List Of 50+ Mother’s Day Movies To Watch With Mom This Year [+ Where To Watch!]

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Looking for a mother's day movie to watch this year? Here's the best list of Mother's Day Movies for every type of relationship…

We all know the relationship between mama and child can come in many forms! Whether you're celebrating your stepmom, biological mom, deceased mom, or just another person who has all those maternal qualities you've always dreamt of! The mother-child relationship can vary so much from crazy difficult emotions to a sea of unconditional love.

Or if you're anything like me, maybe you're a new mom this year and trying to navigate the role reversal! Either way, there's definitely a Mother's Day movie out there for you! So grab the popcorn, and watch with your mom if you want!

List Of 50+ Mother's Day Movies To Watch With Mom This Year

1.  Mama Mia: If mother’s day makes your heart sing, then Mama Mia will allow you to sing out loud too. Meryl Streep is the mother of a daughter who desperately want to find out who her dad is. She invites three of her mom’s former boyfriends to her wedding day to figure out which one is her dad.

2. Mama Mia! Here We Go Again: Part two of the aforementioned.

3. Mother’s Day: As the Mother’s Day holiday is coming near, a group of people in Atlanta are starting to come to terms with their relationships with their mothers. Each one has a very different and unique story. Killer cast including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, and Jason Sudeikis.

4. Freaky Friday: Bring on the Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan body switch! A true peak to really understand just what your mom (or daughter) is going through!

5. Baby Boom: For the unexpectant mama out there! Diane Keaton is interested in anything but kids (think career, the “scene” life) until she inherits a baby from a distant relative!

6. Stepmom: Can you even have a Mother's Day movie list without Stepmom?! Seriously, this is the movie that got me obsessed with the nuances of  mother-child relationships.

7. Troop Beverly Hills: A spoiled Beverly Hills house-wife decides to prove her husband wrong by becoming the leader of essentially a Girl-Scout troop where she learns some hard lessons in this humorous film on humility and staying flexible, especially around kids!

8. The Parent Trap: Nothing like watching sisters come together to ditch the hideous step-monster and reunite their parents!

9. Riding in Cars with Boys: A single mom who has her son at 15 years-old dreams of becoming a writer. You watch her life unfold from 15 to 35 in this true story.

10. The Perfect Man: Hilary Duff is on a mission to find the perfect man for her single mom (Heather Locklear) in this rom-com!

11. Guilt Trip: Seth Rogen plays Barbra Streisand's son. Need I say more? They embark on a cross country road trip together.

12. Bad Moms: Three stressed out AF moms come together to rebel against their lives. Probably one of my faves on the list.

13. A Bad Moms Christmas: While not as good as Bad Moms, and much more serious, it's a good look at mother's and daughters as they grow into an adult-adult relationship that's v relatable.

14. Life Of The Party: Melissa McCarthy goes back to college… with her daughter. One of my favorite Melissa McCarthy movies. It'll have you LOL'ing and dreaming of the freedom of your college days!

15. The Blind Side: The story of Michael Oher and how he went from a homeless young man to first round NFL draft pick all with the help of a woman and her family. See, mother's come in all shapes and forms!

16. Steel Magnolias: While this focuses more on friendship than motherhood, it deserves a spot here because it's a timeless classic and as a mother, your friendships say a lot about what you teach your children!

17. Mommie Dearest: The struggle of a legendary movie star's inner demons from her private life and her career.

18. Akeelah and the Bee: A beautiful story of a mother and daughter played by Angela Bassett and Keke Palmer, as the daughter works to make it to the National Spelling Bee.

19. The Second Mother: A mother's values are challenged when her teen daughter visits.

20. Mother! A couple's tranquil life is disturbed by unexpected houseguests in this thriller.

21. Mr. Mom: When his wife re-enters the workforce and her career begins to take off, Dad takes on the roll of Mr. Mom!

22. Serial Mom: Always a solid comedy choice with a hilarious cast. This movie reinforces there is no lengths that a mother won’t go for her kids, even if it means killing someone.

23. The Meddler: Susan Sarandon plays the main character, Marnie, who is a mom in her mid-sixties that moves from NY to LA to be closer to her screenwriter daughter. Marnie can be “a bit” overbearing, hence the title, but in between the humor is a deeper story of Marnie and the daughter coping with the loss of their husband and father.

24. Mothers and Daughters: All-star cast includes Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, Courtney Cox, Christina, Ricci, and Selma Blair!

25. Little Women:Classic story of a post-Civil War family in America

26. Hairspray: Both the original and the remake are amazing in this story about Tracy Turnblad and is a great reminder for mom's to trust their daughters and let them shine in finding their own path!

27. Dumplin: This is a Netflix original about the daughter of a former beauty queen who is plus-size and revolutionizes the pageant in a small Texas town staring Jennifer Anniston.

28. Fun Mom Dinner: Four moms who think they have nothing other than their kids school in common, quickly realize just how much they do have in common.

29. Monster In Law: Jane Fonda tried to break up her son from Jennifer Lopez.

30. Terms Of Endearment: Classic film on the complex relationship between mother and daughter.

31. Lady Bird: An instant cult classic, follows high school senior through the rocky relationship with her mother during her final year at home.

