Easy Montessori Glue Box Halloween Craft: Making Monsters

Looking for an easy Halloween montessori art activity? You're sure to love this spin on the montessori glue box Halloween craft: Making Monsters!

The Montessori glue box is a staple in montessori learning! It also makes an awesome montessori at home activity that's easy to set up and clean up. A fun halloween craft of “making monsters” combines holiday fun with the montessori glue and paste box for a fun Halloween activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

My daughter fell in LOVE with gluing activities after we received this glue and paste set from our Lovevery play kit so I've been trying to find more and more ways to incorporate it into our Fall toddler activities and Halloween toddler activities – which have all been a hit so far!

Plus it works on fine motor skills, concentration, and more!

Even better? This Halloween craft can be repurposed for extended play in a fun color learning Halloween activity I'm calling “feed the monsters!”


Step 1: Set up your glue box

Start by adding the craft supplies into the glue box. Fill the glass ramekin with glue too.

You can use the craft supplies linked or whatever you have on hand. I added some fun Halloween themed ribbons and googly eyes to make it more festive.

I also laid out markers and crayons for her to use as well if she preferred. Those obviously didn't go in the montessori glue box.

For my montessori glue box, I just used a crafting box, not an official montessori glue box since we already have one from our Lovevery play kit like I mentioned earlier.

Looking for an easy Halloween montessori art activity? You're sure to love this spin on the montessori glue box Halloween craft: Making Monsters!

Step 2: Prep your monsters

Take the colored construction paper and cut it down to size so that it'll cover the face of the paper lunch bags.

OPTIONAL: If you plan to do the “feed the monsters” color learning Halloween activity, you'll need to cut out a hole for the “mouth.” Do this before decorating the monsters!

An easy montessori art activity for Halloween you can do at home with toddlers and preschoolers: Making Monsters! This Halloween craft is perfect for montessori learning at home, fine motor skills and more!

Step 3: Decorate

Set your Halloween craft up in an area where you do not mind getting a little glue on the table. If this is your toddlers first time using glue – and not a glue stick – you may want to model dipping the glue brush in the paste and adding it to a piece of paper then sticking it on the monsters so they understand it's not paint.

Depending on how many monsters you're making (especially if you're making a handful for the feed the monster activity), I'd suggest doing at least one monster yourself while your preschool aged child works on their monster!

This is a great way to not only bond with your toddler or child, but also model what the Halloween craft is – since younger toddlers may not be used to following instructions yet or they may feel “done” after crafting two Halloween Monsters but you'll want more for the next activity if you're doing it!

Step 4: Bring your monster to life!

From there, you can attach your monsters to the lunch bags with tape or glue or a stapler and open the bag so they sit upright!

If your child is doing any sort of trick or treating or “Halloween mail” this could be a fun little thing to have on their desk to collect their goodies!

Montessori glue box inspired Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers that montessori at home families can do this Spooky Season!

In sum…

This activity was really easy to set up and clean up. My daughter had SO much fun doing it and it kept her engaged for a solid hour +

We had so much fun and this works fine motor skills, creativity, color, language, and so much more!

Even better, once the monster's dried they were ready for the next part of this a color learning Halloween activity: feed the monsters!

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