9 Best Magnetic Tiles + Block Sets For Kids, Toddlers, & Babies in 2023

Wondering what the best magnetic tiles are for young and older children? Below, discover how to choose the best brand of magnetic blocks for babies, toddlers, and big kids plus ideas for open-ended play, STEM learning, and more! Plus which popular magnetic blocks aren't worth the money!

NOTE: Under each of the magnetic block reviews below are “superlatives” and at the very end in the FAQs I go into more detailed comparison. Click here for my final recommendations (but I suggest reading everything to figure out what is best for your family!)

Magna Tiles

Most Versatile Magnetic Tiles

When it comes to the overall best magnetic tile blocks, Magna Tiles definitely wins for brand recognition and selection. Offering the widest selection of theme based interests sets, you're sure to find something for any child in their line up.

From magnetic building block sets for constructing a rocket ship, constructions site, barn, and dinosaurs, arctic, farm, or safari animals kids of all ages will love these. Additionally, they offer versatile magnetic builds thanks to their unique functionality with spinners, cars, and moveable animals.

Truly, Magna Tiles are probably the best known brand of magnetic blocks due to their quality, durability, and unique designs. You cannot go wrong with these.

Also, they are compatible with Maghub, Picasso Tiles, Playmags, and Connetix (all of which we'll look at in this post!). However, it is noteworthy, for older kids like 6 or 7 years old, they may prefer the added STEM challenge Geomag magnetic blocks offers.

  • Widest selection of different colors (glitter, rainbow, glow in the dark) and themes
  • Overall compatible with other brands (though not perfectly)
  • Magnetic animals for pretend play
  • non-toxic, BPA, latex, and phthalate free
  • Sealed and riveted for extra safety keeping magnets in place
  • Styles: various squares, rectangles, and triangles as well as some animal and car shapes and spinner wheels.
Good to know
  • On the more expensive end
  • Safety rated for 3 and up
  • Best Magnetic Blocks For Kids + Most Versatile Magnetic Tiles


Unique STEM Builds + Best Magnetic Blocks For Kids

Connetix are the best kept secret when it comes to magnet blocks in my opinion and tied for most versatile magnetic building tiles. While they initially look like every other magnetic tile block set out there, their ball run expansion pack makes them unlike anything else.

While most magnetic tiles are quite fragile for building, Connetix utilize a stronger magnet and the riveted closures make them more durable than average.

Which is good, because they also utilize tiles that connect with various shaped tubes to create ball runs and other fun designs.

I've seen people turn the colorful set into “candy” dispensers, use them for pretend grocery store (like the self service bulk section), or a “coffee” station like above and so much more.

While some other brands do offer a ball run similar to Connetix, Connetix is just easier to use/better quality in my experience.

Additionally, all the tiles are made from non-toxic, BPA, lead, and phthalate free ABS plastic. The tiles feature a beveled design which creates a beautiful pattern when light shines through.

  • Most vibrant colors in both rainbow and pastel
  • Strong magnets
  • Compatible with other brands
  • Most unique builds
  • non-toxic, BPA, lead, and phthalate free
  • Sealed and riveted for extra safety keeping magnets in place
  • Styles: 11 unique building tile shapes, 4 unique tube shapes, bowls, and wooden ball options
Good to know
  • On the more expensive end
  • Rated safe for 3 years old and up
  • Most unique open-ended pretend play builds
  • Best Magnetic Blocks For Big Kids


Sturdiest Magnetic Blocks; Best Magnetic Blocks For Kids Of All Ages

Geomag actually boasts the tagline “the original magnetic construction toy since 1998” and as a result, they feature a very impressive line of magnetic blocks and tiles. 

The Magicube line offers a variety of creative magnetic block sets rated safe, primarily rated safe for 12 months and up. The magnetic on these is pretty weak, and really makes them best suited for babies and young toddlers.

Their classic line features a variety of geometric shapes including magnetic rods, steel spheres, and panels to build truly unique structures – though they probably pose the greatest choke hazard.

