Montessori Sorting Fall Activity For Toddlers + Preschoolers

Sorting is a favorite montessori activity for toddlers in the sensitive period for order starting somewhere between 18 to 21 months for most. It makes a great preschool or toddler activity for montessori at home moms too!

It gives them the opportunity to make sense of things in such a large world. Ultimately it provides a sense of comfort, accomplishment, and control. Not only is it great for their self esteem, but you'd be surprised how you can diminish a 2 year olds controlling “no no no's!” when you give them plenty of opportunities to sort and regain a sense of control and order in their life.

Plus it incorporates nature, sensory play, language development and categorizing – all skills that come in handy down the road!

Learn more about the montessori sensitive period for order:


  • A bag
  • Whatever you find in nature! This could be leaves, sticks, rocks, pine cones, acorns, seeds, etc!
  • Sorting bins (optional)
  • Sorting cards (optional)

Set up Montessori Fall Sorting Activity:

Take your bag and go for a walk with your child. Have them collect leaves, sticks, or whatever strikes their fancy! This is a great time to name the colors and objects you are collecting together. Try to get a few of each thing. For instance, you'll want a handful of leaves, not just one.

When you get home have your toddler or preschooler sort your collection!

You can have them do this directly on the floor, or you can take out 2-5 bowls or bins and have them place one of each item in the bowl.

Alternatively, you could use a print out of each item (like a printout picture of a leaf or a rock) and place that in or infront of each bowl or where each pile should be sorted on the floor.

Sorting is a favorite montessori activity for toddlers in the sensitive period for order starting somewhere between 18 to 21 months for most. It makes a great preschool or toddler activity for montessori at home moms too!


Show your child how to sort the items you collected into the corresponding bowls. Leaves go in the leaf bowl. Rocks in the rock pile, etc.

Depending on the age of your child you may want to pre-sort the items and just begin with two. For instance, maybe you collected rocks, twigs, leaves, and acorns on your walk. But you just have them start by sorting the rocks and leaves. As they get those down, add in a third, and then the fourth category.

The beauty of this activity is you can set it up a few different ways over and over again!

As your child grows older you can even set up a miscellaneous “dump” bowl to encourage problem solving of “this item isn't like any of the others.” But when starting out, ideally each item will have a home.

Set up + Clean Up Time:

Beyond your initial walk, the set up time for this is literally just one to five minutes (depending if you choose to give them access to everything your collected or just two of the categories for sorting).

Clean up time is just as fast! You can either discard everything outside, in the trash, or back into your collecting bag to use again another day! Your child should help you with whichever clean up option you choose. Afterall, they were able to collect and sort the items, they'll be able to clean them up too!

Looking for a simple, easy, no mess fall activity? Montessori sorting incorporates nature, organization, language, and more! Discover how to set up this toddler activity for your preschool aged child in minutes for some fun montessori at home!

How my toddler liked this montessori fall sorting:

She had A BLAST with this montessori fall sorting activity!

She was jumping in leaves on our walk and collecting a ton of items! Once we got home to sort, she was so excited to go through her collection and name each item. She kept repeating “Reagan's working!!” over and over again with such pride!

NOTE: Dr. Maria Montessori has a famous quote: “Play is the work of the child.” It's always been very important to my husband and I that our kids view work as play (we both are entrepreneurs who work from home and believes work should be fun and something you love).

She started showing her baby brother all her different items and explaining to him how she was sorting them. It was really the cutest thing ever! Afterwards she helped clean up and put all her stuff back in the bag so we could use the items for more fall inspired activities!

The walk was about 30 minutes and the actual activity kept her engaged for about 30 minutes – so I'd call this a success!

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Montessori sorting is a great low mess fall activity that helps toddlers and preschoolers organize information, boost confidence, and more! Discover how to set up this no mess activity at home for your preschooler!