7 Things I Loved In July 2019 + #Nsale picks!!

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Where to start?! This month always feels like the most summery of months to me… even though summer basically lasts all year here in FL! But the days feel longer and sweeter and I just love it! Plus we got all the amazing things happening sale wise this time of year… no wonder everyone celebrates Christmas in July!

To kick off the things I loved in July, let's talk about the Nordstrom sale!! Early access for Nordstrom cardholders started 07/12, but you can still shop the sale through August 4th! After that, the items will go to full price! All the items listed below are more than 30% off!


Nordstrom Sale Finds

Over 30% off the coziest blanket!

THIS is the item I'd been eyeing for 2 years! It comes in leopard too which is a little pricier. I got my daughter the baby blanket version of it before she was born and it really is the BEST snuggly blanket so #treatyoself!

Only $25!!

And there's nothing cuter than a baby dressed up as a snuggly animal, amiright?!

Joggers on Joggers!

These grey one's are over 30% off and SO versatile! Shop here.

But I'm also loving these super soft knit ones in oatmeal for a lighter, cozier look and feel (plus they are even cheaper than the grey ones!).

Let's talk TOPS!

I love a good cardigan that makes me feel like I'm still in bed and this one is guaranteed to do just that! 

I'm v into the cropped sweatshirt trend happening RN and this one from ALO is gorgeous in mint or lavender!

Nearly 50% off for this gorgeous blush sweater with heart detailing! YES PLEASE!

Personal Wins from July

Finance Hacks

Sharing 25 of my favorite personal finance hacks to keep living luxe on less! These are the regularly habits I do to make sure that I live a comfortable life, while still growing my savings and investments BTS. I also shared the biggest mistakes people make when trying to pay off debt!

Getting REAL about breastfeeding

Danggg, I had NO idea what I was in for with my breastfeeding journey! This month marked SIX months of breastfeeding my daughter and I'm opening up about the experience in this post. I share the highs and lows, tears, embarrassing and painful moments. It has a happy ending though and I truly hope you feel less alone if you've struggled with breastfeeding too!

I also shared the things other breastfeeding mama's want YOU to know! These include some of my key take aways plus input from other moms from across the spectrum: over suppliers to under supplies, exclusive breastfeeders to exclusive pumpers to supplementing with formula – we cover it all! Read it here.

Capsule wardrobe

You may have noticed there's a bit of a theme to my #Nsale picks – all muted, all cozy. That's because I'm working on my capsule wardrobe! In July I shared all about why I'm loving a capsule wardrobe here. Plus some resources for creating your own capsule wardrobe through the seasons!

Self improvement / personal growth

Last month I shared some realizations about co-creating your reality and tips for working through conflict on the podcast!! Both of these are major keys for opening up massive changes in your life! Working through the steps I talk about in the episodes have been key points in healing my own mental health struggles over the last decade. Listen to Co-Creating Your Reality: What It Means + Why It’s Important here and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Conflict + How To Work Through It here!

Curtain Hacks!!

We have this super cute little bay window bench in our living room. It's a major focal point when you walk into our house; but it gets the harshest afternoon sunlight through it! I'm talking full on roasting your skin off. I didn't want to use a curtain rod to hang some curtains because the window is SO long and I thought the rod would look unsightly when not in use. Furthermore, since it's such a statement window, I wanted to be able to decorate for all the holidays! So I'm sharing my super easy DIY that's budget friendly for hanging a curtain, without a curtain rod in this video!

Pregnancy rewind

Nope, I'm not pregnant again, buttt I am finally answering the Q's y'all have been asking from back when I WAS pregnant! Including what my pregnancy essentials were for all the trimesters and what I actually used in from my hospital bag!


I shared my 75 Ideas to have the ultimate backyard field day here! These ideas are eco-friendly too (we're saying NO to water balloons, but still loads of wet n' wild fun!) You can also watch our live field day from one of the weekends in July here:

What'd you love about July?