Additionally, you still get some of the fun glitter and glow color options that other brands have. Personally, I find these to be some of the sturdiest magnetic builds of all the options on the market. 

Their mechanics and Pro-L lines steps it up a notch and are the perfect picks of magnetic blocks for 7 year olds and up. You get all the features of the classic line with the added mechanical elements to trigger rotations, repulsions, and chain reactions. 

They are a Swiss company with who use 100% recycled plastic for their products.

  • Unique building experience
  • Sturdiest builds
  • Mechanical powered options
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors (pinks, purple, orange, green, blue, glitter, glow in the dark, monochrome, and more)
Good to know
  • Moderate price point
  • Options rated safe for as young as 6 months old
  • Best Magnetic Blocks For Babies to Big Kids
  • Most Unique STEM Builds
  • Not really compatible with other brands


Best as a Lego DUPLO alternative

For the sake of this Magformer review, I'm talking specifically about the classic Magformers; not their Tileblox line which are are basically Picasso Tiles face, meets Magna Tiles riveted design. I don't have any experience with Tileblox so I can't really speak to them.

Magformers are pretty well known for their unique geometric shapes, extra strong magnets, and unique builds.

While at a glance, Magformers shape looks fairly similar to Geomag's classic line, they are quite different. However they do pose some challenges.

First, you often need to build these on top of a Magformer tile due to their rounded edges (see base of structure in photo). Other brands have a squared off edge, so they can stand on their own when placed on a table or flat surface.

In line with that, the rounded edges also mean trickier builds at times or awkward collapses.

Magformers magnets are cylindrical and spin around inside. If you've ever tried connecting a magnetic on the wrong side before you know this can lead to a “repel” at times; thus clean up can take longer as you need to stack them one by one versus traditional magnetic tiles where you can quick snap up 4-5 at a time. Additionally, do to the unique spinning magnet, these aren't really compatible with other magnetic blocks.

With all of that said, the hollow design is easier for little hands to grab. They also offer some pretty unique interest based packs like a log house, construction pack, and vehicle cruiser options.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of LEGO's since they eventually become so many small pieces; so I would opt for Magformer's Buddies set as an alternative to LEGO DUPLO to not introduce LEGO's into my home. Honestly, this is just an aesthetic comparison/ personal preference here. The functionality of LEGO's vs. magnetic tiles are quite different.

  • Unique building experience
  • Sturdiest builds
  • Mechanical powered options
  • Comes in unique themed packs
Good to know
  • All packs require a minimum of 3 years of age or up
  • Themed packs are a good magnetic alternative to LEGO's
  • Not compatible with most other magnetic blocks

Tegu Blocks

Best Magnetic Wooden Blocks + Best Magnetic Blocks For Babies + Best Magnetic Blocks For Toddlers:

Tegu has created the best wooden block sets on the market with unique designs, beautiful colors, and great functionality.

They offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing heirloom magnetic wooden block sets in options for number of pieces and colors. Additionally, you can choose from speciality kits like the kitty, robot, race car, whale and more.

They also win the titles of the best magnetic blocks for babies and for toddlers. I find these to be a great option for younger children who still mouth items. The majority of their magnetic building sets are rated safe for all ages thanks to the magnets being enclosed in wood. Due to the design, there isn't the choke hazard found in traditional magnetic tiles.

Additionally, these are designed in the US and made in Honduras. They are non-toxic and lacquered in a water base finish or tint, thus we prefer them to for babies who like to mouth things over plastic alternatives.

  • Heirloom quality wooden magnetic building blocks
  • Several themed, interest based options
  • Non-toxic, plastic, lead free
  • Safe for babies
Good to know
  • One of the most expensive per piece sets
  • Best Magnetic Wooden Blocks
  • Best Magnetic Blocks For Babies + Best Magnetic Blocks For Toddlers


Affordable Magnet Building Tiles + Versatile Expansion Packs + Traditional Magnetic Blocks

Playmags are a quality dupe for Magna Tiles and one I do recommend for all families as a sort of cost effective “expansion” pack above Magna Tiles.

