 frames, add a tension rod to one to hang clothes, and bins to the other which act as “drawers.” You can secure the frames to a wall and each other if you want them attached. It's that simple.

It's the shallowest of all the IKEA montessori wardrobes and tallest, making it a smarter set up in terms of presenting options in a way the child can easily access/grow with. I mean even as an adult, I hate digging into the back of my deep drawers afterall!

With that said, you are looking at spending around $100 (give or take a little depending on your state taxes, and then don't forget IKEA charges for shipping which will bring the total over $100).

While it is the cheapest IKEA montessori wardrobe hack, with the greatest repurposability (just move it into a playroom, garage, or office for added storage), I prefer the other options mentioned earlier on the list.


If you get the Kallax shelf, 2 compatible drawer sets, and tension rod you're looking at spending around $120 or so on IKEA.

I'm all for an easy DIY (which this is) but you have to cut dowels off, leave out a shelf, purchase/assemble drawers and get the tension rod, and then you're left with a 30″ tall montessori wardrobe that your child is sure to outgrow fairly quickly (you'll definitely need to add onto this by 3 years old if not sooner) and you're still spending over $100!


The IKEA Besta montessori wardrobe hack costs even more than the Kallax to DIY. It also is even shorter than the Kallax coming in at 25″ high, though it is quite a bit wider at 47″ giving you a larger overall storage space, I still think children will outgrow this by the end of the toddler years and just isn't worth it.

On top of that, it'll cost you around $150+ (screenshot above doesn't include drawer knob, tension rod for hanging clothes, delivery fees or taxes).

IKEA Montessori wardrobe alternatives:

I'd honestly skip all of the headache of DIY'ing IKEA furniture and just go with some of the affordable suggestions on this list like the clothing bar and floor baskets, the hanging shoe rack, or the IRIS USA system (which comes in cheaper than all the IKEA montessori wardrobes) for the first few years.

Final Thoughts

I think the best overall montessori children's wardrobe is definitely the Alba by Sprout Kids (use code TCM or TCM10 for 10% off!) which is designed to work for babies, toddlers, and even big kids. It's open design can be fully customized as your child grows from the height of the shelves, to clothing pole, to even adding legs and doors to the wardrobe.

I love the IRIS USA compact clothing rack as a really nice budget friendly alternative to the IKEA DIYs as it's one of the only systems with shelves, hooks, and a clothing pole coming in at under $100!

But like I said, personally we did this in my daughter's closet and these in her drawers and they worked just fine too!

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