KiwiCo “Start With This Crate” | Choose What You’re Starting With

KiwiCo just dropped an interesting update: the ability to choose which crate you'd like to start your subscription with!

But there's a catch: KiwiCo's “Start With This Crate” option is only available for some of their lines and some of their crates (keep reading for the full selection + how to access!).

With that said, this is a huge announcement and may mean we are actually getting somewhere with more control and insight into KiwiCo subscriptions.

Historically, when you subscribe, you don't really know what you're getting. You cannot preview all of the crates for an age range or line in advance, but rather see a small sampling. With this new option, you'll at least know your first crate, so we're moving in a good direction.

Which KiwiCo Crates can I choose from?

Panda Crate does not currently have this option for any of their crates.

Koala Crate only allows you to start with the “Colorful Chemistry Set.”

Kiwi Crates (5 year olds to 8 year olds)

Kiwi Crates are a sampling of the STEAM crates before KiwiCo's projects get more complex and niche. Future lines tend to focus more on the science, art, or engineering; while in Kiwi Crates you still get a variety as you can see from the “start with me” crates available (starred my favorites):

Tinker Crates ( 9 year olds and up)

Tinker Crate currently offers one of the most options to choose from, with a dedicated landing pages to all the options when you click here.

Currently you can choose to start with the following Tinker Crates:

  • Best selling domino machine,
  • Hydraulic claw,
  • Spin art machine,
  • Levitating lantern,
  • Bubble lamp,
  • Flywheel flip car, or their
  • Glowing fireplace for the holidays

Eureka Crates (12 years old and up)

Eureka Crates lean heavy on the science and engineering side of STEAM and have some of the coolest projects. I starred a few of my favorites to start with:

Doodle Crate (9 to 16 years old and beyond)

Doodle Crates are great for the crafters and younger makers.

Currently you can only start the Doodle Crate with the paint pouring option here.

Maker Crate (14 year olds and up)

Maker Crates by KiwiCo are for the “makers,” crafters, and creatives. They offer some really fun and beautiful projects that double as home decor.

They currently only allow you to start with one of their Maker Crates, the Electroluminescent Wire Sculptures, which are these cool lights you've probably seen in the background of trendy TikTokers videos.

Final thoughts

KiwiCo seems to be moving in a great direction allowing customers to pick their first crate and hopefully we'll continue to see more strides for knowing exactly which crates we're getting in advance with a KiwiCo subscription!

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