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The best movie we watched last week was Cafe Society!!! It was even better than expected. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch it now for free! It's a really good love story with an amazing cast.

TV Show:

Girls. Ok I know, this is not a new show or episode, but we are two weeks (and two days) away from the final season's premiere on 2/12, so if you haven't started binge watching from the beginning, now is the time!! Click here to start binging with Amazon if you don't have HBO.

Say what you want about the Girls, but this show speaks to me on such a deep level. For all of the annoying stuff they do, it really hits home. Each girl I feel represents a part of me (yes, the good and the bad). I will totally be doing a separate post on Life Lessons from Girls in the (nearish) future.

While it's definitely not the same, but somewhat is in the similar vein as Girls, I highly recommend Insecure (also on HBO). The show is hysterical while portraying the very real story of insecurity at work and in our adult relationships. Watch here*.

Links I Love:

How Blogging Taught Me To Love Myself Again by Hey There Chelsie

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Not Talking To Toxic Parents via Bustle


Bachelor Week 4 Recap:

I am going to preface this recap by saying, I am 100% team Corrine as I write this. I think she is actually a genius… and also my spirit animal.

Back to the recap:

This week's episode starts with all of the women talking trash about Corrine. ASStrid is the only one who says what's really going on: “he likes her and we are all intimidated.” ?

Cut to Corrine in the midst of yet another narcoleptic episode and Taylor complaining about the “plethora of issues” Corrine has… Have ya looked in a mirror hun? 



Finallyyyyy we get back to where we left off with Vanessa's amazingness, “I am not judging Corrine I am judging you”

Nick: Uhhh, I dk what you want me to say?

Vanessa to producer: “I am not going to shake my tits”… as she shakes her tits. 

Vanessa: “I may give you back the rose.”

Nick: “Yeah, okay, sure ya are…” *wink wink*



Taylor and Sarah think it's a good idea to wake up the sleeping princess to tell her she is entitled. Corrine won me over in this moment. Maybe it's the Floridian in me who has repeatedly used the phrase “You do you, I'ma do me” but I kind of felt like we were kindred spirits in this moment. She basically says, “I'm not everyones cup of tea and I had to get okay with that a long time ago, and will now proceed to f*ck with you betches”.


Cut to the rose ceremony where all these dumb girls think he is sending Corrine home tonight, and they are all whispering that they will leave if he does… Do you all realize what show you signed up for? Like not to quote Corrine, but…


Nick starts the rose ceremony by eloquently empathizing with how difficult this is for them and thanking them for their honesty and openness. Christen and Brittany are sent home.

Thennnn in the Corrinnest of Corrine moves, she gives the ultimate F U toast to all of the women:

“I am so happy, we are all so privileged to be here for you, and we each need to take it day by day because this is all so great, and we should all be ourselves. We are so lucky to have this opportunity and find love”



The next day, Chris Harrison tells the ladies to pack their baggage, because they are heading to Bumblefuck Wisconsin!


Wisconsin starts with Nick's parents begging them not to be on this show again, and his mom looking like she is fighting back the urge to puke.

The first one-on-one this week goes to Danielle L. They explore Nick's hometown where he points out historic landmarks, such as the library (where he used to make out), the movie theater (where he used to make out), the spot where he first got dumped, the field (where he used to make out and lost his V-card).   Is this the town tour all the tourists get?

After making cookies, Nick and Danielle “run into” one of his “exes”. Basically, Nick stops and stares dead into the window at a woman until she looks at him. They can't seem to get their relationship history straight and she has no interesting stories about Nick, and when Danielle asks why does this so called “ex” think Nick's last few relationships have ended, the woman replies, “well he has to feel something with his whole heart and if he doesn't it won't work out” –> WHO THE F IS THIS WOMAN?!? That is basically the opposite of what happened with Andi and Kaitlyn. Thankfully this terribly boring and awkward exchange ends and we continue the tour of where Nick has tried to get down in Waukesha.

That night, Nick decides to ask the hard hitting, “is she wife material” questions:

“So, do you go grocery shopping in sweats?”

“All the time *giggity-giggity giggle*

Followed by once again, dancing in front of a bunch of strangers


For some reason, I find this extremely awkward. Anyone else?

Next up we have the group date card. All of the women minus Raven are on this date.


As if I thought things couldn't get worse than the track & field date, Bachelor producers have out done themselves by bringing the women to a farm to milk cows and shovel their “poopie”.

Corrine asks what all of America was wondering:


Corrine shares with us that she would rather be on my personal dream date at a spa eating chicken tacos… Same girl, same ?.


Corrine claims she has no circulation in her fingers when the girls need to start shoveling poop and sits outside of the barn away from the…


And finally, says what all the women are thinking…


… and maybe a shower.

That night the women decide to talk a bunch of sh*t about Corrine like they always do. Except, Rachel who proves once again she is above it all and way too normal to be here, by not engaging and literally staring at the ceiling to prove how little she is interested in this convo.

