The Ultimate List Of 59 Halloween TV Shows From Not-So-Scary To Scary [+ Where To Stream]

The Ultimate List Of 59 Halloween TV Shows From Not-So-Scary To Scary & Where To Stream

The Halloween fun is continuing around here as I'm sharing my ultimate list of Halloween TV shows you can stream tonight or this weekend! I've rounded up everything from not-so-scary Halloween tv shows (or at least spooky for #SpookySzn) to scary Halloween-esque tv shows that'll have you leaving the lights on our checking behind the shower curtain before bed. #GUILTY! 

I want to note, I did my best to break down which shows I thought were scary versus not-so-scary more so based off of maturity of audience (i.e. not-so-scary for people under 10-13). I don't really think a lot of the “scary” options are scary per-se, but I know based off of feedback on my movie list, many looking at not-so-scary options for #SpookySzn are looking more for kids. With that said, always do your research and choose appropriate to your age, maturity and scare level! This post also contains affiliate links.

List of 35 Scary TV Shows To Watch This Halloween and where to stream them!

  1. Light as a Feather – Hulu
  2. Castle Rock – Hulu
  3. The House – Hulu
  4. Alien Encounters – Hulu
  5. Into The Dark: Uncanny Annie – Hulu
  6. Paranormal Lockdown, UK Hulu
  7. Fear The Walking Dead – Hulu
  8. The Exorcist – Hulu
  9. Scream Queens – Hulu
  10. Wayward Pines – Hulu
  11. American Horror Story – Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  12. Hannibal – Amazon Prime
  13. The X-Files – Hulu, Amazon Prime
  14. The Walking Dead – Netflix
  15. Carnivale – Amazon Prime, HBO Now
  16. Penny Dreadful – Netflix, Showtime
  17. Outcast – Cinemax
  18. Bates Motel – Netflix
  19. Hemlock Grove – Netflix
  20. Typewriter – Netflix
  21. Dark Tourist – Netflix
  22. The Haunting of Hill House – Netflix
  23. IZombie – Netflix
  24. Marianne – Netflix
  25. Glitch – Netflix
  26. Black Mirror – Netflix
  27. Daybreak – Netflix
  28. Haunted – Netflix
  29. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Netflix
  30. Dark – Netflix
  31. Devilman Crybaby – Netflix
  32. True Blood – Amazon Prime
  33. Channel Zero Amazon Prime
  34. The Twilight Zone – Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access
  35. Vampire Diaries – Netflix
  36. Ghost Stories – Amazon Prime

List of Not-So-Scary Halloween TV Shows and where to stream them!

  1. The Monster Squad – Hulu
  2. Halloween Baking Championship – Hulu
  3. Kids Halloween Baking Championship – Hulu
  4. Zombat – Hulu
  5. Halloween Wars Hulu
  6. Over The Garden Wall – Hulu
  7. Stranger Things – Netflix
  8. Supernatural – Netflix
  9. Goosebumps – Netflix
  10. Creeped Out – Netflix
  11. Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween! – Netflix
  12. The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-ween – Netflix
  13. The Last Kids on Earth – Netflix
  14. Halloween of Car City Amazon Prime
  15. Teen Wolf – Amazon Prime
  16. The Addams Family – Amazon Prime
  17. The Haunted State – Amazon Prime
  18. Paranormal Pajama Party – Amazon Prime
  19. Extreme Ghost Stories Amazon Prime
  20. Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Hulu
  21. Charmed – Netflix
  22. Sabrina The Teenage Witch – Amazon Prime
  23. The Good Witch – Netflix

What Halloween TV Shows do you love and would add to the list?!

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The Ultimate List Of 59 Halloween TV Shows From Not-So-Scary To Scary & Where To Stream