In short: Playmags just don't have as many options. They still offer a durable design with riveted edges securing the strong magnets in for added safety.

They come in at more than half the cost of competitors making the trade offs a no brainer if you find yourself needing more magnetic blocks for bigger builds as kids get older or you have siblings in these mix.

Additionally, Playmags offers some great add ons like magnetic people, vehicles, and click-ins.

  • Affordable + durable
  • Simple add ons like car wheels, click ins, and people
  • Rivets to secure magnets in
Good to know
  • Compatible with other brands
  • Not as many colors/pretty as some competitors


Most Affordable Magnet Building Tiles + Versatile Expansion Packs + Traditional Magnetic Blocks

MagHub's Magnetic Tiles are the most budget friendly option out there and we found them to be far more durable than Picasso Tiles. They basically are glued version of Playmags (see the face comparison of the tiles in the photos above and below) at about half the price; which is saying something because Playmags are pretty affordable already!

We've had this set for about 2 years now with two toddlers and haven't had one break on us. We find them to be extremely comparable to our other magnetic tile brands and love these as an expansion pack for bigger builds or siblings.

The strength of the magnets and compatibility with other brands is on point and we can't recommend them enough as the best budget magnetic tile!

  • Most affordable option
  • Add ons for cars and click ins like Playmags
  • Option to have a car base, “ball run” and click ins to sample everything out
Good to know
  • Compatible with other brands
  • Glued together, so added risk of breaking/magnets coming out compared to Playmags, Connetix, or Magna Tiles

Picasso Tiles


Honestly, I know people love Picasso Tiles because they are a cheaper alternative to Magna Tiles and Connetix, but I think those people haven't tried Playmags or Maghubs yet.

Picasso Tiles, like Maghubs, are glued together so they have a greater risk of falling apart than more expensive competitors.

However the actual tile structure, compared to Maghubs, is much weaker so this breakage tends to happen far more frequently with Picasso Tiles compared to others on this list. Additionally, they have the weakest magnet of all the brands we tested.

Thus, considering their price is comparable to Playmags and Maghubs, but their quality just doesn't match up to either, I'd skip these altogether and go with the former picks.

With all of that said, they offer just about every single variation in magnetic tile blocks you could want. From a school bus, to a princess castle, to a marble run or race track, they've got you covered and make a great budget add-on in those speciality areas. Just know they are at greater risk of breaking compared to others.

It's note worth too that Picasso Tiles does offer an extremely versatile selection of expansion packs. This includes a marble run, similar to Connetix tiles, race track, and even magnetic cubes like the ones I mentioned for Geomag (though Picasso's aren't rated safe until 3 years old). However the quality, particularly as it relates to their marble run, just doesn't stack up and we suggest going with the spurge option as they are easier to assemble and more durable.

Additionally, they feature some fun accessories and add ons you can use across other brands like little magnetic people, animals, and cars.

  • Affordable
  • Compatible with other brands (though magnets don't line up perfectly and may not be as strong, making it a little more fragile)
  • BPA and lead free
  • Styles: glow in the dark, rainbow, glitter, and pastel colors, traditional tiles, marble run, clip ins, magnetic bricks, magnetic block cubes, race car tracks, and more
Good to know
  • Colors and color casting not as pretty as others
  • Rated safe for 3 years old and up
  • Expansion packs (marble run, race track, blocks) not as easy to assemble or durable as competitors
  • Tiles are glued together, and internal structure make them less durable than competitors

FAQS about magnetic blocks

Are magnetic blocks safe?

Magnetic blocks are generally considered safe based of the manufacturer's age recommendation.

For instance, the fully enclosed blocks like Magicubes and Tegu are typically rated safe for younger kids.

While traditional magnetic tiles pose a greater choke risk if they break open and the little magnets fall out, which is why they are rated for 3 years old and up.

Are magnetic blocks good for kids?

The benefits of magnetic blocks are pretty endless as they cultivate a child's imagination through unlimited creative building. Magnetic blocks are a great way to teach children about early STEAM concepts (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) while working fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, crticial thinking, spatial reasoning, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and more.

