Loom Footwear Review: Is the waterproof sneaker worth it?


I no longer recommend Loom Footwear. In short: the sizing was off on multiple pairs we got after writing this and there were some customer service issues.

Instead, my #1 suggestion for a solid waterproof shoe choice is Saguaro – they have water shoes, waterproof winter boots, and just a huge selection of great shoes! Use code TCM for 10% off here!

Living in Florida we certainly get our fair share of rain and puddles which got me wondering, “What are the best waterproof shoes?” When I stumbled upon Loom footwear, I didn't really believe it, “can mesh shoes really be waterproof?! Let alone ones that look so good?!” And the answer is yes my friends!

Loom footwear really is a great casual waterproof breathable shoe – but it does have some downsides. Read my personal experience below, and get a discount with my promo code TCM!

Loom Footwear Review: Is the waterproof sneaker worth it?

About Loom footwear

Loom was designed to be the ultimate shoe you can wear all year in any terrain with an environmentally friendly focus. They claim their shoes are waterproof, windproof, comfortable, safe, and stylish – but do the claims hold up? We'll look at that in this article.

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With their biggest claim to fame being the fact that they are gorgeous (fact) AND waterproof, I guess that begs the question:

Where/when do you need waterproof shoes?

Living in Florida and being a total water baby we actually use waterproof shoes more than you'd think!

Waterproof shoes can be really helpful on rainy days with shallow puddles and on potentially wet or muddy hikes.

Waterproof shoes are NOT the same as water shoes though. If you fully submerge your feet in a creek or ocean as the water will enter the shoe from the top. Water shoes are meant to be in the water fully/at all times and are more about protecting your feet from the elements. Waterproof shoes are more about keeping your feet dry on all terrains.


We are always looking to reduce our footprint (no pun intended ha!) and love to opt ofr more sustainable options. I once read that the footwear industry is actually one of the world's worst polluters! Which is why I really like Loom.

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They have a manufacturing process that puts sustainability first by consuming less water and electricity than other competitors which reduces the carbon emissions. They source materials from cruelty-free farms and use Merino wool (shorn from Merino sheep using vegan shearing practices).

What I liked – breathability, design, look, feel

My initial thoughts upon the shoes arriving were how pretty and lightweight they are.

Seriously, you'd never guess these were “waterproof” shoes. They really look like any other sneaker.

Most waterproof shoes I've tested out in the past are quite lightweight, but because these looks so well polished, I expected them to be heavier and was pleasantly surprised.

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I also really liked how easy they were to slip on and off. Personally hate having to deal with wet laces and muddy soles and the slip on factor allows me to skip all of that.

What I didn't like – sizing

Loom footwear only comes in half sizes. After placing my order I found out that they are actually based on European sizing. I am a very true 7.5 so sizing up to the 8 worked out (but just barely) for me. However my husband is between a half size and whole size, and just went up to the whole size and the shoe didn't fit him at all. So definitely keep that in mind and size up.

If you're between a 7-7.5 get an 8. If you are between a 7.5-8 I'd actually suggest getting a 9. I'm waiting to see if they will send us a replacement pair to ensure that my conclusion on the latter part is accurate.

Lastly, they are advertised as “flexible” on the website – however I wouldn't say they are “flexible” in what typically comes to mind… If you've worn water or waterproof shoes before, then by comparison to that they ARE flexible. However compared to like an Allbird they are not flexible at all.


Loom footwear has the sneakers listed at $250 on their website and I would NOT pay $250 for these. However they seem to always be running a sale and right now are running the best sale I've seen! you can get them here for $99 here + use code TCM for an additional 10% off!

Loom Footwear discount code: TCM

Use code TCM for 10% off your Loom Purchase here!


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Looking for waterproof sneakers for men or women? Discover my husband and I's personal experience with Loom Footwear - the sustainably, eco friendly, stylish, waterproof sneaker! We have it in black and white PLUS readers get a discount with my promo code! Great gift for the holidays!

Originally published 10/20/2020; Updated 12/2/21