32. Away We Go: John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph star in this movie as expectant parents looking for their perfect home to start their family.

33. The Joy Luck Club: A group of young women explore the struggles of their mother-daughter relationships.

34. Mermaids:Cher stars in this movie as the unconventional mother of two daughters.

35. Home Again: A single mom allows three young men to move in with her.

36. Postcards From The Edge: Based on the semi-autobiography of Carrie Fischer, we watch as a fallen actress struggled with alcoholism and finding herself beyond the shadow of her famous mother.

37. Room: A fantastic movie that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. A woman and her son are trapped in a room, it's all he knows until they escape when he is five years old.

38. The Kids Are All Rights: A reminder that are parents are only human in this heart-warming portrait of a modern family.

39. Mask: Cher stars in this heartwarming movie as the mother of a teenage boy with a face deformity who will stop at nothing to accomplish his dreams. This is a tear jerker, and shows a mother’s unconditional love for her child.

40. The Piano: This film has three academy awards. It takes place in New Zealand and takes you through the difficult life of a mute pianist named Ada. She was married off to a wealthy plantation owner by her family. Despite her tough life, she makes her daughter, Flora, her absolute priority!

41. Motherhood: If you ever realized how tough it is to plan a kids birthday party this is the movie for you. Eliza, played by Uma Thurman, thinks planning her two year old’s birthday party will be easy. She soon finds out just how hard it is!

42. Brave: A sucker for animated movies, or looking for one to watch with your young kids? Brave is it. Princess Merida has a pretty good relationship with her mom Queen Elinor until the Queen orders her to find a husband. Merida ends up running away, but ends up returning to save the Queen after she’s been turned into a bear.

43. It Takes Two: One of the greatest Olsen twins movie of all time! Watch as the twins swap identities and get rid of the potential step-monster for the caring social worker who'd make an amazing mom!

44. Because I Said So: Another fantastic cast with Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, and Lauren Graham. A mom tries to set up her daughter with “right” man so she won't make the same mistakes.

45. Mother: Starring Debbie Reynolds as the mom, her twice divorced son moves back in with him.

46. Georgia Rule: Another all-star cast with Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan, and Felicity Huffman exploring the complicated relationship of mothers and daughters.

47. Life As We Know It: A baby girl's godparents unexpectedly have to figure out how to come together and raise her.

48. Tully: Charlize Theron stars in this comedy as a mom who forms a unique relationship with a nanny who she hired to help overnight with her newborn.

49. Overboard: Another favorite on the list! This comedy stars Anna Faris as a single mom who cons the rich and selfish man who hired her to clean his yacht.

50. The Incredibles: Another animated movie you can watch with the kiddos this year! A family of undercover superheroes trying to live the suburban life are forced to save the world!

51. Snatched: Real life new mom Amy Schumer, stars in this movie with Goldie Hawn as her mom while the two head off on a South American vacation that goes totally wrong.

52. Mean Girls: “I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.” Yes, this movie is about a teen girl going to high school for the first time, but it's also about family values and remembering what your mama taught you – and how mom's impact their daughters.

53. Cheaper by the Dozen: Great for the woman whose husband thinks their job is easy. A story of a father who is left to try and deal with his 12 kids when the wife/mom goes out of town.

54. Ricki And The Flash: A rock-and-roll mama returns home after giving up everything in order to make things right with her family.

55. Practical Magic: The story of two sisters who must break the curse of the women in their family in order to find love and not fall to the same fate as their mother.

56. It's Complicated. Meryl Streep stars as a divorcee who has put all of her energy into her three children who are grown now. She turns to her work and finds herself in a precarious situation with her ex-husband who is married and new boyfriend. A great story about finding yourself again after feeling lost for so many years.


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List Of 50+ Mother's Day Movies To Watch With Mom This Year

  1. Mama Mia

  2. Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

  3. Mother’s Day

  4. Freaky Friday

  5. Baby Boom

  6. Stepmom

  7. Troop Beverly Hills

  8. The Parent Trap

  9. Riding in Cars with Boys

  10. The Perfect Man

  11. Guilt Trip

  12. Bad Moms

  13. A Bad Moms Christmas

  14. Life Of The Party

  15. The Blind Side

  16. Steel Magnolias

  17. Mommie Dearest

  18.  Akeelah and the Bee

  19. The Second Mother

  20.  Mother!

  21. Mr. Mom

  22. Serial Mom

  23. The Meddler

  24. Mothers and Daughters

  25. Little Women

  26. Hairspray

  27. Dumplin

  28. Fun Mom Dinner

  29.  Monster In Law

  30.  Terms Of Endearment

  31. Lady Bird

  32.  Away We Go

  33. The Joy Luck Club

  34.  Mermaids

  35.  Home Again

  36. Postcards From The Edge

  37. Room

  38. The Kids Are All Rights

  39. Mask

  40. The Piano

  41. Motherhood

  42. Brave

  43. It Takes Two

  44. Because I Said So

  45. Mother

  46. Georgia Rule

  47. Life As We Know It

  48.  Tully

  49. Overboard

  50.  The Incredibles

  51. Snatched

  52. Mean Girls

  53. Cheaper by the Dozen

  54. Ricki And The Flash

  55. Practical Magic

  56. It's Complicated