Lovevery “The Looker” Play Kit Review For 0-12 Weeks: Is It Worth It?

lovevery play kit review: the looker 0-8 weeks

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Congratulations on your baby!! I'm so thrilled for you! This is such an exciting time and if you're anything like me, you may be experiencing a little decision fatigue!

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There are so many things to get for a new baby and I often wondered if newborns even needed toys! But the reality is, babies brains are developing SO fast and it's helpful to have items around for them to connect with.

Video review: “The Looker” Play Kit in action:

How much does The Looker Play Kit from Lovevery Cost?

The Looker Play Kit is $80, or you can get a 10% discount if you pay up front which would bring the price down to $72, or “$36 a month” as it says on their website.

What is inside The Looker Play Kit for weeks 0-12?

I am pulling out the items currently featured in this play kit on Lovevery's website. I do want to note, they seem to be updating and making changes to the play kits.

When I got the Looker Play Kit for my daughter, it came with a swaddle blanket and a mug, but no mobile… which I much would've preferred the mobile! So it seems like as they continue to grow they are only improving the boxes! YAY FOR US PARENTS!

soft dotted card holder

Travel card holder

We still use this item at a year and a half, and don't see us stopping anytime soon! It's a travel card holder that is soft and attaches to a the head of a car seat so your little one can admire it in their carseat. We used the flashcards that came in this kit in the early days, the swapped out for pictures of body parts and nature (flashcards that come with other Lovevery Play Kits and the Play Gym).

Standing Card Holder

This is a foldable card display holder. We used this during tummy time and during walks by lying it flush against the side of her stroller bassinet attachment.

She still plays with this item and likes to open and close it, hold it above her head and stare at the baby's photos we put in it or mirror card.

colourful stripes soft card holder

The Mobile

A super cute 2 sided wooden mobile. Perfect for hanging over your changing station to keep your squirmy entertained. This wasn't in the first iteration of this play kit, so I don't have a lot to say about it.

The Play Kits by Lovevery

Black and white mittens

These are great for promoting hand discovery, hand control, and body awareness as babies are attracted to high contrast at this time. Plus it protects their sweet face from getting scratched up with super sharp nails at this age!

two small mittens

wooden book with black and white turtle on the cover

Wooden high contrast book

Legit, my daughter's FAVORITE book for the longest time. She loved staring at the pictures in the early days.

As she's gotten older, we practice counting the fish and naming the animals.

Silicone rattle with removable ball

Baby can gum the rattle or start tracking the high contrast colors.

We swapped this out and hung it on our Lovevery Play Gym a points.

black and white silicone rattle

four black and white cards simple shapes

Black and white flashcards

Babies LOVE high contrast images in the early days. We put these inside the standing card holder and travel card holder and she adored looking at the shapes!

Also the material of Lovevery flashcards are baby proof somehow. No clue how they did it, but these cards can take a beating and hold up!

More complex black and white flashcard set

From Lovevery, “As your baby's vision develops, they'll become interested in more complex patterns.” My daughter did LOVE these more complex shapes and still takes them out at a year and a half and looks at them sometimes.

four black and white complex simple shapes

looker play guide book

Guide book for play kit

A detailed book on the skills your baby is developing and ideas to play with your baby, backed by research!

Is The Looker Play Kit from Lovevery worth it?

This is a tough question for me to answer. On the one hand, HECK YES! On the other hand if money were tight, I'd probably skip it.

Here's why it's a yes for me:

If you read through the items I talked about above, you noticed that at a year and a half my daughter still uses almost half of them. We got this play kit for our first child, so I'm happy to have it for future children as I know the other items are short lived for just one baby. Even if we weren't going to have any more kids, I'd still be so happy to have had them and I'd donate them to children in need going forward.


Wondering if the Lovevery play kits are worth it? Here are all my thoughts on "The Looker" playkit from #lovevery for 0-8 weeks for first time moms looking for montessori and waldorf based wooden toys to support their newborn baby in reaching those milestones during the fourth trimester. growth and development. Is it the best montessori based subscription kit for 1 month infants? Find out if it's right for your newborn baby and you in this post! #lovevery #thelooker #montessoritoys #1month #baby

The items in this play kit aren't just about being “high contrast” but about making them functional and accessible to a newborn. BIG WIN! Because a new parent, you'll be tired and grateful the cards can stand up on their own and you won't have to hold them.

The Play Kits by Lovevery

Here's why I'd skip it:

I know everyone financial situation is different and Lovevery has some pretty amazing play kits.

So it's not that I'd skip Lovevery Play Kits altogether, but I'd skip this one in favor of future ones if I had to choose between them. The items in here are a bit more short lived than ones in future play kits.

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