Lovevery “The Explorer” Play Kit Review For 9-10 Months: Worth It?

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Trying to decide if “The Explorer” Play Kit from Lovevery is worth it? In this post, I'm sharing all of my thoughts as a first time mom after having this montessori based toy subscription service for over a year. Discover which toys from the 9-10 month box of Lovevery's subscription service my toddler still plays with, which were a bust, the pros and cons, and the cost.

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You can read the FAQs and full review of all the Lovevery Subscription Play Kits here.

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How much does The Explorer Play Kit from Lovevery Cost?

The Explorer Play Kit is $80, or you can get a 10% discount if you pay up front which would bring the price down to $72, or “$36 a month” as it says on their website.

This toy box comes with nine toys, so it roughly comes out to around $8 per toy which is a great deal, especially when you realize they are made from organic cotton, soy based inks, and sustainably harvested wood.

What is inside The Explorer Play Kit for Months 9-10?

Baby's first blocks

4 sustainably forested wooden blocks for your little one to start grasping, building, and knocking down.

four square colourful blocks

Stacking rings with tube and ball

We LOVE this toy! It teaches stacking and containment, but can also be reimagined in so many ways.

We use the clear tube as a spy class or listening device.

My daughter loves to wear the rings like bracelets and admire herself in the mirror too.

The ball in this is pretty light weight, and unfortunately is the only item that didn't last out of ALL the Lovevery Playkits from the first 2 years because our dog ate it haha. But that's okay, the balls from the Inspector Play Kits work just as well!

Montessori Egg Cup

My daughter LOVES this toy and still uses it at a year and a half.

It builds concentration, coordination, and teaches the concept, in-out.

To put the pricing of Lovevery in perspective again: this toy costs $16 on Amazon right now, but only $8-$9 in this play kit.

wooden montessori egg cup

The Play Kits by Lovevery

two bean bags circle and triangle

Bean bags

For building motor skills and teaching cause and effect to baby.

We love how easy these are to throw in the pouch that comes in this play kit when traveling.

Zippered pouch

We get a TON of use out of this little bag.

It's a fairly decent size, but small enough for our daughter to walk around with.

We typically fill this up with toys (the puzzle from The Inspector Play Kit fits in it), bean bags, a teether, etc. when traveling.

colourful zipper pouch

three canisters

Gripping canister set

From the Lovevery website, it looks like they updated this set from the first version of this play kit, so I can only imagine little hands love it even more.

Regardless, this is one of my daughter's FAVORITES.

In fact, one of the canisters accidentally went to grandma's house and I kept asking for it back. She thought I was insane, “uhhh it's just a plastic canister Rachel…” Then grandma saw R play with it and she got it. The original canisters had holes in the bottom (like the stacking cups of the last kit) so my daughter fills them with water and try putting the different lids on the different sizes. Keeps her entertained for so long even at a year and a half!

The Play Kits by Lovevery

“How I Feel” Board Book

Get the conversation started about feelings to start building emotional intelligence.

This is one of my favorite books (my daughters loves them all, so that goes without saying).

When I read it to her, I identify the things that showcase the emotion. E.g. “She is happy. See how she her mouth turns up into a smile, she's looking us in the eye” and then “He is sad. See how his mouth turns down, his eyes look watery, and he's slumping.”

Basically just reflecting back what I'm observing so she can start to see those things too.

PLUS when she randomly made a “mad” face one day when we got to that page in the book, well… my heart melted. Now she goes through all the faces and it's amazing.

how i feel book

opposites book

“Opposites” Board Book

Showing and teaching some of the common opposites.

We try to show her as many as we can so she can learn the concepts off the page.

Funny enough, there's an “open/close” page and we always opening and closing a fist. FFWD to getting her blood drawn, asking her to show us “closed” and the nurse absolutely melting and LOLing as she made a first for her blood draw.


100% organic cotton blanket. Perfect for peek-a-boo.

colourfull blanket

explorer play guide book

Play Guide

Discover how to play and reimagine ways to use the items in the play kit and what skills your 9-10 month old is working on all backed by research.

Is The Explorer Play Kit from Lovevery worth it?

Yes! We love and use all of the items even at a year and a half. You can buy it here!

The books are some of our most frequently read ones and while the toys in this kit may seem simple to you and I, they keep my daughter so engaged. In fact, this morning we were in bed, and my daughter was in her playroom playing by herself and we looked at each other and said something we say probably every day, “wow, I can't believe she plays so well and for so long by herself.” And I really attribute it to these play kits.

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You can read the FAQs and full review of Lovevery Subscription Play Kits here.

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