12 Things I Loved In May

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This post is in partnership with Amavara Skin Care, thank you for supporting brands who support TCM. As always, all thoughts, opinions, experience, and advice is my own.


Aka my birthday month! Yup that's right, one more circulation arounddd the sun! I'm both excited and a little in shock that this is my LAST year in my 20s *queue emotions* But more on that to come! First, let's take a look back at alllll the things I loved in May!

Taking Care of My Skin With Amavara

Since I'm getting older – my skin has definitely been showing it. Growing up and still living in a beach town, means loads of exposure to the sun and other harmful things. Which is why I'm LOVING Amavara! First, if you've been a reader for a while you know I'm all about sunscreens with zinc oxide. But most sunscreens with zinc oxide are thick and leave you looking WHITE (I'm talking the old lifeguard days with the coat of white stuff on his nose white).

Amavara uses an EarthWell® Zinc Oxide that rubs in soft and clear! Which makes it perfect for walking around town with Tucker. It's not oily and is light enough to wear under makeup. Aside from protecting against the sun, and the visible early aging caused by it, it also protects your skin from environmental factors all while still being good for the environment!

That's right, they use natural identical ingredients to make up their formula plus it's reef safe (which in case you didn't know, tons of reefs are dying today because snorkelers and swimmers are jumping in the sea wearing a sunscreen with nano TiO2 which completely destroys the reefs (aka a habitat for our fishes). So if you are traveling to any tropical places, make sure you are aware of what you're putting on your skin before jumping in the water! otherwise, that reef you're checking out might not be there next time.

PLUS you can snag 15% off your purchase from Amavara using code confusedmillenial

SPF 50 – use code confusedmillenial for 15% off

Listening To Signs From The Universe

If you caught last months things I love post, you know I was excited to head to NOLA for the Collision Conference… only I never made it. E and I share all the crazy things that happened in this podcast episode on trusting your gut and listening to signs from the Universe, but basically we decided to cancel our trip while STANDING in the airport at 6:50 am.

Getting Paid My Worth

Last month I shared my tips for how to price yourself & ask for payment when getting started. It's a topic near and dear to my heart and it was really nice to reflect on how far I've come from my early days accepting product for posting to getting paid five figures for multiple campaigns. It really reinforced to me the value of my time and allows me to be even more decisive with the opportunities that come my way. For more tips on how to work with brands click here.

Sharing alllll my favorite podcasts

Seriously, loved writing this post on my favorite podcasts for 20-somethings & confused millennials at heart! Since I don't have a daily commute, I never thought I'd really listen to podcasts. But then while implementing my Pinterest Strategy each day, I needed something to listen to and before I knew it, I was a podcast junkie! Personally, I love a good mix of business, woo-woo, and entertainment. It keeps things inspiring and fun that way.

Getting through one of the more stressful months

Literally dk if I'm alone in this, but the last two months felt stressful AF. In this podcast episode on tips for cutting stress, getting meaningful rest, and letting go of guilt, E and I are basically delirious from stress! I'm just happy to be on the other side and finallyyyyy feel like I'm getting some rest again!

De-stressing with at home spa hacks

Speaking of rest, I can't talk about self-care if I wasn't actually taking care of myself could I?!? Which is why I loved stepping up my self-care game these last few weeks and trying out some of these cheap & easy at home spa hacks! I even turned on my “vacation auto-responder” for a week so I didn't have to respond to emails! It was a great way to ground back down into my self and recharge.

BUDGETING with the 50/20/30 Guideline!

I'm still kind of in awe by y'alls response to this post, How To *Actually* Budget Using The 50/20/30 Rule! It's something I've been teaching for years and always knew it was a fantastic tool, but it was SO cool to see how it's been benefiting so many of you! Seriously, I love it so much, because it really is budgeting made SO simple!

Finding passion for my work again

This has been building ALL year – but a lot of you know, I thougth about shutting down this blog at the end of last year. You see, I had a job I hated before and never want to go back to it (which is why I shared this post on 5 bad reasons to stay in a job you hate). I made every excuse under the sun to stay in something I didn't enjoy. But today if I don't enjoy something, I have the ability to change it and for that i'm grateful.


REAL TALK: I used to be an avid reader. I legit thought I was Belle from Beauty & The Beast. Then I stopped for yearssss! I am slowly getting back into reading and in doing so, realized just HOW many self-help books I've read over the years. So I decided to round up 20 of them with my own personal little recommendations last month for you all! I think sooo many of us are in a season of our lives where personal development and self-care are at the forefront of our mind, so I hope you all enjoy! Check out 20 Inspirational Self-Help Books To Read here.

Getting Emotional / Vulnerable

If you caught this podcast episode on the advice to my younger self, you probably heard me get pretty choked up as I reflected back on so much of my life. Aside from these last couple of months being stressful, they were also some of the most eye-opening changes. In the episode E and I talk all about our advice to our younger selves, tips for overcoming self-doubt, and anxiety.

Raising Awareness For Ways To Cope With Anxiety

Most of you know my personal journey with anxiety from this post; and with May being National Mental Health Awareness Month, I loved sharing even more tips for living with anxiety. Especially as things were so stressful and emotional for me, it felt good to re-connect with all the things that have worked so well for me over this last decade.

Going Deep On Human Design With Jenna Zoe!

AHH if you're on my newsletter, you know I geeked out when I first learned about Human Design earlier this year! It's SUCH a fantastic resource for understanding yourself and others more! So it goes without saying that I had been counting down the days until my interview with Jenna Zoe, Human Design expert! We had SO much fun talking in this episode and it's currently The Confused Millennial Podcast's most popular episode to date!! Listen here.

How was your May?! What are you looking forward to in June?!