11 Best Maternity Pajamas From Pregnancy To Postpartum + Nursing Sleepwear

maternity pajamas loungewear

As you move through your pregnancy, comfort and sleep become some of the most important things that you prioritize which is why we are sharing the best maternity pajamas from pregnancy to postpartum (yes, that includes nursing sleepwear!)

As your waistline and chest size expand and you experience hot flashes or night sweats thanks to hormones, you'll be thankfully for cooling maternity pajamas that isn't drenched in sweat or trapped under you when you go to rollover for the thousandth time.

Best Maternity Pajamas Overall: Clea Bamboo Short Sleeve Pajama Set (nursing pajamas): 

We’re big believers in getting the most value out of your fashion investments. And a pair of maternity pajamas that can also see you through nursing are going to be essential.

These pajamas from Kindred Bravely are a fun short set that are made from bamboo. If you've never worn bamboo, you're in for a treat! You'll appreciate the breathable fabric, which is also moisture-wicking, during pregnancy and postpartum hot flashes!

Available from sizes small through 2XL for plus size the top features a button down front which makes it perfect for easy access to nurse your baby. And thanks to the soft stretchy nature of bamboo (and 5% spandex) you’ll get plenty of stretch to keep you comfortable as you transition from your third into your fourth trimester and postpartum. Choose from two colors, black and mist for the short sleeve options or black and dusty pink for the long sleeve option.

  • Bamboo composition is breathable and moisture wicking
  • Button down front makes these perfect for nursing
  • Classic style is appropriate for receiving guests during postpartum
  • Comes in long sleeve/pants too
  • None

Best Plus Size Maternity Pajamas: Beautifully Soft Crop Notch Collar Pajama Set – Stars Above™

Shopping for plus size maternity clothing can be a little difficult — especially as many retailers limit maternity clothing to online-only purchases. However, Target has a great maternity collection which is size inclusive (and a great/easy return policy!).

While this pick isn’t specifically maternity, the wider size range from small to 4X, allows moms to be to size up if traditional maternity choices aren’t tickling their fancy. 

This two-piece set features a short sleeve button down top and long sleeves. So, it’s also ideal for nursing. Plus the soft rayon blend with a five percent spandex content makes this a comfortable choice that gives you plenty of ease.

  • Great price makes it accessible for wider range of customers
  • Fantastic size range from small to 4X
  • Button down top supports nursing
  • Not a true maternity pajama set

Best Maternity Onesie: Black V-Neck Maternity Jumpsuit

If you love onesie pajamas, rejoice! This one doubles as maternity loungewear and can take you through all the trimesters and postpartum. Onesies are great for keeping everything “in,” while providing SO much functionality once baby arrives (functionality you'll need during the toddler years too!).

This cute lounge pick from PinkBlush is ideal for someone who wants to be a bit more fashion forward and knows they'll likely go from the grocery store to a nap during the pregnancy and fourth trimester daze.

We like the v-neck style which allows you to layer it over a maternity bra, tank or even t-shirt.

This transitions great through the trimesters, and into postpartum. Nursing moms will appreciate the easy access too without being a traditional “nursing top.”

As a bonus, we know mama's will appreciate that this onesie has pockets so you can keep essentials — even snacks — nearby. This pick is made from a rayon-polyester blend which makes it very comfortable and breathable. Choose from three colors and sizes that range from small through extra large.

And yes, that's me really wearing it at 33 weeks in the first photo of this post! It's SO soft. I legit never want to take it off, and it's beyond helpful chasing my toddler around.

  • A fashionable loungewear choice
  • Comes with pockets
  • Breathable rayon-polyester blend that's super soft
  • Limited size range from S through XL
  • May be a little see through in some lights

Best Luxury Maternity Pajamas: Nesting Robe from HATCH (super soft)

While we think all the bamboo maternity pajamas will feel luxurious, we have to shout out this 4th trimester bundle as the ultimate in luxury maternity pajamas. We know it's a splurge, so if you only get one item, we love the silky soft maternity robe.

The generously sized robe is designed so you can wear it with or without a tie (included) and gives you plenty of room to move and groove. We love the loose arms with fitted wrists. Ensuring your cool/comfortable without dragging or having to re cuff the sleeves.

If you've never worn tencel before, you're in for a treat, it feels better than silk!

The first time I wore it, I went out and bought 3 more items in tencel because it became THE ONLY thing I could wear for about 6 months. I'm not kidding.