This time Corrine is listening then proceeds to ask the camera, “do you call this immature” all while thrusting her breasts up and down.

Corrine goes on to explain that she is a like a corn husk. You need to peel the layers back to get to the juicy pellets of information… so you are saying you are human insoluble fiber? While delicious, you're difficult to digest… no wonder the women have so many issues with you!

She decides to address all of the sh*t talking head on by inviting the women to air any issues they have with her. Then in a dumb move, Sarah doesn't actually address an issue with Corrine, instead, she wants to know if Corrine thinks she is mature enough to get engaged and references a bouncy house and nap as examples of why she isn't ready too… like WTF? Corrine just asked you to share issues you have with her but instead, you ask for clarity on a judgment you placed on her? That's your issue Sarah, and it's for Nick to decide if she is mature enough.


Corrine goes on to point out to America that Michael Jordan napped, and Abraham Lincoln napped, so she can nap too. #sorrynotsorry

While the girls actually had a case against Corrine about the nap – clearly they handled it all wrong and Corrine came out looking like a champ. They should've said it was disrespectful that we all needed to be there and were all tired, but you opted out. It shows you don't respect us or the process and whether you did it because you were napping or painting your toes it doesn't matter, it matters that you didn't follow through with a commitment you made to being a part of this process. #DUH

FFWD out of this sh*tshow to all the girls back at the house.

Why the F is Taylor wearing a bathing suit, perched atop a bathtub talking shite? Also why the F is she saying “counselor pants are coming off?” First off, you aren't wearing pants, second off, these pants have no place on the Bachelor, third (and most importantly) where did you get these pants? They didn't come with my diploma. WHERE ARE MY COUNSELOR PANTS?!?!

I digress…

Raven's date:

Raven and Nick meet up with future Bachelorette, (who wants to start a Bachelorette pool for what season she will be on? I am guessing season 20), Bella. Also known as Nick's little sister.

They “kick it” (see what I did there… that's what was on the date card, how punny of me!) with Bella on the soccer field then watch her game with his parents.

After the soccer game, and super awk. convo between Raven and Nick's dad… They head to the rollerskating rink!


I don't know if it's the throwback song to She's All That* pulling at my heartstrings, or this date is actually this frickin' adorable, but I am literally swooning over these too!

Nick described this as the best date he's ever been on, and let me tell you if you ever need a good date night, roller skating or ice skating are in fact some of the most fun dates I've ever been on too.

Part 2 of the date also solidified my love of these two.

Nick: “So what was your favorite part of the date so far, because for me it was all my favorite part”

Seriously, how can you not love Nick? I really get that he makes bad decisions but he is SO cute!

Nick asks Raven about her last relationship that ended in infidelity:

In a matter of seconds, Raven shares a tale that basically has her body snatched by a spider monkey, Carrie Underwood in “Before He Cheats” music video, the girl from the exorcist, a Peeping Tom, an MMA fighter, and the woman who took the high road:

“Well, I am just going to come out and say this: I got a call that he was with a woman at a bar, so I drove to his house, kicked the door down to see him thrusting into her platinum vagine. I turned into the hulk and threw him off of her and started beating him over the head with a stiletto. Then I left, which was really hard.”

… The entire time she was telling the story, I was both insanely amused, proud and also terrified that she is going to have a court order filed against her now. As a preemptive measure, I am starting the #freeRaven movement.

Nick looked both amused, terrified, and turned on all at the same time.

Then, Nick proves exactly why I love him again:

(in response to Raven saying she didn't tell anyone about being cheated on): “That's not the honest answer… you felt ashamed and you felt like you did something wrong.”

One thing you have to give Nick serious credit for is that fact that he seems to learn from his actions and always takes responsibility for his behavior.

The date closes with them rollerskating again. I really don't get why or how that happened but whatever, I totes love them.


Rose Ceremony:

The girls show up to a pimped out barn, Corrine makes it clear to the producers that she is taking down Taylor (YASSS) and we get another glimpse view of the boob valley that is Danielle L. (do y'all think she own a dress that she could even wear a bra with?). No joke, between her one-on-one and her time with Nick during this rose ceremony, she fell SO far back for me. I used to really like her but she is a total snooze fest IMO.

Cut to Taylor, once again kvetching about stuff other people are doing. Could she be any more insecure?

While Taylor and Nick are cuddling, Josephine and Corrine are stuffing their faces (huge props to the editing staff, how did we not hear any chewing? That must've taken FOREVER to get this scene edited).


After her pep talk with Josephine, Corrine goes “over there and rip[s] her a new one”. The following is paraphrased:

Corrine: “I'm not going to be fake. The way you treat me is disgusting. I would've let it go until you made me cry in front of everyone. It hurt my feelings.”

Taylor: “Your feelings are going to get hurt when you invite people in to criticize you.”

