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Today's post is all about my favorite Instagram Hashtag Hack!

If you're using Instagram you must be using hashtags. Hashtags categorize your photo so people searching for that word can find you! If your profile is set to private, only your friends will be able to find you using the hashtag. If you're trying to grow your brand/business your profile needs to be public. That way hashtags will increase your visibility and help you grow.

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How To Use Hashtags Effectively

You should not post the same hashtag for every single photo. Use specific one's that relate to your photo and will attract a targeted audience. You want to switch up your hashtags so you reach a broader audience.

There are rumors that Instagram will also “shadowban” you for using the same hashtags over and over. Furthermore, hashtags are limitless, so don't pigeonhole yourself using the same 30 hashtags over and over again! I also typically suggest people use hashtags with less than 250k posts. It simply increases the odds your photo will stay visible longer in the tags feed.

The best approach is to keep track of hashtags and organize them based on niche or genre. You'll want your list easily accessible for copying and pasting. Better yet… create a special hack in your keyboard for them!

Keyboard Hack:

THAT'S RIGHT: You can post 30 hashtags with a simple 2-3 character prompt!

How?!? Let me show you:


Using the “Text replacement” feature under your keyboards section allows you to create a shortcut for your hashtags. In the above example my hashtags all relate to traveling. When I type #TR into instagram I am prompted to paste all of 30 tags with just three letters!

How To Use This Hashtag Hack For Maximum Time Saving

Spend a few hours one day researching your hashtags. Create 3-5 lists of “general” tags you want to appear under, and some specialized ones for your feed. For example, I post travel and food photos so I would create 2-3 lists of travel tags and food tags. I would then set up text replacements as #TR1 and #TR2 or #Fd1 and #Fd2, and so on. This way you can get your speciality tags in just as easily as your day to day ones. I would recommend visiting your tags every few months to make sure none of them are “banned” or that they haven't grown above 250k posts.

Side note:

You can use this trick for all sorts of stuff actually. One time I used “text replacement” on my fiance's phone so every time he typed “yes” to someone it said “no” and some other funny ones that probably aren't appropriate for all ages ?  haha.

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  1. This is such a great hack! I know of this feature on the iPhone, but I’ve never thought of using it for Instagram hashtags. I’ve just been using my notes to store all my hashtags, copying and pasting them on every new photo. Gosh, this hack will save me so much time now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent tip! I never considered using that function to load hashtags. I have a couple sets this would really help on. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is my favorite social media trick :). It takes seconds. I thought it wouldn’t be that different from copy-pasting from the note app, but it really is!

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