115 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

115 lifestyle blog post ideas, lifestyle blogging, millennial blog topics

Monday’s seem to be my career/blogging day again! Which I am thrilled about, who doesn’t love a schedule?! If you’ve kept up with me on Insta-stories, you know I’ve been busy in NYC and at #HerConference (more on that to come!). Today’s post isn’t as meaty as usual, but hopefully if you’re struggle from #SummerBrain like I’ve been, this post gives you a little extra inspiration to push through the season. I came up with 115 lifestyle blog post ideas that I hope will pull you through all your creative ruts and writer’s blocks.

Also, if you’re not a blogger, don’t click off quite yet! Drop me a comment if you’d like to see any of these topics on TCM since I haven’t covered them all yet!

115 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas:

Since this list is so long, I tried to break it into categories to keep it somewhat organized and maybe spark some of your own ideas!

Round Ups and List Ideas For Blog Posts:

1. Round up your favorite posts from other bloggers on a topic

2. Your favorite blogs to read

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3. Travel Bucket List

4. Quote Roundups: whether they’re for some added #girlboss inspo, getting through time of loss, or changing stages of life! There are so many ways to put a spin on this to represent where you’re at

5. Snack roundup: Healthy snacks, movie snacks, road trip snacks…. Ahhh so many options!

6. Productivity apps you couldn’t manage your time without

7. Monthly Obsessions

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8. Latest guilty pleasures for the week or season

9. “Life Lately” on Instagram rounding up your last few weeks, or month, in Instagram posts

10. What made you happy/grateful this month or week

11. Must haves for your workspace

12. Apps you use everyday on your phone

13. Date ideas

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14. Financial planning tools and apps to keep you in the green

15. Travel necessities

16. Movie roundups: your all time favorites, movies for a certain mood, etc.

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17. X Things To Do Before X Age (25 things to do before 25; 30 things to do before 30, etc.

18. Seasonal bucket list

19. Must listen to podcasts

20. Favorite beauty products

21. Favorite books

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22. Favorite TV shows

23. Annual bucket list or goals

24. Self care ideas / How to unwind after a stressful day

25. Top blogging tools

26. Your favorite Instagram accounts to follow

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27. Reverse bucket list, rounding up awesome things you’ve already experienced

28. Your most popular posts

29. Favorite healthy snacks

30. Favorite people to follow on Twitter

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31. Favorite things about a season and why

32. Favorite restaurant or food round up

33. Ted Talks for (insert topic) 

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Behind The Scenes (BTS) // Getting to know you

34. A day in the life

35. Q&A post (ask your readers to send questions in questions via your blog or IG)

36. The “Why” Behind Your Blog

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37. Style Staples: LBH, most of us have some go to’s we secretly live in, let your audience see a little more of your “real” side, not just your trendy finds from Instagram

38. Favorite memory from a certain stage of your life and why

39. How you create an at home spa night 

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40. Weekly fitness routine

41. Playlists for the season, a mood, or an activity

42. 48 Hours in your city

43. Spirituality routine

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44. What’s in your bag?

45. How you spend “alone” time or date yourself or recharge

46. # things you might not know about me

47. Share about your pets if you have them

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48. Write about your first something [kiss, concert, etc.]

49. A day in the life in photos, chronicling what you are doing every hour on the hour

50. Share how you met your significant other or what you are looking for in a partner

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51. Share one of your secrets

52. Morning Routine

53. Evening Routine

54. Share your engagement story or the best engagement stories you’ve heard

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55. Share your favorite foolproof recipe

56. Things you think are worth saving or splurging on

57. An embarrassing story

58. Share the wedding planning process (or what you envision your wedding will look like)

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59. Describe your dream day

60. Highs and lows of the year so far (or of a certain period of your life, e.g. college)

61. Your goals and how you plan to achieve them

62. Your biggest pet peeves and why

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63. Happiest moment of your life and why

64. Inside your home reveal

65. Favorite course in college and how it shaped you

66. Favorite teacher and how they shaped you

67. Favorite city you’ve ever lived in


Life Lessons, Hacks, & Tips:

68. Real life attempts at bringing a Pinterest DIY to life

69. A letter to your younger self

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70. How to save money on food

71. Advice on a relationship issue (romantic, friendship, workplace, family, etc. all count as possible relationships here!) 

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72. How to properly pack a suitcase or for a long trip to avoid airline fees (or forgetting something!)

73. Share your greatest strengths and weaknesses and how you use them

74. Hair hacks to save time in the morning or after a workout

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75. Most challenging part of your life, why, and what you learned from it

76. Kitchen hacks to save time and money

77. Cleaning hacks

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78. General money saving tips

79. Tips for decluttering

80. Organization hacks

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81. What are your biggest fears and how do you deal with them?

82. Anything related to your career journey

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 How To Overcome Interview Jitters

83. What’s a deal breaker for you in a relationship (whether that relationship is romantic, platonic, career, or otherwise)?

84. Advice for recent grads

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85. Lessons learned in college or in your first job

86. Lessons learned from a past relationship

87. How to decorate a small space or a rental

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88. Lessons learned from family

89. Shopping tips: saving money on clothes or home items

90. Iphone photography tips

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91. Habits of successful [type of person, e.g. business owner, blogger, student, etc.]

92. What you wish people knew about you

93. Tips for new bloggers

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94. DIY gift ideas

95. BTS blogging process

96. Lessons learned from blogging

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97. Lessons learned from your favorite tv show, movie, or book

98. Lessons learned from a mistake you’ve made or failure

99. Teach yourself a new skill or topic and share the journey

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General / Other:

100. Product review

102. Healthy changes to make today

103. What inspires you?

104. Opinion and thoughts on a controversial topic (link bloggers bashing brands)

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105. Your opinion on a current trend

106. If you could do anything with your life or in your life what would you do and why

107. Your biggest success in life so far and what it felt like

108. An open letter to someone or a trend

109. Interview someone

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110. If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

111. Who is your spirit animal and why

112. DIY something

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113. Things to do with friends

114. X things you want to see change in the world or an industry

115. If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

Alright, no excuses you have 115 blog post ideas now so get to writing!!

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