C: “So explain your issues with me”

T: “My concern is you are too immature to have a healthy and committed relationship. I don't think you have the emotional intelligence or coping skills to deal with life”

I must interject: WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH YOU TAYLOR? WHY THE F DO YOU CARE IF CORRINE CAN HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP? Seriously, I got so mad over this exchange. Maybe it's my own sh*t coming up from my personal life, but I cannot stand when people portray their “issue” with someone as a character attack based on a judgment that actually has no impact on the person. Taylor isn't referencing anything Corrine did to harm her or make her uncomfortable. She is only sighting judgments she has about Corrine's (albeit, questionable at times) character, but cannot say how Corrine's character has directly impacted her. It's not Corrine's fault she is taking up so much space in your head TAYLOR! Talk about emotional intelligence… #SMH.


T: “K… so intelligence is in a bunch of different areas, like book smart, street smart, so emotions are another area of intelligence – which speaks to self-awareness and process feelings and connecting on an emotional level, OBVI, you idiot

… while we are on the topic Taylor, you should also know emotional intelligence has to do with having empathy for others and being about to effectively communicate your emotions in a constructive manner, something you are clearly missing the boat on right now.

C: “Don't treat me like an idiot, I didn't treat you like an idiot”

T: “Ok, well it doesn't seem like anything I am saying makes sense to you… idiot.”

C: “Don't try to tell me I am stupid, while not telling me I am stupid at the same time.”

T: “I don't know what you are talking about.”

… maybe because you lack emotional intelligence, Taylor.

C: “You think your better than me”

T: “No I don't, I think we are different… and that I am better than you.

C to producer: “I want to punch her in the face. I literally can't even.”

To be continued…

Ok, I have to say, if you are a mental health counselor and decide to go on this show, you will come out looking like an entitled, crazy, asshole. There is no way around that. Your entire job is built upon judging people (call it “diagnosing” if you want, but it's still using your judgment, i.e. judging people), there is no way you aren't going to come off as a polished, condescending snob, there is literally no way.

Honestly, I think Corrine came out looking like a champ and she is way smarter than all of us are giving her credit for.

Who is excited for their 2-on-1 next week?!?


ALSO can we please have more Alexis? I just want to see an entire episode of her and Nick.

“My two biggest fears are Nicholas Cage the actor and aliens”

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  1. Oh my gosh I love Corinne too! Like I see get that she’s a little crazy, but that’s people watch haha. I really think the other girls need to take her advice and just do them (I also loved when she said that haha). Honestly Taylor seems like a bully. I also loved what Nick said to Raven about feeling like she needed to hide. Also feel like he was super terrified.

  2. Jill Hamilton McMeans

    This recap was GREAT!!!! Also- thank you for leaving links to other blogs- I will check those out. I love your blog, btw, HAve a great weekend!

  3. Chrissa - Physical Kitchness

    I didn’t know iTunes did that!!! Dang I should have taken advantage of that when I was flying solo with two kids over the holidays. I have YET to watch an episode of this season’s Bachelor. UGH, now I want to!!!

  4. I’m having such a hard time getting into this season of The Bachelor! I’m not a big Nick fan and I can’t stand the way he talks without moving his mouth. That being said, I also think people are too hard on Corinne and like it or not, she’s a boss lady who makes great TV!


  5. **skipping the bachelor recap bc I am a bad blogger and haven’t watched it yet to recap it myself** I’ve been hearing such good things about Cafe Society! definitely checking that out. I also read & loved Chelsie’s article! so inspiring and such a good read x

  6. Again with the Bachelor recaps!! I’m in stitches! Oh sweet Corinne, she is currently the main train wreck I am watching for. I did love Raven and Nick’s date though! Definitely rooting for them!!

  7. Loving your re-cap! I am always so behind on The Bachelor, but usually end up seeing tweets and other things. Corrine is such a hot mess, but definitely makes the show! Some people don’t understand that reality shows aren’t real- ha!

    xx, Jamie

  8. Heather Gullett Denniston

    In the midst of having five million blogs to comment on I read every damn word. Very well written. I will be back next week. Keep it comin!

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    Ooohhh Corrine….haha. What a crazy lady! You do make some good points though. I totally agree that the whole dancing in front of strangers thing is so awkward, and yet they are always doing it ha!

  12. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    The article about not talking to toxic parents was really relatable for me, so I’m glad I was able to find it in this post! It’s nice to see that other people have the same stance as I do on that issue.

    1. I don’t share links I love every week, but the ones I do share definitely hit very close to the heart for me usually. So happy you found it relatable. I know for me it’s definitely frustrating (like it talks about in the article) to have everyone kind of tell you to just roll with things since they are your parents. I don’t have a relationship with my family and it’s something that many people can’t understand…

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    Also HEY NOW thanks for featuring my blog post girlfriend! What a fun surprise. 🙂

    And I’m glad to hear Cafe Society is good…it’s been on my list!

    Coming Up Roses

  14. Haha you did it again! Your recaps are the best!! Also, I totally agree with you about Taylor, I mean WTF? Corrine didn’t ask her to diagnose her! I might agree that Corrine is not mature enough to be married, but that has nothing to do with Taylor!

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