Lovevery “The Inspector” Play Kit Review For 7-8 Months

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Trying to decide if “The Inspector” Play Kit from Lovevery is worth it? I'm sharing all of my thoughts on the 7-8 month box called “The Inspector” from Lovevery as a first time mom who has had it for over a year and a half. In this post, I'll share a video review and look inside the montessori based toys from Lovevery, the cost of the play kit, the pros and cons to it, and which of the toys my daughter still plays with as a toddler.

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You can read the FAQs and full review of all the Lovevery Subscription Play Kits here.

Video review: “The Inspector” Play Kit in action:

How much does The Inspector Play Kit from Lovevery Cost?

The Inspector Play Kit is $80, or you can get a 10% discount if you pay up front which would bring the price down to $72, or “$36 a month” as it says on their website.

This breaks down to about $8 a toy in the subscription box. So it's actually a really good deal as some of the comparable items on Amazon cost about $25!

What is inside The Inspector Play Kit for Months 7-8?

Montessori Ball Drop

This type of toy normally costs about $30 on Amazon!!

Seriously, its a classic and my daughter plays with it over a year after having it!

It builds gross motor skills while teaching the concept that something can still exist, even when you can't see it at this age.

box with a hole for a ball and drawer

two wooden balls

Wooden balls

As with all of Lovevery's toys, these are made from sustainably forested wood and painted with soy ink.

Another reason I love the Lovevery subscription toy service: these work fantastic with a bunch of toys in future play kits!

“My First Signs” Book

Like I said in “The Senser” Play Kit review, my daughter is obsessed with every single Lovevery book, and this one is no different; which was super helpful since her asking us to read it 5 million times ensured we actually stayed on top of teaching her sign language.

my first signs book

things I see magnet box

“Things I See” Textured Cards


These were not in the original version of this play kit, and I always felt like they needed a “furry animal” toy. NAILED IT!

The Play Kits by Lovevery

Nested stacking cups that drip


Seriously, these teach stacking/tower building, nesting items into one another, containment, pouring AND all of the cups have different designs of holes in the bottom, so you can fill them with water and watch it make different shapes as they flow out the bottom.

My daughter can play with these in the sink, bath, or pool for SO LONG and she hasn't slowed her interest with them over a year later!

colourfull nesing stacking dripdrop

first puzzle with smiling baby picture on them

Baby's first puzzle

Another huge hit, my daughter still plays with and I love because it's the perfect size for traveling!

Baby can develop fine motor skills and problem solving with the puzzle. Plus, if your kid is anything like mine, they will be captivated with the baby face on the puzzle and love to mouth the knob of the puzzle piece.

Felt balls

My daughter also LOVES these balls. She uses them with the ball drop and toys that came in future play kits.

We use them to teach colors, learning to throw, rolling them, and so much more. Another item that has maintained its engagement/interactivity level over a year later!

three felt balls



We use this to collect the balls and help sort. She loved learning the concept of “in and out” in the early days.

In my post on activities to do at home with your toddler using household items, you may remember me saying, “the secret to keeping a toddler entertained is just finding new containers to put things in” Yep, this is just another container that is a unique texture and will keep your kid entertained!

Drinking cup

I'm pretty sure this cup is made from Unicorn feathers or something because it's my daughter's FAVORITE cup, even over a year later.

It's the perfect size for little mouths and helps them build muscles for forming sounds later on.

She even puts her pinkie out while using it… too cute!

metal drinking cup

inspector play guide book

Play guide

Discover new ways to reimagine and play with the items in your toy subscription box! Plus insight into the skills your baby is working on, all backed by research!

Is The Inspector Play Kit from Lovevery worth it?


If you couldn't tell when I talked about the items, my daughter still uses basically every single item in this play kit over a year later. The items are going to LAST.

Without a doubt, if you've been skeptical on buying the Lovevery Play Kits up to this one, this is the one to jump in on and buy it here!

Shop “The Inspector” Play Kit from Lovevery:

You can read the FAQs and full review of Lovevery Subscription Play Kits here.


Wondering if the Lovevery play kits are worth it? Here are all my thoughts on "The Inspector" playkit from #lovevery for 7-8 months old babies. First time moms looking for montessori and waldorf based wooden toys to support their newborn baby in reaching those milestones during the first year for growth and development. Is it the best montessori based toy subscription box for 7-8 months? Find out if it's right for your baby and you in this post! #lovevery #theinspector #montessoritoys