It's buttery soft, cooling (which you'll definitely appreciate while pregnant and in the postpartum host flashes), and moisture wicking. Again, something you'll appreciate postpartum because the night sweats are realy! Truly the best material I own in my closet.

We think this is perfect to bring with you to the hospital so that you can greet well wishers without being limited to that scratchy hospital gown. 

Note that this pick is a one-size fit and is available in two colors, soft pink and white. You’ll appreciate that this robe features two roomy pockets in the front panels and a bloussant sleeve for an added touch of style. You can complete the maternity loungewear look with the joggers and bra or “4th trimester bundle.”

  • One size to fit a wider range of women
  • Roomy pockets 
  • Moisture wicking + cooling, buttery soft material
  • Flattering style
  • Not the most budget friendly

Best Organic Nursing Pajamas: Maternity Nightgown

Comfort and longevity are prioritized with this maternity nightgown from Pact. We like henley button down front which makes it perfect for nursing your little one. Plus the nightgown design makes moving around and even performing basic tasks like going to the bathroom significantly easier during the early postpartum recovery period. We like that curved hem too for an added flattering look.

This nightgown is available in two colors, black and elderberry. It’s fair trade certified, and made from GOTS certified organic cotton so you don't need to stress about toxic chemicals. And it was made with 91% less water than standard cotton, which allows you to feel good about your fashion choices. It’s available in sizes small through XL.

  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Fair trade certified
  • Henley button down front makes nursing easier
  • Nightgown design is ideal for postpartum recovery
  • Limited size range from S through XL

Best Pajamas For Hospital (After C Section Too!): 3 in 1 Labor / Delivery / Nursing Hospital Gown Baby Be Mine Maternity

If you plan to deliver at the hospital, we consider this 3 in 1 nightgown a must have for your hospital bag when considering what to wear after giving birth. While some of the features may not be necessary for a planned c-section, we'd prefer to have them whenever stepping into a hospital pregnant.

maternity pajamas for hospital

It does work well postpartum, even for a c-section recovery, since you'll want to avoid clothing with waistbands that might irritate your incision for the first few weeks. This cute nursing and hospital gown is designed to keep you comfortable while nurses or doctors check on you during labor, delivery, and postpartum thanks to it's three-in-one functionality. 

It’s the perfect maternity nightgown with a high waist that won’t irritate your growing belly. And with the snap design down the back, you can even wear this dress during labor — even if you get an epidural. And the nightgown makes postpartum recovery easier while also offering shoulder snaps so you can easily nurse your hungry baby. Choose from 32 prints and colors, and two adjustable sizes.

  • Multipurpose design sees you from maternity through postpartum
  • Easy snap access in back and on shoulders
  • 32 fun prints and colors to choose from
  • Only two size options available

Best Cotton Nursing Nightgown: 2 in 1 Baby Be Mine Maternity Breastfeeding Nightgown Nightdress

If the idea of fumbling with buttons and snaps to nurse your baby sounds like more than your sleep-addled brain will be able to handle, you’ll appreciate this cotton nursing nightgown. Similar to their three-in-one nightgown, this two-in one pick features a stretchy neckline that gives you quick access when you need it for nursing, without the buttons down the back for laboring.

We like that this simple yet effective maternity nightgown features roomy pockets and an empire waistline so it won’t rub uncomfortably against your incision if you had a c-section. This style is available in 21 prints and colors, ranging from stripes, polka dots, and floral. It's also available in sizes small through XL and tends to run large.

Did we mention it makes an adorable house dress postpartum that you can feel comfortable being seen in?

  • Stretch neckline makes nursing with any bra style easy
  • Built-in pockets for a functional yet casual effect
  • Empire waistline won’t rub against belly or c-section scar
  • Some prints look like a dress you'd go out in
  • Not a con, bute noteworthy: runs large. Many reviewers have left their sizes and height to help others choose a size.

Best Loungewear: Eleanora Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Lounge Dress

Picking maternity pajamas that can also double as stylish loungewear is a great way to be ready for those unexpected visitors after you have your baby. This is the perfect maternity nightgown that can double as loungewear. It'll work through pregnancy and postpartum too!

It features roomy pockets and is made from lightweight and breathable bamboo. If you plan to nurse, you’ll appreciate the front panel design in the bust that lifts up so you can easily nurse your baby.

NOTE: If you're unsure of your size, we suggest sizing up. Bamboo is thin and clingy (but very cooling) and can show more than some people are comfortable with if it's too form fitting. Most of the other options on this list work GREAT as maternity loungewear options too in our opinion!