Some babies prefer them over traditional blocks, because they find get more of an “instant gratification” when the blocks stick together and feel easier to start building with.

We personally suggest having a mix of magnetic blocks and regular blocks around.

How to play with a magnetic block set and young children:

For babies and toddlers you can use magnetic tile sets as a fun way to teach color recognition, shape recognition, and even early math concepts around sequencing of the different sizes and different shapes.

Additionally, educational toys like this are great for working on social skills with sharing and cooperative building.

What are the best magnetic block add ons and accessories?

Getting little people, animal and car add ons can make magnetic blocks even more fun!

Just opt for items from compatible brands to ensure they work with whichever set you choose.

Where can kids use magnetic tiles?

Kids can use magnetic tiles on the floor, a table, or any other traditional surface; however what makes them especially fun is the fact you can use them on a garage door, baking sheet, refrigerator door and any other magnetic type of surface.

Additionally, I've seen some people make really fun builds using pikler triangle slides and cardboard as “ramps” for ball runs.

Lastly, give your child a challenge one afternoon to find all the surfaces in the home the magnetic blocks will stick too!

What are the best magnetic blocks for 2 year olds?

Personally I prefer Tegu magnetic blocks for 2 year olds thanks to their non-toxic wooden design. However Magicube by Geomag is another fantastic option that uses 100% recycled plastic.

What are the best magnetic blocks for 4 year olds?

The best magnetic blocks for 4 year olds are basic magnetic tiles like Magna Tile, Connetix, or Maghubs. These are simple, and hold the interest across a variety of ages (so if there are siblings in the home, or if you want to introduce a little before or after 4 years old). Plus they each offer unique add-ons and themed options.

What are the best magnetic blocks for 7 year olds?

Geomag mechanics and Pro-L lines are fantastic for 7 year olds and up. These offer the power of magnetic blocks with mechanical engineering and more STEM challenges than the other blocks on this list.

Are magnetic blocks compatible across brands?

Generally speaking, if the magnetic blocks are the same shape and material they will be compatible across brands.

For instance, Magna Tiles, Connetix, Maghubs, Playmags, and Picasso tiles all work together.

However they aren't the most compatible with Tegu or Geomag due to the latter brands unique materials and shapes.

With that said, they are all magnetic, so at the end of the day they do work together, you just may not have the most sturdy or traditional builds.

What magnetic tiles are compatible with Magna Tiles?

Maghub, Picasso Tiles, Playmags, and Connetix are all magnetic tiles that are compatible and can be used interchangeably.

Magna Tiles vs Picasso Tiles vs Maghubs:

While these brands of magnetic tiles are compatible there are a few things to note:

I find Picasso Tiles to be weaker and not as durable as Magna Tiles or Connetix. Magna tiles and Connetix are held together with metal rivets, while Picasso tiles and Maghubs (shown in picture) are glued together.

Additionally, Picasso Tiles magnets aren't quite as strong.

With all of that said, Picasso Tiles and MagHubs price come in at more than half that of competitors and makes the trade offs a no brainer if you find yourself needing more magnetic blocks for bigger builds as kids get older or you have siblings in these mix.

Magna Tiles vs Connetix:

Magna Tiles or Connetix is probably the biggest question. Truthfully you can't go wrong with either. I personally think the ball run functionality is better executed by Connetix and they offer a prettier tile when light shines through.

However, Magna Tiles has some awesome speciality packs that your child may prefer based on interest.

What is the best brand for magnetic blocks?

Magnetic toys like these make a perfect gift for any child and you really can't go wrong with any of these.

My personal suggestion is to start with the high quality Connetix marble run pack as your first set thanks to the unique builds and strong magnetic force. From there I think MagHub (glued) or Playmags (secured rivets) make a great cheap expansion packs. Additionally, we love the speciality packs from Magna tiles with themed buildings and animals.

Once kids get older, more like 6 and 7 years old and up, we love Geomag's mechanics line. And for babies you can't go wrong with Tegu or Geomag's Magicube.