Ultimate List Of Unique New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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Normally, I’m not one to write down New Year’s Resolutions. After a while, they got a little stale for me personally. But with the new decade upon us, it got me thinking about “What unique New Year’s Resolution ideas can I come up with?” Looking back on the last decade really opened my eyes to how much things can really change. How even the smallest of New Year’s resolutions that we maybe don’t quite achieve, can still make a big impact. Thus, I decided to make the ultimate list of unique New Year’s Resolutions for 2020! Not because I think I’ll achieve every New Year’s resolution on the list perfectly, but because setting the intention can lead to radical change over time!

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Are you ready to join me in tackling the Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolutions for 2020?

For the purpose of creating the ultimate list of New Year’s resolutions, I’m breaking it down into some key areas of our lives:

Our the physical  (body, mind and health), financial (money and wealth), relational (relationship with others), emotional (relationship to yourself, emotions, and feelings), professional (career),  personal (self care/self love and personal growth), experiential (travel, getting into the community), and spiritual (connecting beyond the seen). 

Remember, these unique New Year’s resolution ideas are about setting the intention to improve our lives, not just crossing things off a list as fast as we can. Let’s bring in more intention and celebration to the New Year! This post contains affiliate links. 

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Physical Life

You physical life makes up everything from your body to your mind. This is where our diet and sleeping habits have the largest impact. All of these areas we’ll be talking about are connected, so when we take care of our mind and body, we take care of our emotional life too, and so on. Try to choose at least one thing from each area of your life to work on if you feel called too.

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your physical life:

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Financial Life

Finances are often one of the biggest areas of stress for people. When we can reduce stress, we can sleep better and improve our health and relationships! You see how it all is connected? So let’s take some time to figure out what is going on with our financial life, where we are spending our money, and whether or not it lines up with our financial goals. 

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your financial life:

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Relational

Personally, this is the most challenging. Start simple by asking yourself what qualities and characteristics do you want in your relationships? How do you feel in your relationships? How can you show up differently to your relationships so they align more with what you’re mapping out?

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your relational life:

  • Spend time together unplugged
  • Say what’s on your mind instead of being passive aggressive
  • Speak your truth with love instead of passive aggressively (read: How To Respond With Love To Toxic Communication)
  • Seek to understand the other person’s perspective
  • Say “I love you” and “I care about you” more often and follow it up with actions
  • Love yourself and accept yourself so you can share that gift with others
  • Set up regular FaceTime’s or brunches to stay connected
  • Send a “thinking of you” text
  • Learn their love language and speak to them in it
  • Stop complaining and gossiping
  • Attempt to define ambivalent relationships (one’s where you don’t know where you stand, like “do they like me or are they talking sh*t about me?”)
  • Remove toxic or draining friendships
  • Ask for feedback on what people could use from you more (for instance, “How can I show up to be a better daughter or friend?”)
  • Engage in more community events to meet new people
  • Prioritize quality time over a lot of time
  • Practice healthy communication habits like these
  • Read a parenting book
  • Let your children teach you and guide their development
  • Heal family trauma and ancestral wounds through therapy and spiritual practices

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Emotional

Emotions can be beautiful, but they can also destroy us in their enormity when we don’t know how to cope with them. Make this the year that you stop running from your emotions, and learn to process and release them. 

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your emotional life:

  • Practice the pause. When you feel yourself getting reactionary, pause and excuse yourself so you can respond from a place of love instead
  • See a therapist
  • Allow yourself to feel your feelings fully rather than stuffing them or avoiding them
  • Right out a list of fears and ask, “so what?” keep going until you are no longer afraid
  • Practice forgiveness not for others, but for your own well being
  • Develop a new coping skill or stress reduction technique (Here are 15 coping skills)
  • Seek professional help for panic attacks, substance use, eating disorder, and the like
  • Join a support group
  • Take responsibility for your actions and emotions 

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Professional

Do you hate your job? Are you tired of underearning? Have you reached the level of professional success you’ve always dreamt of? 2020 can be the year that you finally make your professional dreams a reality. All you have to do is start with one step at a time. 

