Inspiring Millennials with Matt Hearnden

 Are you struggling with jealousy or comparing yourself to others on-line? We chat with published Author Matt Hearnden about what its like to find your purpose and exercise your mindset muscle in your twenties. We talk about entitlement with millennials, and how to overcome it in this vlog. The Confused Millennial


In today's episode of Inspiring Millennials we have author Matt Hearnden all the way from the UK!

Matt got started with writing after getting fired, *oh how can I relate!*

…Actually, our entire chat is very relatable, in a very taboo way. We have a lot of shared experiences (which I think a lot of millennials go through), but nobody ever talks about.

Some points we touch on:

  • How to prioritize your life over Netflix…  #TheStruggleIsReal
  • How to overcome comparison and perfection paralysis in your twenties
  • How to develop patience and work use jealousy for good
  • Why entitlement is something to embrace
  • Plus 2 mindset practices: Before you watch, start by writing a list of important people in your life… then get ready for some valuable insight as Matt takes us through this exercise!


Connect with Matt Hearnden on his website or Facebook.


30 thoughts on “Inspiring Millennials with Matt Hearnden”

  1. I definitely feel inspired! 😉 The Netflix struggle is so real for me too!


  2. What an inspiring person! I love the idea behind this series and am going to go read more posts now, lol.

    Sockwun |

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