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Wondering if Lovevery is worth it for your family? Discover the best Lovevery reviews vs Amazon Alternatives and KiwiCo from a mom who has used all the playthings with her two kids. Below you'll discover a deep dive into the qualitative and financial worth – including all the research, guidance, and links to self curate these play kits with dupes! 
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Lovevery vs Amazon Alternatives


Discover Lovevery Play Kit reviews and a financial comparison of the playthings Amazon Alternatives. Plus our first hand personal experience since first getting the kits in 2018 with my first kid. You'll also find dupes for current and past (discontinued from kits) Lovevery items in each post below + more ideas to extend the play through activities my toddler loved!


Lovevery reviews: 0 to 12 months

Lovevery reviews: 1 to 2 year olds

Lovevery reviews: 2 to 3 year olds

Lovevery reviews: 3 to 4 year olds

Lovevery reviews: 4 to 5 year olds

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Lovevery vs Competitors

Wondering how Lovevery compares to other popular montessori inspired toy subscription boxes? Here's an indepth look after subscribing to Lovevery, Monti Kids, and Kiwico with my two kids – including the shocking comparison of Lovevery's play gym vs Monti Kids!
NOTE: Monti Kids has stopped manufacturing toys. I am leaving the comparisons here though to show you Lovevery's value compared to “true” montessori toys!

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Lovevery FAQs

Is the Lovevery subscription worth it?

Yes – shop it here and use code TCM for a discount on new subscriptions! 

When comparing the cost of a Lovevery subscription to Amazon alternatives and self curating with other toy dupes, Lovevery typically comes in costing less, or about the same. I break this down in each individual review above.

However those self curated dupes are typically lesser quality compared to Lovevery who uses organic cottons, FSC sustainably harvested woods, soy inks, and food grade silicones.

Can you buy Lovevery toys without a subscription?

Yes, Lovevery offers a small collection of play things in their store front and through their Target line.

However the toys included in the play kits can only be found in the Loverly boxes.

Is Lovevery made in China?

Yes, Lovevery is made in China using the German toy company Hape's, factory in China.

However it's noteworthy that competitors like Monti Kids said their toys were made in Thailand, but I've received many toys from Monti Kids with a “made in China stamp” so I appreciate Lovevery's transparency on this (including a walkthrough of the factory here).

Additionally, their quality control and customer service is top notch AND they have put a ton of efforts in place to become a carbon neutral company.

Is Lovevery an American company?

Yes, Lovevery is an American company founded in Delaware in 2015 by Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris.

How much does Lovevery cost?

Lovevery's subscription play kits cost between $80 to $120 per play kit. When you average that out per toy, it typically comes in between $8-20 per toy in each box.

Does Lovevery offer discounts or sales?

Lovevery typically has one sale a year: Black Friday/Cyber week where it's roughly $30 off ($10 per play kit for 3 play kits) or you can use Lovevery promo code TCM to get $10 off a new subscription today!

Where does Lovevery ship?

Lovevery ships in the USA, UK, and some of the EU including  Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain.

For more FAQs check out this blog post

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