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your professional life:

  • Figure out where you feel like you’re lacking in your current career
  • Research your current earnings against industry averages for your area
  • Revise and refine your resume
  • Utilize a headhunter or these 10 Uncommon Job Seeking Tips
  • Learn to Network Like A Boss even as an introvert!
  • Create a personal brand to establish more value outside your 9 to 5
  • Start a side hustle like a blog
  • Ask your boss for a promotion or raise
  • Turn a hobby or passion into a business

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Personal growth / Self love/ self care

Self care and self love have been all the rage, but now it’s time to really integrate it into your system. Our mind is one of the most powerful muscles in our body, but are you working it out regularly? Create a regular practice for your personal life that fosters self love and self care. Really dive deep and take note of areas where you’re feeling anxious, insecure, and chaotic. Come up with New Year’s resolutions based off those. 

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your personal life:

  • Stop the negative self talk by silencing your inner critic or redirecting them
  • Practice regular journaling
  • Create a daily gratitude practice – Get started with this30 Day Gratitude Challenge
  • Spend more time alone to get to know your own likes and dislikes – (read: 10 Things to Do Alone At Least Once in Your 20s)
  • Become more accepting of your quirks and learn to love yourself entirely 
  • Shift your perspective, thoughts, and words from the negative to the positive
  • Set stronger boundaries with your friendships, family, and work
  • Limit technology after a certain time of day or do a tech free day once a month
  • Celebrate your wins and accomplishments
  • Unfollow accounts and friends who leave you feeling insecure or less than. But also learn to love that part of yourself and recognizing that you are enough exactly as you are
  • Stare in the mirror and say three things you love about yourself every day
  • Look yourself in the eyes and repeat “I love you” for 3 minutes a day (you may want to work up to this)
  • Play more – make your food talk to itself on your dinner plate, be silly, use your imagination
  • Create a note on your phone for all the fleeting “to-do” thoughts to clear your mind
  • Clean your physical space

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Experiential

Every day we have the opportunity to experience something new that lights our soul on fire; are you? From your day to day routine, to traveling the globe, ask yourself how can you improve the quality of your life to bring more joy in? What experiences do you need more of? What experiences do you need less of in 2020? 

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your experiential life:

  • Plan a bucket list vacation
  • Attend a concert or festival you’ve always wanted to go to
  • Do a hobby or passion from your childhood
  • Read a new book 
  • Create a healthier and happier morning routine
  • Ask yourself what would bring you joy today/this week/this month then do it
  • Volunteer with animals or children in your community
  • DIY something around your home

Ultimate List Of New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Spiritual

Your spiritual life can be anything from a connection to a higher power or something greater than you, to a connection to the unseen world, or a deeper connection to the unspoken parts of yourself. If you’ve struggled with anxiety or depression, this is an area to anchor more deeply into. Ask yourself, do you even feel a connection to something spiritual? If so, how can you deepen this connection? If not, how can you redefine and explore it more? 

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas for improving your spiritual life:

  • Definite what spirituality means to you. Is it G-d? The Universe? Your highest self? Mother Nature? If you feel stuck, ask people what their spiritual connection is to and what it means to them
  • Follow Instagram accounts that allow you to go deeper into this connection
  • Join a community group to deepen this connection whether it’s a prayer and meditation group, reiki, church, whatever
  • Create a regular practice to deepen your spiritual connection: going to church every week or writing intentions with the moon cycles are a few ideas – Here’s my Meditation Ritual To Get You Feeling All The Good Vibes
  • Spend more time in nature listening to your spiritual calling
  • Read a book to strengthen yourself connection or explore new paths (here are some books I love)
  • Listen to spiritual podcasts (here are some of my favorites)
  • Interview people about how their spiritual path has evolved over time

Now tell me, what ideas for unique New Year’s resolutions did you come up with? Which would you like to add to the list? What have gone well for you in the past? Remember, New Year’s resolutions aren’t just to go to the gym to get skinnier, but they are a practice in setting intentions to cultivate a life you love. Focus on celebrating your wins and successes, and not berating yourself for falling short. Start small by choosing just one of these unique New Year’s Resolutions to kick off your 2020! 

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