Kahlmi Baby Massage Wand Review: Best Baby Massager?

Wondering if the Kahlmi baby massage wand is worth it? In short, yes! In this review discover what we love about the Kahlmi wand for infant massage and what we dislike to decide if it makes sense for you!

What is the Kahlmi baby massage wand?

The Kahlmi massage wand has also been called “the theragun for babies” by Fast Company, and for good reason.

It's a handheld rechargeable baby massager featuring three low, gentle vibrational settings. The silicone shell is anti-microbial, water resistant, and food-grade. Which is great, because my baby LOVES teething on it.

Is it worth it or a gimmick?

Personally, I think it's a great tool to have for parents. Both of my kids absolutely love it!

My husband's hands have arthritis which can make massage challenging, and I struggle with carpal tunnel flares so having this definitely makes it a bit easier to stay on top of baby massage.

The upper bulb works great for long strokes, and you can use the little prong bottom on their feet for accupressure (not sure if that's intentional, but my kids like it!)

Additionally, as our kids got older, they loved massaging themselves.

My son especially, while teething would know to grab it and hold it around his jaw, cheeks, and gums. The shape of it is very rattle like, so I think kids intuitively reach for it.

Beyond that, it comes with a massage guide so you can learn strokes that work with or without the Kahlmi.

Who should NOT use the Kahlmi?

If you feel super confident massaging your baby and remember to do it regularly you may not find significant benefits with the Kahlmi massage wand.

Isn't skin-to-skin massage better?

Truthfully, nothing replaces skin-to-skin contact. But I also know what it's like having a baby who won't let you touch certain parts of them because the strain pattern is just so big – and that's usually where they need the massage the most. The Kahlmi really can bridge that gap.

My son tends to be a little weird about people touching the back of his head, but he will always let me hold the Kahlmi around the occipital which creates more space for my husband or I to do some fascial and craniosacral releases. Additionally, I like having the visual reminder of the massage wand to remember to do it.

Additional uses:

Aside from massaging baby, you can also use the wand on your boobs to help with nursing.

The massage itself can be used on the breast to stimulate let down and milk flow. You can also use it on babies feet or legs to keep them awake while nursing.

Some parents report liking it for doctor's visits too.

FAQs about the Kahlmi Wand:

What are the benefits of the Kahlmi wand?

The Kahlmi baby massager machine is said to help babies sleep better while reducing colic, gas, and pain.

For parents, it can help them build confidence, promote bonding, and calms them too.

Both of my kids really enjoy it and ask for it often. My youngest likes to use it for his teething, while my oldest is able to use it to do the baby constipation massage on her tummy.

It seems to help them relax, drop into a parasympathetic states more easily too.

What is included in the Kahlmi?

The Kahlmi baby massager comes with three heads: a round daily one, a big bumpy “bath time” one, and one with a bunch of small dots called the “acu-touch” to mimic acupressure.

It also includes a travel back, USB charger, eye mask, and guidebook with instructions / stroke suggestions for massaging baby.

Is the Kahlmi baby massager safe?

Kahlmi passes all of the US and EU safety certifications, has been third party lab tested, is CPSIA approved, and contains no BPA, PVC, lead, or phthalates.

According to their websites, they use the “same low frequency vibration found in neonatal percussors” which are used by respiratory therapists.

We've owned the SNOO and find the vibrations from the Kahlmi baby massage gun significantly gentler; so it's no more risky IMO than any other baby product that vibrates or moves.

Is the Kahlmi loud?

No! It's so quiet you can definitely massage baby to sleep, and won't startle them from a sudden noise change when you turn it off or on.

Is baby massage good for babies?

Yes! Infant massage is one of the best gifts we can give kids. It helps develop their brain, improves sleep and immune system functioning. It can help with physical and cognitive growth, mobility, and flexibility. Additionally, it can reduce congestion, gas, and colic.

You can read more from an internationally certified infant massage instructor, here.

FAQs about baby massage

What age should you start baby massage?

From day one! It doesn't have to be big, it can just be their back those first few weeks and then move onto other limbs.

I find that if a fussy baby protests a massage, the Kahlmi is a great tool.

Which baby massage oil is best?

This infant massage oil is one of my favorites thanks to it's clean and nourishing ingredients (Calendula flower, Chamomile leaf, Elder flower, Vitamin E Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender Essential Oil). Additionally we swear by their children's herbal tinctures for sleep and colic!

This oil for baby massages is another great pick with clean ingredients like grass-fed tallow, tucuma and cocoa butters softly melted into fresh golden jojoba oil, that won't oxidize. Use discount code TCM for 10% off here!

Here are a couple other massage oils I love for babies:

Lastly, DIY your infant massage oil is another option with essentials oils in a carrier oil like jojoba, olive, and coconut oil or even in tallow.

Final thoughts on Kahlmi baby massager

Overall, I think the Kahlmi is one of the best baby massage tools and a great gift to yourself, baby, or a loved one. It really helped us get over some deep strain patterns in the body our kids were resistant to use touching.

Additionally, once baby is mobile, it will absolutely get use by the baby themselves during the teething period.