Bumble BFF

Bumble bff can you really find friends on an app? the confused millennial




Ever since Tinder and Bumble launched, I’ve been in a relationship… so while I understand the concept of these apps, they’ve always been a bit foreign and out of reach for me. Then I saw that Bumble released its BFF feature!

I was super stoked about this for a few reasons:

  1.  It’s so much easier IMO to find a date (not that I’ve been dating the last few years…) than a friend today.
  2. About 6 or 7 months ago one of my BFF’s developed an idea for an app that would allow you to find friends nearby, you could swipe left and right based on their profile of interests. She told me about it and I fell in love! We came up with the name #SquadGoals for the app. We started doing the research and realized there were a few similar apps that would probably beat us to market and the investment was just too big… so I was excited to see Bumble BFF on the market and in action! They even use “#squadgoals” when you match with a new BFF! At least we know we were on the right track! The major difference between our app idea and Bumble’s, is that we were going to NOT allow you to see the person, just fill out an interest profile or pull data… Bumble has gotten some backlash, “why would you choose friends based on appearance” but I will say this, I found my fiance from a picture (for that story click here), so why not a BFF? Plus, when I’ve been swiping right, its more about what activities the person is dressed for or doing in the photo then what they actually look like (bonus points if you’re in gym clothes walking on the beach or near a cool mountain) and if those align with me.
  3. One of the only things I miss about working a 9-5 is my co-workers (well some of them…). Working for myself from home can become a little lonely sometimes. I am lucky to have my fiancé at home with me all day as he works on his business, but it’s still different than having actual co-workers who become friends.
  4. I can finally SWIPE LEFT AND RIGHT! Seriously, this is SO much fun! I am bummed when I get to the end of my choices.

So what’s it been like once matched?

I’ve connected with six people so far. I have talked to five of the six, one connection expired without either of us ever reaching out.

I FREAKED OUT when my first connection happened. I called me best friend and asked what to do! I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous, should I message them first? Should I not? For some reason I found myself thinking and saying how much easier this would be if the BFF’s were guys instead, and one of my connections (I was her first!) actually said just that as her opening statement to me! #Winning!

Of the five people I’ve chatted with, I would say four of them are potential friends. The fifth I had an idea from her pictures we wouldn’t be new BFFs, but swiped right anyway just to see, and my gut was right, not a match.

I haven’t actually met anyone yet, but it’s been cool and exciting having a group of people to text with each day.

More to come when I have my first official Bumble BFF Date!!

p.s. I made my fiancé also create a Bumble account to check out Bumble BFF for men! Unfortunately his pool wasn’t as big as mine, and we had to increase his radius to about 35 miles and still he only had one option. I am going to have him keep checking and will hopefully be able  to give some updates about how men are using it (when my friend had her app idea, one of the push backs she received was from male friends saying they wouldn’t use it)!

Have you tried Bumble BFF yet? What has been your experience? Love it? Hate it?