Choose from three colors — black, blush, and oatmeal stripe — as well as sizes ranging from small through 2XL.

  • Lift up panel for nursing 
  • Side pockets and breathable bamboo fiber composition 
  • Relaxed lounge fit is perfect for postpartum
  • Consider sizing up as the material is soft and thin with the potential to show more than you want if it clings
  • Under panel is not a V-neck and may not be ideal for larger breasts

Best Nursing Nightgown and Robe Set: Latuza Women's Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set

This Nursing Nightgown and Robe Set is a soft and comfortable collection that transitions with you through the pregnancy trimesters, to postpartum. It's breathable and moisture wicking fabric can help you stay cool during hot flashes or night sweats.

Plus it has one of the easiest access necklines for nursing. The simple v-neck design allows you to simply drop down the top to nurse; making it a great option for larger chest sizes.

Choose from six colors and sizes ranging from small through 2XL.

  • Easy nursing drop front neckline
  • Bamboo fabric is breathable and lightweight
  • Comes with matching robe
  • Top provides no support and may look awkward with some nursing bras

Best Nursing Nightgown and Robe Set Mommy + Me: Everly Grey Maternity + Nursing PJ set for Mom and Baby

Get your mommy and me style started early with this cute five-piece set. Included in this 5-piece set is a maternity/nursing top, pant, robe, newborn (0-3M) gown and hat. Nursing moms will appreciate the deep V neck of the top for easy access. This set is available in 25 prints and ranges from XS through XL.

  • Adorable mommy and me matching style
  • 5 piece set 
  • Comfortable robe is ideal for hospital stays
  • We suggest washing during Amazon's return window as some reported a hole after the first wash
  • Medium weight rayon may not be the most cooling

FAQS about Nursing + Maternity Pajamas:

Do I need maternity pajamas?

In your first trimester most of the changes won’t include serious weight gain so you might not need maternity or nursing pajamas then. But towards the end of your second trimester and definitely into your third, you’re going to want pajamas that are designed to accommodate the needs of a pregnant woman. 

This includes features like wider waistband panels that are meant to work with your growing belly, additional ease in the top as your boobs grow, and breathable fabrics that support airflow so you don’t wake up sweaty in the middle of the night.

In most cases, maternity clothing is designed to be functional for postpartum, meaning that they can double as nursing pajamas that make feeding your hungry little one in the middle of the night significantly easier. 

Are all maternity pajamas also nursing pajamas?

Not all maternity pajamas are designed to also accommodate nursing needs. If this is something that’s important to you, look for features like hidden panels in the tops, front buttons, or deep V necks that allow you to easily nurse your baby. Like these:

What are the differences between choosing nursing pajamas vs. maternity pajamas?

The main difference is going to center around functionality.

Dual-purpose maternity and nursing pajamas are designed to support your body during pregnancy and offer easy nursing access when you’re trying to breastfeed your child.

In contrast, a set of pajamas designed strictly for maternity use won’t feature drop down panels in the top to aid in nursing. Instead, they’ll focus on more comfortable waistbands for the pants and additional fabric in the top as well. 

How do I choose a size for maternity pajamas?

Shopping for maternity clothing can feel overwhelming if this is your first time being pregnant. But most style experts recommend that you shop for maternity clothing based on your pre-pregnancy size. 

So, if you were a size 10 before you got pregnant you would typically opt for a pair of size 10 maternity pajamas. However, always check the description and confirm measurements to ensure that the size you select will actually fit you. 

Another thing to consider: the standard recommendation of your pre-pregnancy size is based on standard pregnancy weight gain (25-35 lbs). If you are gaining more than that, consider sizing up accordingly. Mama's comfort comes first and many women gain more than the “standard” during pregnancy.

How to choose maternity pajamas that can double as nursing pajamas:

Shopping for maternity pajamas that can also be used when you’re nursing doesn’t have to be difficult. The main factors to consider include: 

  • Style: You can find pajama dresses and separates sets both for shorts and long pants. 
  • Fabric weight: Think about the climate where you live as well as whether you’re the type that runs hot or cold when you sleep and find a fabric that best fits those considerations. 
  • Bra compatibility: Nursing pajamas tend not to come with a built-in bra which means that you want pajamas that are compatible with your maternity bra.
  • Nursing access: Ideally you’ll want pajamas where you can easily access the breast with one hand — and that makes it easy to work with your nursing bra. 
  • Moisture-wicking: Between excess sweating, leaks in the early days of breastfeeding and  baby drool or milk dribble, you want pajamas that won’t leave you sitting in wet fabric for extended periods. 
  • Convenience: Immediately after giving birth, a nightgown might be a better option since you won’t have to struggle to pull your pants down. This is also true if you delivery by c-section as you won’t have a waistband rubbing against your incision. 

