006 Entrepreneurship: Tips for finding your place, staying motivated, & what to avoid

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In today’s episode, Rachel and Eric discuss their individual experiences as entrepreneurs. They address listener questions and delve into the do's and don'ts of starting your business! More specifically, they touch on the missing ingredient in “failed” business attempts, what they’ve learned from their past professional endeavors, and ways to identify what will allow you to maximize your time and energy in the entrepreneurial space.

In this conversation on entrepreneurship, we discuss:

  • Who exactly is an “entrepreneur?” Rachel and Eric say it’s somebody who identifies a business idea and does whatever it takes to bring that idea to fruition and generate revenue. It’s possible for an entrepreneur not to identify as such right off the bat.
  • The missing ingredient in “failed” business attempts is passion.
  • What Rachel learned in her previous role as a substance abuse counselor in relation to her current experiences navigating entrepreneurship.
  • That as an entrepreneur you must ask yourself if your product/service is defensible and competitive in the marketplace.
  • How to avoid approaching your business endeavor from a place of fear.
  • “Analysis paralysis.”
  • How press does not always lead to business.
  • Batching, or lumping tasks together to increase output, so you can “work smarter not harder.”
  • Work-life integration vs work-life balance and “auditing” your schedule.
  • Finding local meetups for entrepreneurs so you can network and find an accountability partner.
  • Knowing yourself so you can identify whether joining a co-working space would be an energy-giver or energy-suck.
  • Navigating relationships as an entrepreneur or side-hustler.
  • Rachel and Eric’s best advice for new entrepreneurs: don’t be afraid to make mistakes, never stop pursuing self-education, be humble, and seek advice.



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My views are ever-evolving because I’m an eternal student of life. So what my views or advice might be in one moment are never the full landscape of my beliefs and views moving forward.Click To Tweet


What’s presented to the world online is not necessarily reality.Click To Tweet


It’s good to keep your eyes on your own lane and it’s good to stick to what you’re passionate about.Click To Tweet


Do not get stuck in comparing yourself to everyone and everything around you because that’s going to cripple you and lead to a lot of self-defeating thoughts.Click To Tweet


I got a ton of press! And for those of you who think press is cool, yeah it’s a beautiful ego stroke. But press does not lead to business in most cases.Click To Tweet


Actually, the haters probably drive more traffic to business than the followers. But that’s okay. You actually know that you’re doing something right if you’re creating that divide where people are loving you and other people are hating you.Click To Tweet


Understand what your mission is and understand why you’re passionate about it, and know who you’re trying to be to who.Click To Tweet


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Embrace the mistakes because that’s how you’ll learn the most.Click To Tweet

Read and educate yourself. Never stop learning! The minute you stop reading and learning, somebody else will beat you.Click To Tweet


If you’re looking to start a blog or business solely for the purpose of making money, in most cases, don’t do it.Click To Tweet


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