Lovevery Block Set Review: Is It Worth It?

Wondering if the Lovevery Block set is worth it? In short, yes!

We've had the block set for around 3 years now and it's definitely a hit in our house with two kids! It's one of those toys that may seem pricey at first glance, but then you realize just how thoughtfully crafted the Lovevery Block Set is – and how many activities you can do with it compared to traditional toddler block sets – that the price quickly becomes well worth it in my opinion. Moreover, it's a toy your toddler will have for years; well beyond the toddler stage.

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What is Lovevery?

Lovevery is a Waldorf and Montessori inspired toy company. They work with child development experts to create toys (or “play products” as they call them) that meet babies to 3 year olds exactly where they are at developmentally. They take all of the guesswork out for parents wondering whether or not a toy is appropriate for the stage their child is in. All of their products are also made with the highest quality materials: non-toxic materials (including plastics), organic cotton, sustainably sourced wood, soy and water based inks, etc.

What comes in the Lovevery Block Set?

  • 70 sustainably harvested FSC-certified wood block pieces coated with a water based non-toxic paint to create 18 beautiful hues.
  • 18 different shapes and tools (wheels, shapes, string, beads, people, etc.)
  • Drawstring organic cotton bag
  • Storage box that doubles as a car/shape sorter

Which leads me to…

What toddler activities can you do with the Lovevery Block Set?

The Lovevery Block Set can be used for over 20 activities! It's truly a toy that grows with your child as the activities range in complexity depending on their age and developmental stage.

With the Lovevery Block Set expect your child to work on using fine motor skills for stacking, rolling, and sorting – as well as early math skills for sorting and categorizing.

Lovevery Block Set Activities:

  • sorting shapes
  • playing pretend with people
  • building up
  • sorting types of blocks
  • making patterns
  • building a car
  • drumming
  • putting magnets together
  • making letters
  • dominos
  • loading blocks into the car
  • bead threading
  • sorting with colors
  • building a house
  • feeling faces
  • building towers
  • counting towers
  • people paths
  • jumping hurdles
  • building cities
  • Rolling/sliding
  • Obstacle courses

Lovevery Block Set vs. Grimms Block Set:

Lovevery's Block Set and Grimms Block Set have some similarities and some differences.

First, if you don't know: Grimms is a Waldorf (and montessori) inspired toy company as well best known for their wooden toys including puzzles, building blocks, baby rattles and stackers, doll houses and dollhouse furniture, stacking rainbows of many sizes, mobiles, decorative items, roll-along animals and more. In other words: it's kind of similar to Lovevery in terms of materials and some of the products offered.

Lovevery offers the one block set. Grimms offers well over a handful of building block set – with this one being the most similar the Lovevery's minus the box/car/slide features.

If you are looking for the “most montessori materials” then Grimms natural building block sets are going to be your best choice, or I found this cheaper alternative on Amazon.

As far as pricing goes Lovevery is going to be your cheaper option at $90. Grimms are a bit pricier ($130 to $250 per block set). With that said, in some of the the Grimms block sets, you do get a few more pieces. Lovevery comes with about 90 pieces in total. Grimms comes with a wider variety (some as little as 57, some with over 100).

The big difference is that Lovevery comes with other shapes and tools which allow you to do so much with the block set, and while you can buy a lot of those options as seperate Grimms toys, none offer quite the same “total package” of multiple activities in 1 toy like Lovevery does.

What age should I introduce the Lovevery Block Set to my child?

Lovevery recommends 18 months and I agree with this. We got our Lovevery Block Set when my daughter was 11 months as a Christmas Gift and she had very little interest in it beyond mouthing the “people” pieces. She sucked on one of them so much in fact, that when she left it behind my dog used it as a chew toy because of all the delicious baby drool on it!

With that said, the biggest drawback for this toy and the intended age range is the weight of it. According to Lovevery's website the block set weighs around 8 lbs. I don't think it actually weighs that much, but it is heavy.

If we keep it in the box (versus the bag) my daughter can't take this out on her own – which kind of stinks IMO since we encourage independent open ended play – and this requires us to get it for her… thus it does go untouched a little more than some of our other Lovevery toys. When we swapped it to the bag, she did take it out more, but it obviously has less fun features than the box which turns into a car and a shape sorter (her two favorite things so far as a 1 year old).

Personal Experience with the Lovevery Block Set after 1 Year:

My daughter didn't “love” it when we first got it. Granted, she was 11 months old and they recommend it for 18 months and up. She really just loved putting the people pieces in her mouth. They also had a few smaller bead pieces I put away in the bag because I looked at them as potential choking hazards for such a small baby.

After about a month with the block set, she began enjoying the magnetic rod connecting to the wheels. She thought it was magic and sought those pieces out for independent play quite often.

In the first 6 months we had it though it was amazing to see her interest in it evolve. She grew to love knocking over the towers we'd build. She also LOVES turning it into a car and pulling it around the house. We put baby Avery (from one of the Lovevery Play Kits) in the shaped openings as if she's “sitting in the car.” She also loved when I rolled the wheels down the “slide” piece.

After 18 months she began to roll the pieces, pull the car, sort the pieces, and stack the blocks all on her own regularly. She'd occasionally attempt these things on her own before 18 months, but never consistently and for only a few minutes. Around 20 months she really started to hit her groove with the block set – independently playing with it for 15+ minute stretches alone.

With so many activities I know we will continue to only get more and more use out of this toy. With that said, I'd suggest it as a half birthday or second birthday gift – not a 1 year old gift.

The “Downside” / Bad:

Like I said earlier, the weight of the boxed block set potentially discourages independent play as it's not a toy they can easily lift off a shelf and take out on their own (depending where you keep it of course).

The other “downside” isn't really a downside, it's more of a note: reassembling the block set in the box so every single piece fits perfectly is a bit of a jigsaw. Toddlers will definitely not be able to do it on their own and it will take parents a few minutes. My suggestion for a quick clean up is to either store a few pieces in the bag separate from the box (so you can get the pieces you do keep in the box to fit more easily – this is what we do), store all the pieces in the bag, or use another storage bin container of your preference.

Lovevery Discount Code:

Lovevery does not currently offer a discount code. With that said, last Black Friday they did $20 off a purchase of $100+ with code LOVEFRIDAY20.

Where can I buy the Lovevery Block Set?

You can buy the Lovevery Block Set on their website here – or on Amazon here. They are the same price and both get free shipping – I'd suggest buying directly from Lovevery since Amazon is just them as a reseller (meaning no Prime 2 day delivery anyway) and this way if you need anything you're working directly with them, not a third party. Lovevery also offers a parts replacement promise, which I don't think you can get via Amazon.

Is the Lovevery Block Set worth it? In this review I share my thoughts as a mom who has had it for 1 year! Plus a youtube video of my daughter playing with it and a look at how it compares to other montessori block sets like Grimms and Melissa and Dougs. Which is the best waldorf block set?! You'll walk away from this post knowing!