Inspiring Millennials with Lost Gen Y Girl, Kayla Buell

 Are you a twenty something trying to navigate the corporate world? Don't want to piss off your boss at work? Check out this vlog with Lost Gen Y Girl, Kayla Buell, as she shares about her book on surviving the corporate world in your twenties, plus how she started a blog, maintained her integrity with it, and how she practices acceptance and defines success for herself! - The Confused Millennial Vlog

Kayla Buell is the Lost Gen Y Girl, maybe you've read her blog? Or better yet, her book, Corporate Survival Guide for Your Twenties: A Guide to Help You Navigate the Business World* (Amazon Affiliate link, but I really love this book!)? Seriously it is laugh out loud funny, completely relatable, and packed with actionable advice. I wish I had this book when I was starting in the corporate world. It's full of the unspoken language they should've taught us in school.




In this Vlog series Kayla and I chat about:

  • Surviving the corporate world in your twenties
  • Juggling blogging and life
  • How to maintain blog integrity
  • How to cope with blogger burnout
  • How to transition your blog to a new audience
  • The importance of acceptance as your grow and change in your twenties

Connect with Kayla on her blog or Twitter or Instagram.


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  1. Especially loved this particular interview! Definitely want to check out her book and blog ASAP.

  2. I LOVE Kayla. She’s always got great goodies to share!!

  3. Great video! I needed to see that as I’m going through a lot of similar issue with my blog.


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