KiwiCo Panda Crate Review: Count With Me for 13-18 month olds

We started getting the KiwiCo Panda Crate recently for 0-24 months and are really enjoying it! Below you'll learn more about what KiwiCo is and how it's price compares to Amazon dupes, an unboxing of the ‘Count With Me' Panda Crate which ships for 13-18 month olds, and my thoughts on how the toys have held up now that we've had them a while and my daughter is past the “intended” age range.

Video Review of KiwiCo's Panda Crate: Count With Me for 13-18 month olds

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How does KiwiCo's Panda Crate work? What's the cost?

KiwiCo's Panda Crate costs $19.95 a month and is delivered every other month. So you're paying $40 a crate and the crates average 5 items. The cost per toy is roughly $8.

KiwiCo only shows 5 Panda Crates on their website; but if you subscribe form 0 months you'll ultimately get 12 crates over the span of the Panda Crates (goes from 0-24 months). If you subscribe, what you'll get is a bit of a surprise.

The crates are all themed – so this one is themed for counting/numbers.

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What's inside the Count With Me Crate from KiwiCo?

Inside the ‘Count With Me' Panda Crate you'll find…

  • Stacking cups – some with holes on the bottom, some with dots/texture for stamping
  • 3D Geometric Puzzles (3)
  • Bag for the puzzles
  • Cylinder Puzzle – teaching different depths
  • Counting cards with the number on one side and textured cut outs on the back
  • Poppy's Surprise Counting book
  • Wonder Magazine – a really a
  • Beyond the Crate cards

Amazon Alternatives:

  • Stacking cups – almost identical (no holes/bumps) with a bonus
  • 3D Geometric Puzzles (3)
  • Bag for the puzzles
  • Cylinder Puzzle
  • Counting cards – NOTHING compares to the ones in this kit. This set is sorta similar in that it has a texture to the number (but no visual) and this one has the visual, but no number)
  • Counting book – this is the one we already had before this crate (and KiwiCo even suggests in addition to their crate) it's $5; I like KiwiCo's more though!

Is the Count With Me Crate worth it?

Pricing perspective: The Amazon Dupes all together come out to be between $35 (not including a bag) or $51 (depending on how you look at price per item versus total you have to spend on Amazon to match the items). So yes, I'd say it's financially the same.

When you factor in the aesthetic and quality, then it becomes a resounding YES! The KiwiCo Count With Me Crate is high quality and well made. Plus the counting cards are truly unique and unlike anything I've seen before (and my daughter is OBSESSED!). Which leads me to…

Will your toddler actually play with this and for how long?

The ‘Count With Me' Panda Crate delivers in the 13-18 month age range, my daughter is now 20 months and seems to get more and more use out of these items as time goes by! She LOVES each item so much. As she has gotten older she's moved from nesting the cups to stacking. I also love how the 3D geometric puzzles work together with the nesting cups to build different shapes and you can even use the cylinder puzzle pieces in building a structure as your kid grows older than 2.

Moreover, counting/math is a concept you'll work on with your child for years, so in that sense, these toys can continuously be reimagined and used WELL past the 13-18 month age range.

Furthermore, they are montessori inspired toys meaning they encourage open ended play and constant reimagining of their uses and how they can work tgoether with the toys in this crate, and other toys they likely have.

All in All I'm HUGELY impressed and excited for our next Panda Crate!

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Is the KiwiCo Panda Crate worth it? Sharing all of my thoughts on the Count With Me box for 13-18 month olds learning number sense via montessori inspired toys from this toy subscription service! Plus a discount code on your first crate. Great gift for babies and toddlers this year!