Two Instagram Tools that Helped Me Grow My Following by 600% in 30 Days!

tools i used to gorw my instagram by 600%,  Want to grow your Instagram following? Wondering how to become instafamous for more sponsorships or sales? Check out my favorite tools that helped me grow my instagram following by 600% in 30 days!

Whether you want to be Instafamous or you are trying to grow your brand, you should be on Instagram over Facebook or Twitter. Why? With over 300 million active users on Instagram, your ideal consumer/target audience is probably on there… and wait for it (it gets better)….? Instagrammer's are 58 times more likely to engage compared to Facebook users and 120 times more likely compared to Tweeters.

In other words: Your target audience is on Instagram and likely engaging!

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I have been stepping up my Instagram game over the last month… In fact since March 23rd I've grown my Instagram following from less than 300 followers to over 2000!

Yeah, that's right in just over 30 days I grew my Instagram followers by over 600%!

While I won't go into all my tricks in this post (and I highly recommend the Insta Growth Accelerator course!)!

I will talk about two of the most powerful (and cost-effective) tools I've used to grow my Instagram following:

pic tap go

The first one is PicTapGo. This is probably the best beginner Instagram tool in my opinion. It's really easy to use plus it's only $1.99. There are other in-app purchases you can make, but what you get for $1.99 is really good and valuable (I still have never purchased their additional packs).  This app gives you so much more flexibility than Instagram's basic filters. You can edit the intensity of each filter, add filter's on top of other filters, and save recipes. One thing that I really love about this app is it allows you to take control of lighting, while still adding some intensity and vibrancy, which lets you avoid that gray washed out feel on your overly brightened photos.


The second one is Crowdfire… Now I know to a lot of people think the following and unfollowing is a pretty gross habit to be in… but one thing I will cover in the Instagram E-Course is how to grow a following, and one effective tool is following other accounts (in a non-spammy way that gets you engagement, but more on that later!). Crowdfire is a great way to see who follows and unfollows you. I don't recommend upgrading to the paid version, I just recommend using it as a nice free way to monitor unfollowers.

If you are really looking to grow your Instagram account though, the Insta Growth Accelerator course is the way to go! Learn more here and check out this FREE webinar on making money with Instagram here!


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