The Confused Millennial’s 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

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What is a gratitude challenge? It's a daily practice challenging you to focus on all of the things you have to be thankful for. Research has found so many benefits of gratitude! From improved physical health, emotional and mental wellbeing, better self esteem and relationships, and so much more. Below you'll discover ways to express gratitude and loads of examples in this 30 day gratitude challenge! Feel free to mix things up and swap stuff out for your own!

I've been doing daily gratitude practices sporadically for years whenever I need a little extra positivity in my life. So even if you aren't feeling all the grateful feels at the moment, remember you can use this practice to transform your relationship to something that you may currently feel uninspired or a little “blah” about. In a perfect world, we’d all do this every day, but because that’s usually not the case, I’m glad the month of November serves as a gentle reminder.

If you’re looking for inspo to cultivate a little gratitude in your life, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got 30 days of gratitude slated out for us—one for every day of the month.

The Confused Millennial's 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Day 1: Say ‘thank you’ to someone when they least expect it.

Day 2: What skill are you grateful you have? Think about it and thank it.

Day 3: Send a quick text to a family member letting them know how thankful you are for them.

Day 4: What are you thankful for regarding your job? Make a list.

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Day 5: Think of two challenges you’re grateful for and what positive things you learned.

Day 6: What foods are you most thankful for? If you can, donate whatever it is to a food bank.

Day 7: What moment in the last week are you most thankful for? Reflect on why.

Day 8: Hold the door or smile at strangers each time you’re out today.

Day 9: If you had a really positive experience at a business, write a kind review.

Day 10: Get your boss (or a client) a small gift (even a coffee will do!).

Day 11: Call a friend and catch up.

Day 12: What exercise are you most thankful you’re able to do? Do it!

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Day 13: Do something kind for yourself.

Day 14: Send a note to someone via snail mail telling them why you’re thankful to have them in your life.

Day 15: Think about the material comforts you're thankful for. Make the list as long as possible.

Day 16: Wake up and let your first thought be something positive.

Day 17: Volunteer to do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Day 18: Leave a note of encouragement in a public place.

Day 19: Every time you want to complain, swap it out for an affirmation.

Day 20: Give someone a hug.

Day 21: Think of three memories you’re most thankful for. If it involves someone, send them the memory via text.

Day 22: Share positivity with someone (maybe around your Thanksgiving table).

Day 23: Light your favorite candle. Fire is a cleansing tool so take a moment to thank it for purifying your energy and maybe even toss a worry or concern on a piece of paper into

Day 24: Spend some time taking care of yourself. Take a bath, stretch, nap. Do what your body or soul needs most.

Day 25: Give someone a compliment.

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Day 26: Bring baked goods to work or someone in need and tell everyone how thankful you are for them.

Day 27: Get a friend a small bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. Remember to thank the flowers to for sharing their beauty!

Day 28: Do a random act of kindness.

Day 29: Treat someone to lunch or do a favor for someone without them having to ask.

Day 30: Challenge yourself to start noticing what you’re grateful for more often and spreading gratitude outside of the month of November.

The Confused Millennial's 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, gratitude challenge ideas for kids in November, acts of kindness projects, gratitude journal prompts, #gratitude, #grateful, #thankful, #gratitudechallenge, #30daysofgratitude, #gratitudejournal

If you want to hold each other accountable, share on social media using #TCMillennial or tag me @theconfusedmillennial! I'll be looking to shout you guys out on my stories!

What would you add to the list? What are your favorite ways to practice gratitude?


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Originally published 11/2/18