She’s Here! [Unique Baby Girl Name Reveal & What It Means]

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We welcomed our baby girl Earth Side this week!!!!

To clarify, that is not our unique baby girl name either haha! Keep reading!!

ICYMI, our baby girl arrived v fashionably late. She definitely had us second guessing if she'd ever arrive. I questioned if my body even worked at times! BUT she's here, happy, and healthy! More on her birth story later (and don't worry, I'll share how it compared to our birth plan ?).

Sooo obviously everyone wants to know….

What is your baby girl's name?!?

But, before we get into that, I want to share a little bit about how we came to the name and why it's so special to us!

Meaning behind her name: Family

E and I had baby names picked out for yearssss! You see, we are both Jewish (despite our Christmas tree). I was raised with all the holidays, and he wasn't raised very religious at all. But one thing we both always liked from our Jewish heritage is naming after family who has passed. When I was a teenager, my grandpa passed away and my mom asked if I would name one of my kids after him. That's where the “M” comes from. The “R” is from my dad who passed away. What made the entire due date debacle so intense (catch that in my Insta-story highlights under “pregnancy”), was that my dad's birthday was actually the original due date we were given (1/9).

We also have names for E's side of the family, his uncle who starts withs a “B” and his grandpa, which is an “N.” We had a variety of boy and girl names with these four letters for years. We always said, we'll wait until we meet the baby to actually choose. Only while pregnant with our baby girl, slowly none of the names felt quite right. Then we were watching reruns of the New Girl and one of the characters making a special appearance had an R name. Up to that point, I kept saying “I like Raven, but something is off with it,” and when I heard the character's name on the show it clicked. That was it. I didn't say anything and then a few days later E asked how I liked it and we both just knew it was her name. So with that…

Welcome Reagan Moon ☾

Meaning behind her name: literally


Reagan means “little ruler,” which feels very appropriate. She already has proven she works on her own timeline. All throughout pregnancy we joked she has the strongest manifesting abilities. Seriously, throughout my pregnancy our rental had more issues than we could've imagined. Every time we said, “what else could go wrong, maybe we should just stay” something else would break. It was a nightmare. We started joking it was her breaking everything because she didn't want us to live here.

We randomly decided to see a house that popped up on the market, and there was a bedroom not pictured online, when we walked into it she started kicking like crazy… sure enough it was a nursery with the exact wall paper I'd been wanting for her room. Coincidence? I think not. She's a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! Ohhh and we bought the house and are moving there in just over a month! So that's the other big surprise we've been keeping under wraps, buying a house 39 weeks pregnant ??‍♀️ – more on that to come later on too!


Moon just felt right. I can't describe it. She is an Aquarius, which is my moon sign (but even before we knew that we had decided on it). The moon teaches us how to operate in the shadows. It's deeply feminine and focuses on the natural rhythms and ebbs and flows of life. It's emotional, and asks us to be patient and dig deeper since things aren't always as they appear. It asks us to release fears, let go of insecurities, and remain the light through difficult periods. It's ever present and holds space for so many energies. It just felt so fitting for what I felt throughout pregnancy with her.

More to come!

We are SO happy we waited to share the name (and so much) until after she arrived! We love it and feel like she guided us to it so we didn't need anyone's opinions or approvals! She came early in the week, we didn't tell anyone when I went into labor and slowly told family and friends once she arrived. We've just been enjoying this special time and keeping things as relaxing as possible! Read her birth story here! I can't wait to share more! If you have any questions you want answered, feel free to drop them in the comments!


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