6 Things I Loved In July

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I know I say this literally like every month – but HOW?!?! Like HOW does time fly this fast? I swear it was just June and I was celebrating my birthday! And August – Let me tell you about this month, it's going to fly even faster! You'll see why soon – don't worry! But before we can look forward, let's reflect back on July ?

6 Things I Loved In July

Getting real about women's health

Y'all the female body is WILD! I can't even begin to describe how much I've been learning this past year since going off birth control, to learning about all the different phases of my cycle, to even learning how to eat and workout during each phase of my cycle! It's a total game changer when we can actually understand our bodies! As someone who struggled with their body and food for a lot of years (you can listen to my entire journey from disordered eating to intuitive eating here), it's so cool to see how to work WITH my body rather than against it (oh and how good it feels!).

Mindset changes // Change your mindset, change your life

This month I met one of the most beautiful souls, Garrain Jones. He was on The Confused Millennial podcast and you HAVE to listen to his episode if you haven't already! Basically he went from being homeless and in debt, to a beautiful home in LA making bank! How? He changed his mindset. Seriously the book, The Power of Positive Thinking, shop here, kept showing up in his life as an external sign to stay on track for making these big shifts. As I reflect back, I realize just how much I needed the reminder that when we change our mindsets, we change our realities. Perception can ALWAYS be shifted.

Looking to the starsssss

Last month I also got to meet and spend the day with the phenomenal intuitive astrologer Danielle Paige! She read my birth chart and let me tell you – it was INSANE. I've never seen astrology done like this before (it's because she's an intuitive!). It totally shook me to the core! I actually had her on TWO episodes of the podcast because I just KNOW how eye opening the entire experience was and wanted her to share with you all! In the first episode we talk all about Saturn Return – a transformative period that happens to ALL of us every 30 years. So if you're in your late 20s, you're going through your Saturn return with me! And we go DEEP into this Saturn return to Capricorn! The next episode we hop allll over the place from learning about the high and shadow side of each sign, to what the nodes are in our charts and why they matter, to the different houses and so so so much more (listen here)! Basically if you want some clarity on your life path, these are MUST listen to episodes!

Flexibility & Freedom

I've been really embracing the #summervibes this year. Normally I'm a bit of a workaholic but this year I've really been focusing on slowing down (which you'll know why if you caught the episodes with Danielle!). So that's meant more afternoon breaks, more time having fun in the kitchen instead of in front of a computer, and getting to the beach as often as possible! I've been working for myself since 2014 and it's funny how I forgot just how much I love the flexibility and freedom I've created in my life! Before I was an entrepreneur I would DREAM about going to the beach early or coming in late — which is why I share my tips for convincing your boss to let you work remotely this month! I know I can't be alone in craving some more flexibility and freedom during the week!

Rachel Ritlop The confused millennial beach

Getting real with our finances

If you do listen to the podcast, you know E has been working on a new company and in July we dropped down to a one income household (mine) until his new venture gets funded! Which is why it was a great reminder to take a step back and sink our teeth back into manifesting and clearing blocks in our financial energy fields (read why everyone needs an abundance mindset here!). I'll be sharing more about setting up your budget when transitioning to becoming an entrepreneur next month! But in the meantime, if you want more financial tips, last month I shared my breakdown of all the different cards out there (credit card vs debit card vs secured card vs prepaid card) and which might be right for you!

Career focused

While I have been taking things MUCH slower in the work department than usual – I've still been focusing on my career. You see, I believe it's all about creating out ideal work-life balance which has been my main focus recently. If you need some info on creating your dream work-life balance, I strongly recommend you check out these Ted Talks! This month, I focused more on building my network and longer term projects. I also loved talking with Arika Pierce in this episode of The Confused Millennial Podcast where we break down sooo many tips for navigating your career! We cover everything from negotiating, networking, job hopping, personal branding and so much more! And if you want to go even deeper on personal branding I also shared this post.

That's July in a nutshell! July was also a lot of BTS prep for AUGUST! Which is going to be an INSANE month! If you haven't subscribed to my weekly newsletter (in the side bar) yet or the podcast (Subscribe to the Podcast on ItunesGoogle PlayStitcher, and Spotify), I would HIGHLY recommend it because some bigggg changes are coming!

What did you love about July?! Anything exciting happen or that you're looking forward to in August?