Inspiring Millennials with Mimi Zheng

 Confused twenty something who hates your job? Wish you could live your purpose and passion in your work everyday? We chat with millennial career coach who inspires twenty somethigns to find careers that fit them. Learn how she re-defines success and achieves her own happiness. the confused millennial rachel ritlop interview with mimi zheng


Happy Monday!

Incase you missed it: every Monday we are doing a new kind of #MotivationalMonday here at The Confused Millennial! We launched TCM Tv last week with our first episode of the “Inspiring Millennial” Series (watch the first episode here + bonus episode with Scott Barlow here).

This week I am beyond excited to have Career Coach Mimi Zheng! Mimi is a master networker (seriously she sent a Tweet that landed her in Silicon Valley!) and teaches this skill to her clients as well as how to find the purpose driven career that excites you! She too was once a confused millennial (she has worked in numerous industries and jobs ranging from theme parks to photography, to colleges, and start-ups in Silicon Valley).

In the episode, Mimi shares how she thought she landed her dream career in the “Hollywood of Tech” (aka Silicon Valley)… only to realize she craved more out of a career. She shares about her “quarter-life crisis” and how it helped her re-define what success meant to her, especially as it relates to family and cultural pressures. Lastly, she talks about the role “Mastermind” groups have played in helping her launch her business.



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