Meditation Ritual To Get You Feeling All The Good Vibes

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After my beginner's guide to meditation blog post and podcast did so well, I got a ton of questions about my meditation practice today! So I decided to share my little meditation ritual with you all! I can’t take full credit for this meditation ritual. In the past, I generally would just lie down, close my eyes, and turn my attention to my breath. Did it work? Absolutely. Meditation is all about being present. However, my current meditation practice was first introduced to me at a reiki circle. I had the most amazing meditation of my life (I’m talking really cosmic third eye vibes) and decided it had to be my new ritual (when I can make it happen).

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Meditation Ritual To Get You Feeling All The Good Vibes

Step 1: Oracle Cards.

These are basically cards you pull with little messages from the Universe. Here are some of my favorites (my daughter plays with the daily too!):

I was first introduced to oracle cards back when I was 20 years old interning as a counselor at a treatment center. One thing I loved about interning as a counselor was ALL the free therapy I could soak in on the sidelines. The therapist brought in an oracle deck and he chose a card for everyone, except me. He let me choose my own card as a colleague. The card read, “moving through discomfort.” Which was beyond perfect for where I was at in my life. He even said it’s what he planned on pulling for me. That card always stuck with me as an anchor through some really challenging life changes I experienced the next year. But I never thought about oracle cards or any cards really beyond that. So when I was in my first reiki circle and the reiki master set down four or five decks of cards and said, “choose one from whichever you want and however many you want,” I wasn’t expecting the cosmic stars to align like they did…

*Yep, I literally chose that same card from that deck eight years later! 

Why they’re essential and how to use them during:

Pick up a deck of oracle cards if you don't have some already and before your meditation, pull however many you feel called to. You’ll want to place your card(s) that you pulled underneath you during meditation as a kind of grounding mantra. You can place them next to you if you prefer, but I put them under me. I love having them because when my internal dialogue kicks up, rather than “shooing” the thoughts away, I can refocus on what I’m meditating on: the card.

If you believe in angels and spirit guides, the cards can be a great way to figure out who to call upon during your meditation too.

Step 2: Essential oils.

Put your palm out facing upward. If using an essential oil that needs to be diluted, put a little dilution in your palm (I use coconut oil or almond oil usually). Place one drop of oil in the center. Taking your middle and pointer finger of your opposite hand, rub a clockwise circle of the mixture in your palm. Do this 3-7 times. Next, take your middle and pointer finger and rub a clockwise circle on your third eye 3-7 times. Place your fingers back into the palm, rubbing a circle again. Then repeat the clockwise circle on your high heart, then rubbing back int your palm, then your heart chakra, and repeating on any other chakras you feel called to. Also rub an infinity symbol on the back of your neck where your cranium and neck meet (a little into your hair line probably). If you’re like me and try to control everything, you’ll want to rub the excess oil on your palms on your shoulders.

Next you’ll waft your hands around you, in an up and down motion and all around your back. You’ll look a little silly, think if you were saying to a child, “and then a big waveee came and splashhhh” the motion you would make over yourself as if the wave crashed over your.

This brand is my favorite essential oil.

Step 3: Crystals.

You can choose any crystal you feel called to and feel free to switch it out regularly. You can also use as many as you’d like and however you’d like! Seriously, do whatever feels right. If you want to hold one in your hand, great! If you want to tuck one into your underwear, perfect! Or if you just want a few next to you, that works too! Crystals are meant to help elevate us, they aren’t magic, they just clear space and create vibrations to speed processes along.

For example, we all know mercury in retrograde is just going to happen. Crystals allow us to use a tool of the earth to “roll with the punches” and recover quicker. It’s a support, not a cure. If you’re trying to channel self love, it won’t make you love yourself, but will help open up the vibrations for self love so you can get there a little quicker.

When you do choose crystals that you love to work with, try to incorporate them regularly. I personally wear my black kyanite in my bra every time I leave the house to protect my energy.

millennial wellness trends 2018, crystals

My favorite crystal shop is having a SALE! Take $10 OFF while supplies lasts! Affordable, high quality, beautiful!

Step 4: Get comfortable.

Maybe you want to lay down in savasana. Maybe you want to sit on a meditation cushion. Whatever position you choose, just make sure your limbs aren’t twisted. They are firmly planted and open so energy can flow easily. 

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Meditation cushion c/o Walden

Step 5: Focus on your breath.

I always start with noticing my breath. Not controlling it, just noticing it. Sometimes I try to move the breath into areas that need it (I’m looking at you throat chakra!)

Step 6: Let go.

Thoughts will come up. That’s okay, they key is to just give into the meditation. If you start running through your grocery list, go back to your breath. If you start to feel your third eye vibrate and some deep voices that don’t seem like your normal internal dialogue… give into it. Let it go. Accept what is coming up. Don’t judge it.


Well really, everything is optional, haha! But to close your meditation, you can either set a timer or let your intuition guide you. Afterwards you may wish to journal, take a walk, or jump back into your daily life! It's totally up to you (as is everything when it comes to your meditation practice!).

If you're looking for more on meditation, I'd strongly recommend listening to this podcast episode and going through this blog post. Remember, meditation is different for everyone, and will be different for you throughout your practice!


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Originally published 1/21/19; Updated 5/15/2020