018: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life with Garrain Jones

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Garrain Jones went from being homeless and over $200k in debt to living a life of his dreams. He shares about the shifts he made to overcome his struggles and adversity to running multiple successful companies. Today his main focus is his work as a transformation coach and public speaker.

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In this episode we cover

  • How Garrain Jones gave up on his dreams and what happened after that
  • A lesson from a beggar in the street and how the universe kept delivering messages
  • Living life as a homeless person and being in a French prison
  • When and how he left the victim mindset behind
  • The importance of the book, The Power Of Positive Thinking
  • Getting past judgement to join a multi-level marketing after being homeless, and using what he learned to revolutionize his life
  • How people can really learn their value
    • Imagining yourself as a child and at the happiest moment
    • Listening to your inner child more
    • Exploring your strength
    • Stop seeking approval from others. Get it from yourself
  • The Panda Power Hour –How he starts his mornings


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All my life I’ve always focused on what I don’t want. I don’t want that girl, I don’t want to be broke, I don’t want this…but for some reason, what I focused on kept coming backClick To Tweet


Beyond your comfort zone is the door to more… beyond your persistence is the door to more.Click To Tweet


We are the only ones that put a limitation on how things are big or small…it’s all in the sub-conscious mind.Click To Tweet


Everything you are looking for is already inside of youClick To Tweet


Everything you have in your life is a projection of who you areClick To Tweet


The brain doesn’t respond to big progress, or small progress. It just responds to progress.Click To Tweet


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