007: Patience & Stalking: A Millennial Love Story

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In today’s episode, Rachel and Eric fill us in on one of her most popular blog posts: Patience & Stalking: A Millennial Love Story! They detail all the ins and outs of meeting online and how Rachel stalked Eric in the beginning. Rachel reveals just how much she used to love playing the dating games, and ultimately, when she stopped. We get a real, up-close-and-personal look at their love story, and everything leading up to it!

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In This Conversation We Cover:

  • How Rachel and Eric met (hint: on a dating website!)
  • Rachel’s attempts to locate him on social media, only realize they had tons of mutual friends already.
  • That on their first date, Rachel and Eric bonded over being into psychics and Rachel’s history with black magic.
  • How on the very day they met, Eric’s psychic predicted he’d meet the love of his life!
  • Rachel’s plans to use Facebook to stalk Eric’s geotagged location after work downtown + all about her OG views on the game of dating.
  • Rachel telling Eric to “man up” and ask her out already + all the canceled dates that followed.
  • Eric walking in on Rachel and his roommate cuddling (though she thankfully ended the evening with Eric, instead).
  • Eric witnessing Rachel’s darkest secrets at their 12-step meeting, and reassuring her that nothing she said pushed him away.
  • That Eric’s roommate told him Rachel would be a “stage-five-clinger,” and how he ignored this warning and, alternatively, allowed the two of them to fall in love organically and equally.
  • Waiting until you are in love until you “bring your crazy.”
  • Eric’s thoughts on how amazing it was to date someone (Rachel) who could truly communicate her emotions in a healthy way.
  • When did Eric first say “I love you?”
  • How Rachel brought out Eric’s light qualities, whereas past partners illuminated his shadow qualities.


3:37:  “I just really liked playing games back then. There’s no other way around it. I loved the game of dating!”

11:50: “Despite everyone saying Eric was so nice, I was like, I’m gonna ‘rules’ his ass. Like I’m gonna play the player, and he’s not even gonna know what happened!”

13:33: “You know, listen, if somebody doesn’t remember my name, I usually have a three-strike rule on that…I started getting really offended when we’d clearly met in intimate scenarios and not at some, like, bar or networking event.”

25:40: “You know, the weird thing with this relationship, this dating experience with Rachel, was that it was the first time I didn’t overthink anything.”

35:15: “If you’re gonna stalk your future spouse, don’t tell them right away! Wait for the right time!”

36:38: “The key really is, if you are gonna be crazy, choose your crazy.”

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