What material is best for maternity pajamas?

In general, you’re going to want to prioritize breathable fabrics over others. My personal favorites are tencel and viscose (rayon) and bamboo to cool during the hot flashes. Here are some of the common fabrics you’re more likely to find in maternity pajamas and what they mean:


Rayon is a fabric that’s derived from wood pulp. There are multiple versions of rayon including tencel and viscose. While it has natural origins, the fabric is usually classified as man-made because of the process required to refine the raw product into a woven fabric. For women that sleep hot or tend to sweat frequently, you’ll appreciate rayon because it’s a thinner fabric that also has a high absorption rate. This makes it ideal for women that are focused on moisture-wicking. 


While bamboo is often promoted as a natural fiber, most bamboo fashion is actually bamboo rayon. It has contentious production processes which calls into question the sustainability claims often made about it. However, it’s an incredibly breathable fabric which also makes it ideal for people that sleep hot or sweat often. Bamboo fabric tends to be thicker than rayon so it’s ideal for people that live in temperate climates or prefer pajamas with a little more weight. 


If you prefer a truly natural fiber, cotton and cotton blend fabrics are your best choice. Cotton is naturally moisture-wicking and is also incredibly durable — meaning that it holds up well in the wash. Cotton is also available in a range of weights, which makes it one of the most versatile options for maternity pajamas. If you’re concerned about stretch and ease, look for cotton blends that will offer a little more give that can accommodate your changing postpartum body. 


While we don’t necessarily recommend flannel, you can find maternity and nursing pajamas in this fabric. Of all the fabrics, flannel is the warmest because of its composition and naturally thicker weave. Flannel can be made from synthetic, natural, or a blend of both fibers. If you’re the type who sleeps very cold and struggles to stay warm, flannel can be ideal. However, as most pregnant and postpartum women are likely to experience excess sweating, flannel could make this scenario worse. 

Where to buy maternity pajamas?

Most major retailers do offer maternity pajamas if they include maternity clothing in their overall product offerings. Some of the most popular and median priced brands include Gap, Old Navy, and Amazon.

Personally, I think specific maternity brands do a better job overall with maternity sleepwear and clothes in general. They really get the fabric, fit, and features right compared to the household name brands. These are some of my favorites:  

PinkBlush Maternity

PinkBlush is an online retailer that has a rather large maternity offering. Along with other clothing categories like separates, dresses, and outerwear, there’s a great pajamas and intimates section. Best of all, many of their pajamas can also double for postpartum wear, giving you an even greater value for the money spent. 


If money is no object for your bump and post-bump wardrobe, HATCH needs to be on your shortlist. This online brand has a wide array of fashion forward looks that will have you being one of the most stylish mama-to-be in your social circle. We like that their large sleepwear categories which includes plenty of nursing pajama choices is a great option. Oh, and did we mention their fabrics feel better than silk? Moisture wick? And are super cooling? Exactly what mama's dreams are made of!

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely is another online retailer but this brand exclusively offers maternity clothing. In addition to offering median prices that make them accessible to more women, we like that their maternity pajamas category includes plenty of smart options for labor and delivery. Styles such as a delivery gown that’s designed to be hospital friendly and a hospital go-bag bundle. Plus you can get 15% off your order with Kindred Bravely promo code TCM15 here!


If the endless possibilities within maternity pajamas has your head reeling, you’ll appreciate the capsule-like collection of intimate and loungewear offered by Storq, an online maternity retailer. While their offerings are a bit pricier, they prioritize separates and robes — making them perfect for maternity and nursing.  

Final Thoughts:

Towards the end of your pregnancy and into postpartum, comfort is everything. You want maternity sleepwear that doesn’t pull at you or make you feel self conscious. If you plan to breastfeed, you also need to think about maternity loungewear that can transition with you into postpartum by supporting nursing without being cumbersome. Good maternity pajamas can not only keep you comfy through your final trimester but also come with you to the hospital and for the fourth trimester. 

The Kindred Bravely bamboo short PJ set is perfect because of its breathability and button front top which makes access for nursing significantly easier. Likewise, the three-in-one maternity, hospital, and nursing gown from Baby Be Mine offers plenty of longevity and features easy access snaps that ensure you aren’t forced to wear that scratchy and somewhat embarrassing hospital gown.

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