How To Manifest Anything You Desire In Life

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I'm answering a question I get asked IRL a lot: How to manifest anything you desire in life? Yup, you read that right, manifest anything in your life! Sound to good to be true? Well it isn't! I've lived the seven steps I am going to share with you today and they really have allowed me to manifest anything I desire in life! I promise that if you practice them and make them a part of your lifestyle, you will see the same results! But you really have to work them!

A little background if you're new around here: Before starting my own business, and then this blog, I worked a 9-5 as a substance abuse counselor on the road to burn out. Realizing where I was headed, #burnoutcity; I became the poster child for self-care: yoga at lunch, morning meditations, daily exercise, nutrition packed well-balanced meals, but I was still miserable.

So miserable in fact, that I got myself fired twice because I was such a “joy” *sarcasm* to work with! Getting fired was the best thing for me because it was a wake up call. I knew I needed to listen to the voice inside of me and launch my own business. At 24 years old, I was in the midst of a full-blown quarter life crisis. I had just earned my master's degree not even two months before all of this blowing up in my face, and found myself questioning whether I wanted to stay in the industry. What type of business would I even start if I went off on my own?!? How would I support myself?

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The hubs (then boyfriend) pulled me out of my tailspin one night. He sat me down and had me list all the characteristics and qualities of my dream work life. Number one, was being able to stop to watch Ellen every day. Number two, I wanted to help others, #priorities ?. The list went on and on from there. Everything was written out. From what my daily schedule would look like, to the things I did and didn't like in past jobs. With a super clear vision of what I wanted, and didn't want in a career, I decided to get back into my daily meditation and daily yoga practice.

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For 40 days, I started and ended my day with a meditation using May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein, I set hourly pop up reminders on my phone to refocus on what I was trying to manifest. Started a daily journal to get all the blocks and dreams out of my head and into the Universe. And guess what?? It worked! That year, I made just as much as a life coach as I did in my 9-5, and only worked a third of the amount of time! That was 2014, it's now 2017, and each year, my business has been more and more profitable, and I've gotten clearer and clearer on my vision.

So without further adieu…

7 Steps To Manifest Anything:

Step 1: Clarity.

If you didn't pick that up by my little story, then here's a reminder: you need clarity on what you're trying to manifest in order to manifest anything!

Example: I want to help millennials with finding and developing sustainable, profitable careers they are passionate about and teach them all about #adulting in terms of finance, create a home they love (affordably), while still getting to binge Netflix, travel the world, and enjoy their platonic and intimate relationships. All of that was actually part of my original vision when going off on my own in 2014 (because #realtalk: that's all the things I wanted to know too!).

Example that's not going to work: I want to help millennials adult.

… uh, okay cool, good luck with that.

Clarity is key. Get clear on wants, don't wants, all the characteristics, qualities and tiny details!

Clarity is key. Get clear on wants, don't wants, all the characteristics, qualities and tiny details!Click To Tweet

Step 2: Dump limiting beliefs and blocks.

Before getting into asking the Universe to deliver and all that jazz, you have to get rid of all the things holding you back. We all were given messages as children. Some were related to our careers or finances or relationships, and we internalized those messages. These messages allowed us to create trust with the Universe (re: faith) or fear that we will never have or be good enough. Before you can truly make that vision you had come true, you need to acknowledge all the things holding you back.

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Example: I want to manifest the relationship of my dreams!

Not going to work: Well, I wrote out the dream partner for me in life. I even visualized him, our wedding day, our kids, and growing old together! I know exactly the characteristics I'm looking for now and won't waste my time with losers.

Going to work: I wrote down and got super clear on the characteristics of my ideal partner. Then I asked myself, could I offer these characteristics to a partner today? In doing so, I realized that I don't have unconditional love for myself, so how can I truly offer that to someone else? For the next 30 days I'm going to journal and bring awareness to my negative self talk and limiting beliefs that tell me “I'm not good enough” and start working on those. I have to take care of me before the Universe can take care of me.

manifest, law of attraction, manifest abundance, affirmations

Step 3: Ask the Universe

Yeah… probably should've saw that coming!

So, now that you are working on creating open channels of energy by removing the limiting beliefs and blocks, you can begin to put your dreams/goals out into the Universe. Pay attention to how you are asking the Universe for these things! A lot of people make the mistake, without realizing, to ask the Universe for things in a “scarce” or “victim” mindset. What do I mean by that?

