6 Things I Loved In April

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Another month down in 2019! Ahh! It's moving so fast! I learned something super interesting this month – astrologically speaking, this year is very similar to 2011 and it's setting us up for a very similar 2012/2020. What does that mean? It means, that 2012 and 2020 are both years of massive shifts. So 2011 and 2019 are the years where space is being cleared. You may notice a ton of people, things, situations falling away from your life that are no longer serving you. Personally, 2011 was the end of a lot of chapters for me… and well 2012… that's the year I met my husband and took the first step forward in my windy career path which all feels very secure and grounded now. That's the fun part of these time periods, after the year of the “big shift” we get the next however many years until the cycle happens again to grow the seeds that have been planted and integrate the shifts that have occurred – even if they don't seem big at that time. HOW FUN?! Anyway, I'm not an astrologer so don't quote me on all that, but that's what I took away from my chats and readings!

Anyway on to the things I loved in April!!


This month I finally answered a lot of YOUR questions around manifesting! I shared my 7 Steps To Manifest Anything You Desire a couple of years ago, and since then have received so many questions and have learned even more! Be sure to check out how to get in the right mindset before you start manifesting and my tips for setting intentions for manifestation!

All things newborn in the rearview

I can't believe that we are out of the fourth trimester! I no longer have a newborn, and she's legit getting so big! I shared my tips for making life with a newborn easier last month and I hope they help y'all get some R&R! I also shared what we actually used from our baby registry! These are our total baby must-haves for 0-3 months! Plus a super fun DIY monthly baby picture tutorial for April! I'm really passionate about finding ways to do these that are eco-friendly. You may notice I try to avoid using balloons in our gender reveal and in my blogiversary posts since the first year. I'm really passionate about cutting plastic from my life and hope you are too!


I'm LOVING getting more into YouTube! I don't have a regular schedule for when my content comes out yet, definitely doing a few videos a month at least though! Including my “day in the life” series where each month I'll take you through a day in the life with our baby! I think it's a great way for us to document how things change from month to month while giving you guys a peak behind the scenes of what it's like working from home with a baby through the months! Watch our DITL working from home with a 2 month old here! I also shared her monthly baby picture tutorial for April on Youtube as well so make sure you're following here!

Environmentally friendly swaps

Speaking of being passionate about cutting plastic, I'm really just passionate about the environment as a whole! After all, we only have one planet Earth and we need to take care of her and respect her! So this month I shared some environmentally friendly swaps you can make around the house here! Plus some natural solutions for your period that are also super cost-effective!

Working on our home!

ICYMI, we bought a house (snoop inside here!)! This month I spent a lot of time planning which house projects we're tackling! Plus shopping non-stop to get new decor pieces since we have the same square footage but more space from our last place? I don't know if that makes sense, but it means shopping for lots of styling moments! I'm going to be sharing a ton more on the blog in the coming months and it feels so good! I kind of let the interior designer in my go to sleep the last handful of years because we lived in furnished rentals and I just never felt like I could do anything. But now I'm going HAM! Let me know if there is any specific content you'd like to see though! Until the blog content is live, make sure you're following along on Instagram! I've been polling you guys for input through our pool renovation already! And that project is officially done and looks amazing thanks to your suggestions!!

The podcast…

Lastly, there was only 1 new episode of the podcast this month, but it's a good one! Our friends Natalie and Jenna came and stayed with us at the start of the month and it was so much fun! Natalie and I talk about how we met at shaman school. We talk all about manifesting, ghost stories, self awareness and so much more in the episode! Honestly, I've been struggling with what to do with the podcast. I'm feeling so much more drawn towards YouTube lately. The truth is, if I could have guests like Natalie and Jenna on every week, it'd be a no brainer! I'd love it! We had so much fun recording it and based on all the DM's I got for it, you guys could tell! However, I get SO many pitches for the podcast each week and it feels like such an energy suck weeding through them all. Of course, I come across some gems sometimes like Garrian Jones who is one of my faves! But, I've been feeling more and more disconnected from it lately. I'm picking back up with it in May, but still TBD on it's future!

What did you love last month?