8 Things I Loved in March 2018

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Normally, the month of march is literally my least favorite month. But the for last year or two, I've made a conscious decision to begin reclaiming it. To make it my month of empowerment and celebration of how far I've come… and let me tell you, when I saw the mercury was in retrograde for THREE weeks starting 3/22 (meaning we felt the pre-shadowy effects of it since 3/8!!!) I was a little nervous going into this month. Could it really still be all that I envisioned when the shadowy side was so strong? WELP, I'm here to tell you it can be!

Here are 8 things I loved in March 2018:

Slightly Savvy's Summer Camp: A Guide To Working With Brands As A Blogger

Katherine from Slightly Savvy is a literal PR guru. She's been working in the industry for years and knows her stuff! After summer camp, I negotiated q brand deal for $15,000! The officially is closing the doors on it at midnight tonight (4/2), so make sure you sign up with this link to get a free 30 minute 1-1 with me ($145 value)! We can chat about turning your blog into a business (or anything you want!).

>>> Sign up for Summer Camp here <<<

UnF*ck Your Retrograde by The Voluptuous Witch

When I saw this queen was releasing a three week guide to unf*ck our retrogrades, I bought in immediately. Honestly, right away I felt very grounded and capable of what was to come. I feel like this Mercury in retrograde, more than any other, I truly understand it. Mercury in retrograde isn't just about technology malfunctioning and tripling checking legal documents; rather it's about embracing our shadow-y side. Knowing that I'm a Cancer sun, Scorpio rising, and Aquarius moon that tells me a few things:

? Shadow side of Cancer: Everybody hates me.

♋ High side of Cancer: I'm the ultimate mother & nurturer to help you live your best life

? Shadow side of Scorpio: Secretive; I'm going to cut you with a knife 10 times until you're dead, and then cut you 10 more times just for good measure if you cross me.

♏ High side of Scorpio: MAGICIANS! I can turn anything into gold. I dive into the mess, purge it all, and rise like a phoenix time and time again!

?Shadow side of Aquarius: The ultimate rebel, F YOU! I do what I want, and I'm going to push your buttons in a bad way

♒High side of Aquarius: True innovator, cutting edge, the ability to not go with the crowd and find new/better ways of doing things. Uber passionate

So basically understanding my shadow side (because that's why mercury in retorgrades get so F'ed, the shadow side is on blast in all of us and we forget to slow down and embrace it and learn the lesson!) really has allowed me to roll with with the highs and lows so far. PLUS in the voluptuous witch's course she breaks down what the “lesson” we are supposed to be learning this retrograde based on our astrology and gives us practices to really dive into it all. LOVE!!!

Would you guys want me to bring on guests like this for the podcast?!

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Unfollowing Everyone On Instagram

Literally one of the BEST days of March was the 18th. I woke up with a vengeance that morning. I had this feeling building in my since January, the idea to unfollow everyone on Instagram (and refollow back the accounts who engage with me regularly and who I LOVE). That morning I woke up and asked for everyone's input on my Insta-story (there's a highlight on my story feed that takes you through the whole journey if you're interested). Basically I wrote this blog post for everyone feeling frustrated with Instagram that day and it felt like the most liberating experience I've had with Instagram in years. Reclaiming my feed has made the platform more enjoyable again. And I do still care about the people I've unfollowed so far, but I want a feed that feels CONNECTED, not curated and on autopilot (which was me allll 2017). So thank you all for the support on that journey!

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My 2nd Blogiversary

Hot diggity dog! TWO years as The Confused Millennial has been an absolute blessing! But I'd be lying if I said it's all been peaches n' cream. NOPE. The latter part of last year I fell into a dark place. I felt like quitting the blog having lost my passion and connection to you guys. I felt myself going through the motions and was bored. Queue my mini-melt down in December 2017, diving into all things woo-woo once again in my life (seriously, every time I hit a roadblock my path always moves back to the spiritual world), and beginning to share that side with you all. It's a side I kept quiet for so long, but it's the side that also made room for my entrepreneurial journey back in 2014. Read allll my thoughts on my second blogiversary here. And again, thank you for staying with me on this journey!!

Launching The Confused Millennial Podcast

Well… I said that March was a month of reclaiming and empowerment didn't I?!? As if everything up to here wasn't enough to celebrate, I also finally launched The Confused Millennial Podcast!! PHEW! This was a total rollercoaster which I've LOVED diving into. It definitely brought up a lot of my Cancer shadow side at times, but the outpouring of LOVE and SUPPORT you guys have shown me has been unbelievable! I LOVE YOU ALL! I can't wait to keep serving you in this new way! As a thank you, I'm hosting a little giveaway! All you have to do is Subscribe, Rate, & Review the podcast to enter! Once you confirm that, you'll unlock some bonus entry methods below!

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NOTE: You don't need to enter on this little Rafflecopter widget, unless you want to unlock the bonus entry options, everyone who rates/reviews will get 5 entries, I'll just ask that you verify it before I announce you as the winner!

Catch up on the first four episodes of The Confused Millennial Podcast:

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004: Tips & Tricks on Working With Brands as a Blogger or Influencer from PR expert Katherine McDermott of Slightly Savvy

Droppin Knowledge On Millennials

Okay, normally I wouldn't make such a bold statement. But for years I've been saying that our 20s are all about unlearning everything that's been told to us by society, friends, family, teachers, coaches, boss, and the like. I finally put all my thoughts down in this post on how to live your best life and it felt so good. The practice I talk about in the post is what got me through this decade and I'm excited to share it with you! I also loved sharing this guest post on three questions to help you find your purpose!

Self Care Staycation

Part of Mercury in Retrograde is diving into self-care! It's all about slowing downnn in order to discover. So a self-care staycation seemed like the perfect move! I also shared with you guys How To Have The Ultimate Self-Care Staycation [5 Steps + 15 Suggestions]! Did any of you have yours yet?!? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Financial Tips!

Finance was one of the most requested topics in my Decmeber reader survey! I'm trying to do one post a month for you all and this month was all about simple changes you can make to your current habits that can lead to BIG improvements for your credit score this year! Also, this isn't 100% finance related, but it sort of is, so I'll add it here. In March, I shared some of the biggest ways to save when traveling!  We are heading to New Orleans later this month and I can't wait to put some of these in practice! Also, do you have any suggestions for NOLA?!

Shaman Durek & Actress Bonnie Wright On The Spiritual Root Of Environmental Action

I honeslty don't think it's possible to round up my loves of the month this year without including something with Shaman Durek. Seriously, I love this soul more than words can describe. But even more so, I'm thrilled he teamed up with his dear friend Bonnie for this article. It's a MUST read on the current state of our environment and how we all need to become more conscious of the way we live our lives.  (read the full article here)

Bonnie says, “An entire truckload of single-use plastic ends up in our ocean every minute—it's either literally dumped straight into it, or it reaches it through waterways. When it comes to recyclables, China recently stopped receiving recycling from the United Kingdom and America. Bans like this make us realize we are not actually making something disappear when we throw it in a bin—we are just shifting the responsibility to another country. When you understand the scale of the issue, you see it isn’t about buying new things and disposing of them “responsibly” but reusing that which you already have.” 

'An entire truckload of single-use plastic ends up in our ocean every minute—it's either literally dumped straight into it, or it reaches it through waterways'Click To Tweet

Can't stress this enough, go read that article. Also, you may recognize Bonnie from a favorite franchise… Yep, she's Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter movies. She is literally such an amazing person and I have to say, the fact that her and Emma Watson have gone on to use their platforms to become such activists for change just makes me love all things HP even more.

What did you love about March?!


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