A person with a scarcity mentality: “Oh please please please Universe help me find my dream partner by So & So's Wedding! I can't wait any longer! I will do anything, and I know you are going to take care of me, but can we speed this up?!?”

Clearly, this person doesn't really believe the Universe is going to take care of them, or they wouldn't be making a desperate plea, bargaining, and putting a timeframe on when they want their demands met. Its comes back to the scarcity mindset, in the idea that if I don't have a date by So & So's wedding, then there just isn't someone out there for me! Whether that's what someone intended to say or not, it doesn't really matter because it's the energy behind the words.

A person who is on the road to manifesting: “It would be great to meet someone by So & So's wedding, but I know there's a plan for me and I'm willing to wait for the right person. I trust the Universe is going to take care of me when the time is right. Today I ask for self-love to fill me up so much it overflows onto love for others and attracts the right people into my life.” …Big difference, huh?

manifest, law of attraction, manifest abundance, affirmations

Step 4: Take Action.

The Universe isn't just going to drop all of your hearts desires at your doorstep. You have to work for if you want anything to manifest itself! Get into a daily practice of taking a step towards clearing way or working towards what you're trying to manifest.

To continue with the “life partner” example:

Don't just wake up and ask the Universe for a partner every day.

Do put yourself out there. Go on 52 dates in 52 weeks, heck start a blog about it to hold yourself accountable if you need! Chances are the pizza delivery dude isn't exactly what's on your list of “dream partner” so you have to actually put it out there that you are looking to meet people!

*Since we are on the topic of relationships, highly recommend “Get The Guy” by Matthew Hussey!

Identify one to two daily action steps you can take for whatever you are trying to manifest! Even if some days that goal is to actively trust the process, and rebut negative or doubting thoughts that creep into your mind (because they will).

Step 5: Acknowledge What You're Receiving

Listen, I get it, we live in a fast-moving environment today, but the old adage, “stop and smell the roses” really comes to mind when manifesting. You see, if your mind is focused on what you don't have, or that things aren't working as quickly as you'd like, you will miss out on the small victories. Celebrate those small wins! You have to acknowledge the victories if you want to continue to find trust and faith in the process. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to signs from the Universe that it has your back. It could be someone acknowledging a change in you, a quote on social media that was exactly what you needed to hear that day, or even a smile from a stranger that warms your heart. Stay open, be present, and take note.

Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to signs from the Universe that it has your back.Click To Tweet

Step 6: Keep Vibrations High

I am an energy person. I believe in attracting what you're putting out into the Universe. It's crucial to stay at a high vibration if you want to manifest your dreams. Limit negative self talk, or negative conversations and people around you. Pay attention to when jealousy or comparison gets you down, and switch out those tasks for things that give you confidence and inspiration. A daily mindfulness practice is essential. It's also why I recommend starting with something like A Course In Miracles or May Cause Miracles (the “millennial” version of ACIM), to get you in the habit of a daily practice. Really there are tons of apps out their for meditation and inspiration today, that there's no excuse to not take a mindful moment every day.

Step 7: Repeat.

Look at all the steps above, and repeat them. Work them. Manifestation is a practice that you need to continue to work.

Some sample questions to help you revisit and repeat the above:

Revisit your vision, and ask yourself, “can I make this clearer?”

Revisit your blocks or limiting beliefs and ask, “how can I let go of this resistance?”

Revisit your how you're asking the Universe for support and ask yourself, “how can I ask for the characteristics or qualities I need to manifest my dream rather than the tangible dream itself?”

Revisit your action steps, and ask yourself, “am I stagnant? how can I challenge myself?”

Revisit how you're acknowledging things, and ask yourself, “did I stop celebrating my wins? how can I be more present to the signs that the Universe has my back?”

Revisit your vibrations and ask yourself, “am I doing something daily to keep my vibes high? am I hanging with the wrong tribe?”

Revisit your repetition of all of this and ask yourself, “how can I up level this or bring in more support from others to get a deeper understanding of manifesting?”

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7 Steps To Manifest Anything You Desire:

1. Clarity

2. Dump limiting beliefs and blocks

3. Ask the Universe

4. Take Action

5. Acknowledge What You're Receiving

6. Keep Vibrations High

7. Repeat

Do you have a manifestation practice? How do you manifest anything in your life? Let me know in the comments!


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