011: Trusting Your Gut & Listening To Signs From The Universe

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You might remember that, last week in episode 10 where we talk about ways to cut stress, get meaningful rest, and let go of guilt, we were getting ready to head to NOLA for a conference… well, we didn’t quite make it (as many of you who saw my Insta-story know). But instead of dwelling on that or getting (more) stressed out, we want to use this as an opportunity to talk more about following your intuition and bringing your power into yourself by trusting your intuition and listening to signs from the Universe.

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In This Conversation We Cover:

  • The morning before our would-be flight
  • Why we didn’t go to New Orleans and how we worked through the guilt
  • Learning how and the importance of listening to your gut
  • Asking for what you want in life
  • Creating energy to get what’s best for you in life
  • Using the Violet flame to cultivate energy
  • Settling into what feels natural and right for you, despite what others might think




She was just at peace with her decision, so it was really powerful, and I too was at peace with it. We were just like okay, this isn’t right, let’s move on.Click To Tweet


It’s important to remember to listen to your intuition… there was just something, in both of us, telling us that this wasn’t right.Click To Tweet


It was literally just about transmuting energy into the light, into the highest good, of what was in both of our best interest – and when that happened, all of the signs just came together so clearly.Click To Tweet


I have to trust that I’m being called in this new direction because it’s for the best, and this is unlocking that next door of what I’m supposed to be doing.Click To Tweet


Don’t just pay attention when you think you should be paying attention – always be paying attentionClick To Tweet


Don’t let fear of losing money or opportunity be the thing that causes you to make a bad decision.Click To Tweet

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