3 EASY January Baby Photo Ideas | Simple Winter Baby Photoshoot At Home!

Discover 3 easy and cute January baby photo ideas! These are the perfect winter baby photoshoot ideas at home with simple props, letterboard phrases, and outfits!

These are part of a larger monthly baby picture ideas series full of letterboard sayings, photo props, tips, and editing hacks to make your at home photoshoot look professional!

January Baby Milestone Photo Prop Ideas:

  • Winter hat
  • Snow balls: real snow, kinetic sand for “sand snow balls”, cotton balls, white pom poms
  • Scarf, black construction paper, hat, orange or red paint/make up
  • New Years Props (sparkler/blower, hat, glasses)
  • Breastmilk, milk, or evaporated milk and white sheet

January Monthly Baby Photo Letterboard phrases:

  • I survived….
  • Do you wanna build a snowman?
  • New Year, Same Me Because I’m Already Perfect
  • New Years Resolution: Take Longer Naps
  • Let’s Cuddle Cause Baby, It’s Cold Outside

January Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas:

There are 3 main January baby photo ideas that come to mind for me personally:

New Years Themed:

The first is obviously a New Years themed one. My son is born later in the month so timing didn't feel right for that, but it's super easy as there are loads of done for you prop packs!

The next two center around January being the real kick off to winter. So these are great winter baby photoshoot ideas at home that you can make personal or not.

Milk Bath:

Milk bath photos are adorable and loads of people like to do them in the Fall, but I think winter is actually perfect and originally planned on doing this until our January took a turn… (more on that later).

To do a milk bath photo, use a shallow tub (baby bath, under the bed container, sink, etc.).

Place a white sheet in first. Fill with water a couple inches below your desired “fill line”. Keep in mind, the water will rise when baby goes in.

Add milk. Use either breast milk, store bought milk, or powdered evaporated milk to get the desired milky color you want.

Add baby and whatever props you'd like! You could add props as if baby was a snowman who melted. Or you can add winter themed items like pine cones and evergreens.

Discover 3 easy and cute January baby photo ideas! These are the perfect winter baby photoshoot ideas at home with simple props, letterboard phrases, and outfits!

Snowman themed:

I have a few snowman themed ideas for you! The first is really just a winter baby photoshoot at home where your baby becomes a snowman!

You can do this more “florida style” (shown in the video above) with a scarf, black paper cut into circles and taped on like buttons, a little red or orange paint on the nose, and a hat.

Or you can do it more winter-y with a cute white outfit, and Snowman props. The backdrops for these can be as elaborate or minimal as you want too! You can use real snow, kinetic sand, or cotton balls for “snow balls” in the backdrop.

We went with a more personal spin on the winter baby photoshoot at home, given that we are in Florida. Instead of snowballs/snow flakes I used starfish and noted all the things we “survived” including Florida's annual dip into 30 degree weather for 48 hours, a trip to the ER, and lotsss of teething!

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