005: Using Intuition To Change The Relationship To Your Body & Food

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In this episode, Rachel and Eric answer a reader question. The reader is hoping to manifest more abundance on her health goals and wanted to know: “what suggestions/advice you had on that because right now I'm struggling because wanting to push myself and stick to a meal plan and tracking my food, but another part of me is also exhausted of doing that and I also just want to be HEALTHY and mindful of eating while also just getting in better shape. So it's an internal dilemma”

The episode kicks off with a discussion on manifesting. We talk about what language to use so you aren't limiting yourself, but also aren't setting yourself up to call in negative things. From there we move into a discussion on our personal relationships to food and working out over our life times. We talk about the insights we've gained in our personal journeys and some tools and questions you can bring into your own journey to create joy and balance.

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In This Conversation We Cover:

– How food and working out can become a means to control emotional issues and ultimately resulted in unhealthy habits.

– The effects society and food/body messages can have on our psyche

– How the relationship to food and our body can be an attempt to control what's happening for us internally

– The effects of stress on our nervous system and how that can distort our perception to our bodies

15 min 

– The switch to finding balance with food and listening to one's intuition in changing the relationship to

– Utilizing a work-out buddy to re-learn how to workout in a balanced, full body way

– Letting go of control and giving your body what it wants so you don't go to extremes

– Allowing your emotions to catch up to your body

– Spending time to find what balance looks like for you and being consistent with exploring it

– Recognizing that exhaustion is an energetic manifestation of things being out of alignment.

– How your internal rewards system will speak to you and the importance of meditation and listening to our body when it's speaking to you

– What is intermittent fasting

– Acknowledging how one persons path isn't going to be somebody else's  and why you shouldn't necessarily follow the latest health trends

– How the relationship to food and your body basically boils down to, “what just brings you joy” and knowing yourself

– The relationship between trauma and yoga

– What guilt and shame are trying to tell you in your wellness routine

– How people emotionally eat other people's problems

Last 10 minutes

– The importance of letting go of labels, and keeping changes to yourself, and doing what feels right for you

– How to go about reframing from “manifesting abundance in health” to focus more on the results and what's in the interest of your highest good

– What to ask yourself after you've written out your manifestation

Quotes from Using Intuition To Change The Relationship To Your Body & Food:

'I didn't want to be in a jail cell anymore, that's what my relationship to food and working out had become'Click To Tweet
'I can listen to my body and it can tell me what I want'Click To Tweet
'When you're not giving your body what it wants, you're going back to go back to bingeing. It's only a matter of time until you relapse into old habits/behaviors because once again you're in a place of control with your habits'Click To Tweet
'How I viewed myself wasn't how others viewed me'Click To Tweet
exhaustion is an energetic manifestation of of things being out of alignment.Click To Tweet

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