March Baby Photo Ideas | St. Patrick’s day Baby Photoshoot At Home!

Discover 3 easy and cute March baby photo ideas for a festive St. Patrick's Day baby photoshoot at home!

Plus I'm sharing simple photoshoot props, letterboard phrases, and outfits to use during your at home St. Patty's Day photoshoot!

These are part of a larger monthly baby picture ideas series full of letterboard sayings, photo props, tips, and editing hacks to make your at home photoshoot look professional!

March Baby Milestone Photo Prop Ideas:

March Monthly Baby Photo Letterboard phrases:

  • Irish you would get me some milk
  • Look Ma, I found the pot of gold!
  • Thick Thighs, Lucky Vibes
  • Thick Thighs, Leprechaun Vibes
  • Who needs luck when you're this cute
  • Happy Go Lucky For # Months
  • Lucky Charm for # Months
  • LUCKY ONE (if it's the child's first birthday)

Discover everything you need to create a festive Saint Patricks Day baby photoshoot at home with outfit picks, letter board phrases, and props! #saintpatricksday #saintpatty's #babyphotoshoot #baby #photoshoot #babypicture #holidays #holidayphotoshoot #saintpatty'sday

March Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas:

For March you can create a lot of really simply banner style back drops while dressing your child in a green outfit and making a little “out of gold”

For banner backdrops, you can use four leaf clover garland or triangle banners hung vertically or horizontally. If doing a vertical photoshoot where the child is sitting upright, it can be fun to add some gold foil confetti to the floor to give the effect of gold.

If you like themed photos, but prefer a more neutral toned down look, then this felt ball garland is literally perfect with some felt clovers!

Rainbow back drop:

Creating a rainbow is a really fun way to make your St. Patricks Day baby photoshoot at home come to life!

You can do this using white butcher paper and paint. Or you can use rainbow colored silks or loose fabrics. Another option would be to crinkly some tissue paper or even dye some crinkled paper towels to make a more 3D rainbow.

If DIY isn't your think, you can always buy a photo backdrop.

Loose parts Backdrop:

I find this to be the most affordable and easiest monthly milestone backdrop for busy mamas!

Basically a quick browse around the Dollar Store for little done for your packets of St. Patrick's Themed craft items that you toss around a white sheet and lay baby down on is my go to move.

March Baby Photo Shoot At Home:

If you prefer to skip a Valentine's Day baby photoshoot, you can still use the theme of “love” and color scheme from February! That's what I did for my not so traditional Valentine photoshoot ideas for baby boy this year and baby girl a couple years ago!

Even better? You could do this exact photoshoot for July and swap out the mini hearts for red, white, and blue themed trinkets around the Cherry pies!

EASY DIY Saint Patricks Day baby photoshoot ideas you can take at home including outfits, letter board phrases, and props! #saintpatricksday #saintpatty's #babyphotoshoot #baby #photoshoot #babypicture #holidays #holidayphotoshoot #saintpatty'sday
These are some of my favorite picks since they can easily be reused as everyday clothes and the props can be used for activities:

TIP: Don't be afraid to mix and match outfits! Like this one is technically for girls, but if you put a long sleeve white onesie under it can be really cute for boys too! I did that with a similar girls outfit from this brand in my October photoshoot for baby boy here!

Simple DIY St Patricks Day baby photoshoot ideas for at home! Plus outfits, letter board phrases, and props to use! #saintpatricksday #saintpatty's #babyphotoshoot #baby #photoshoot #babypicture #holidays #holidayphotoshoot #saintpatty'sday

Discover how to create an EASY DIY St Patricks Day baby photoshoot at home with these monthly milestone baby photo ideas! With my top picks for outfits, letter board phrases, and props to use! #saintpatricksday #saintpatty's #babyphotoshoot #baby #photoshoot #babypicture #holidays #holidayphotoshoot #saintpatty'sday